Monday, September 29, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday - Shapes Challenge

This weeks Muffin Tin Monday from Sycamore Stirrings has the theme of Shapes

Here is what we came up with: Things to dip in Nutella

Rectangle Nice Biscuits, Pentagon Bread, Star Apple, Octagon Bread
Circle Choc Biscuits, Star Cheese and Apples, Marshmallows, Circle Bread
Square Bread, Marshmallows, Cube Cheese, Nutella

My Kids + Cousins + neighbour

= gone in 5 mins!!


LoveLea said...

You are so clever with your muffin tins, all I can make in mine is, well...muffins!
Thanks for the cool idea about the Treasure in the Ice - we did it today and Rohan and Jasmine loved digging out the toys and eating the ice on a really hot day! Keep up your great blogging!

Jan said...

Fun. I loved your fruity time too. :)

katy said...

so clever to cut a star out of the center of an apple slice! Great idea, Bobbie!

As usual - super tin, done in your signature style!


Anonymous said...

Fun shapes, mmmmm nutella!

The Hawthornes said...

Cheese in nutella??

Mechelle said...

You are fun and clever. Love Nutella. My sister told me about it. YUM. Your tins are so cute. m

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