Saturday, October 4, 2008

I know you all missed me

So I have been gone a few days.. was busy with 5 children (babysitting the Nephews for 4 days) and off on a little vacation (well not really but off to mum's and nanna's) So here are some pics from our adventure :)

We went to the beach (note this isnt the real beach (like gold coast or sunshine coast- this is just a seaside suburb that not many people like to swim in but hey kids don't care :)

But to our surprise Jelly fish littered the beach everywhere! Pop (grandfather and great grandfather) says it was the south westerly wind that brings them down (ans we all know grandpa's are always right ;)

So I wouldnt let the girls swim and kept squealing for them to watch out for jelly fish but then they made friends with some girls who said they were originally from the Phillipines and that they eat these jelly fish and they were NOT afraid of them

Introducing you to the Jelly Fish Hunters! They cleaned up the beach and then we could swim!!

Fish and Chips for Lunch - the girls didnt want to eat calamari (which they usually like) They said we've seen enough squid today!!

Always time for a tree climb

And a visit to our favourite Baby :)

And it is back to school on Monday - how sad :(


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Those jellyfish give me the weebee geebees. I was stung my several jellyfish when I was ten swimming in the Atlantic ocean in Miami, Florida in February. It was NOT a pleasant experience.

Glad they weren't dangerous!

Mechelle said...

I did miss you. Love the beach. But not the jellyfish. SCARY!

Your new background is wonderful. Did I already tell you that?

When do you get conference? Thinking of you. m

Peta said...

Always great to take the kids down there. So glad we have nice places around Brissie like that. Troys girl is beautiful! Look at the little tan on her :)
Have a nice week

Sarah said...

What a beautiful baby and your girls are being so good. Hope they had fun. They have just redone the waterfront park down our way you should stop by with the boys and I some time.

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