Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordfull Wednesday - My favourite Season

Wordfull Wednesday by Chocolate on my Cranium has the Theme of My favourite Season this week.

My favourite season(s) would have to be spring and autumn. In Australia these two seasons are pretty identical, we don't have autumn persay (leaves don't fall off trees here). I do like the warmish end of each of these (end of spring, beginning of autumn) so we can still swim. I love swimming (not that I am any good at it -not at all acutally) and I love to swim without various children hanging off all my body parts (rarely happens)

Basically where I live it is unbearablely hot for 1-2 months of the year, cold for 1 month of the year then the other 9 months of the year are perfect.. pretty lucky I suppose :)

A few of my friends who live here (from overseas) say they miss the Seasons as they are very subtle here, if not any changes. So my answer for Wordfull Wednesday will be that I live in the most perfect place on earth;) HA HA HA HA

Actually I am looking forward to reading the other posts as I think those who live in places with beautiful autumn leaves, snow, and the joys of Spring have romantic/dreamy style blogs - I laughed so much over the Spring blogs of those who live in the northern hemisphere - joy over sunlight, plants springing up, little birdies, planting etc etc (these things are all year here - the sun shines very bright in winter here)

With all these blogs listing activities for seasons I am developing an eagle eye to see the joy in the subtle seasons that we have here.

One Spring Change is that Jacarandah flowers are blooming everywhere at the moment


ashley said...

That's so funny, I just posted an Autumn/Fall post inspired by you this morning:)
I would LOVE to hear about what kinds of traditions (holiday/seasonal) you have over there. For example...we're big on cookies and hot chocolate at Christmas time because it's REALLY cold here, but do you guys do that sort of thing?
I don't mean to sound ridiculous, it just really is fascinating to me and one of those things I've never given much thought to before.

Kris said...

I love jacaranda trees! I think they say "Queensland" to me (I lived in Brissy for 5 years as a child).

Here in Adelaide we do have seasons. Autumn is a time of falling leaves for us. My kids love to go to the botanical gardens and catch the leaves as they fall!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I lived in Florida for five years growing up and the seasons weren't as defined there either. It was nice for the first year but then we really started missing the changes that a new season typically brings.

The Jacarandah blooms are beautiful!

Frumpy Luv said...

I love your wordfull wednesday posts!!!!!!!!!!!!

DesertHen said...

It was fun to read your post.....I don't think that I have ever stopped to think about what Fall might be like in other areas of the world......thank you for sharing.....I think you do live in the most perfect place......=)

Those blooms on the tree are amazing!!!!

Bindi said...

I wish I was in QLD where it was nice all the year round! It is getting cold here. Actually it is about as cold now in Autumn as Canberra got in winter. Lots of autumn leaves...even the ivy on all the apartments has turned pink and red. I need to take some pics so I remember it when we are home in a few years.

Mechelle said...

jacaranda trees! We have them here also. They are beautiful. Sounds like you do live in a wonderful place. m

Mommymita said...

I think you're right - you just may live in the most perfect location.

And I know what you mean about kids dangling about you in the swimming pool. But it is always fun with mom in there with them.

Sarah said...

I find here in Sydney that if you're not looking really close for the signs that the seasons are changing you miss them completely. We like driving inland a bit when the seasons are changing and finding little pockets that show more of the Northern Hemisphere signs of the seasons. But its so true, we live in a beautiful part of the world. Love your blog Bobbie!

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