Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here chick chick chick

After saving this idea from a Handmade Magazine for over a year.. we finally made some of these cute little fella's

Here are the ones the girls made themselves

8 year old

2 year old (he is using his 'angry eyes')

and sadly some ended up like this

Basically these were styrofoam eggs painted yellow with orange paper (should be that craft foam stuff) wings and feet glued on. Add googly eyes (getting some good mileage out of that packet this week)and stick a feather in its head - voila done.

Straight to the mantle for display :)

and the girls are excited as there are some real little chicky's at grandma's waiting for them to visit :)


The Sugar Fairy said...

Hahaha love Miss 2's egg! I've probably said this before but you have the best craft ideas.

The McClellan Clan said...

Oh my gosh girl!!! Yours are SO cute and of course SO creative!! I love it! You little crafty momma you!

Mechelle said...

Love these ideas. So cute. m

Hana @ said...

Lol the kids' creations are soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
love these egg-chicks, especially the "pun" one with toothpicks all over!
this week you inspired me to do some craft with my kids - they all made felt chicks or bunnies as a present for their teachers, and really enjoyed it!!

ps sorry couldn't make it to mother's group this week, I'll try again!

Sars life said...

As always I love the idea and the fact that they all show different personalities.

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