Friday, April 10, 2009

I found the Easter Bunny

My girls seem to wake refreshed and ready to create!! Shame I have to push them off to school - they seem to leave me with a big mess most mornings. Afternoons are completely different - they come home ZOMBIES who want to do NOTHING but EAT and WATCH TV!!! And here is their mother all ready with crafty fun stuff to do and they want NOTHING to do with ME!!!

Anyways here is the Bunny oufit Miss K made including big scrunched paper 'tail' tied on with a string around her waist that you can't see. She actually walked to school in this get up, getting a few giggles from the motorists stuck in traffic. At the end of the day she tells me she wore it all day (This girl walks to the beat of a different drummer - I politely asked if she was teased, but said No most kids just chased her around asking for Eggs)

1 comment:

The ComberNation said...

Very brave walking around all day in a bunny outfit. Just love it.

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