Monday, June 7, 2010

Chickens Squawk

Well I now know if I am lost in the wild with just my girls - we might survive.

That's if there are chickens around.

The neighbours chickens come into our yard every day. They scratch around and leave huge holes everywhere. If only they would leave an egg or two in love and appreciation, I might love and appreciate them.

On Friday within minutes of being in the house, I came back out to this

A chicken caught and tied up - Using the Hairband from Miss K's HEAD!

They were about to tie it upside down to a metal chain!

As a friend said on my facebook - Lord of the Flies over there?!

Sometimes Yes, I think our life is like Lord of the Flies!

Now before you call RSPCA on me. These girls love animals. They were very careful with the chicken. They are very gentle with the loads of lizards they catch. The ask daily when am I gonna get them a pet (umm never) and stop to pat every dog or cat we see on our travels.

With a little encouragement to let the chook go, they did. Then they sat it on a table and fed it bread and water. It ate out of their hands and they loved it.

They used a lot of bread. But  I can see here, it was one bite for the chicken, one bite for me.

Then they placed flowers all through its feathers and Miss G deemed it a wedding chicken. It's getting MAHH WEED she said.

Then it shook itself and everything went flying. It squawked.

And then they carried it home right into the arms of its owner.

Now if they girls could make me dinner instead of trying to catch dinner.


Fiona said...

hee hee hee.... love it!

Felicity said...

hahaha! how funny! Your girls sound very resourceful :) I totally hear you about the 'pet' thing - we have 2 guinea pigs BUT I am so not a pet person - I much prefer babies and kids :) hehe luckily for the kids and the guineas Chad is an animal lover too :)

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