Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Morning Photo's

I found a photographer! only 7 years old, she needs training.
And who is gonna pay for my brow lift? My eyelids will be hitting my cheeks soon.

Channelling my inner 50's housewife dress #2

I think I like the brown one better...

Nearly all the (nice) photos that appear on this blog are taken on Sundays.

Sunday morning from 8- 8:30am is photoshoot time (if participants are willing)

We used to live 20 mins from a chapel so we always made sure we were ready by 8. Now I only live 5 mins from a chapel but most days we are ready by 8-8:15. This is good news for me because it means I can capture my kids looking half decent (not totally made up gorgeous - that doesn't happen) but passable for photos. Alas I only have  a point and shoot camera (maybe one day far away I will have a fancy camera)

Today we went out in the lane on a vandalised wall (I tried to discretly miss the dodgy words)

hair up for school everyday so she is allowed to wear it out for church.... possible mistake on my part :)

I'm loving toothy photo's or should I say missing toothy photo's

 See that sticky up hair? Months ago she got her hair stuck in a milk frother (don't ask) and instead of waiting
for me to untangle it, she wrenched the thing out of her hair, taking half her hair with it! Thats the regrowth!

Blue Eyes, looking up to her sisters :)

My favourite one of the morning.

Aaahhhh Sunday Morning Photoshoots how I love thee.

If only The Mr was home to be in them too - maybe that's why he's happy to not be.

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SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Your camera seems to take pretty decent photos - Well, I always think they look good, especially the "action" ones of your girls being happy!

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