Saturday, June 5, 2010


Channelling my inner 50's housewife with this dress today.

I wore it all day. I felt like I needed a white apron to go with it. I even went bike riding with the girls in it! You can't tell from the photo but it has a wide calf length skirt. Billowy.
(I need a personal photographer (Hello Mr??) Self portraits are hard to get everything in)

Dresses are funny things. When I am pregnant, its stretchy dresses all the way. By the end I think if I have to look at another dress again I'm gonna go CRAZY! Then the opposite happens. Breastfeeding my littles ones for over a year each, by the end I am ITCHING to get into some dresses!!

I got this dress yesterday - for $3!!

Last night I went to a different kind of  girls night.

A friend decided she had too many clothes. She was following a 'simplify by 5' method of reducing her wardrobe. As she went through it all she realised she had many double ups of jeans, tops, work pants etc.

So she sent out an invitation to all her friends to come and BUY her clothes for $1 to $5 a piece.

It was so fun.

And I came home with 2 new dresses, jeans, 2 cardi's, scarf, 2 shirts all for $20!!

I rarely clothes shop. I haven't been since my birthday 6 months ago and this was such a fun way to get some shopping done. When the night began we even did some fake 'sales' tustling with eachother. Fighting eachother for the best 'deals'. lol.

I also got this same dress but in brown.

Feminine Housewife look - Here I come :)

Will this fit in with my Refined  goal for the year?
 I think The MR will think so. He loves it when I wear dresses (not very often)

So if anyone else wants to hold a clothes swap or the like, I'll be in on it.
Was a great way to spend a girls night!


Fiona said...

Love the look!!

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

I am not really a dress girl either - but I really LOVE the 50's housewife thing...I would love to rock a dress and a funky apron, do some baking AND ride a bike! :)

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