Friday, June 4, 2010

Flower Headband Tutorial

I love this blue one! My favourite
I used some sheer flower print fabric and it still shrunk with the candle!

Gah! I can't get enough of making those flowers. A few were starting to pile up. I came across several flower headbands on the net that I could see were just glue gunned with felt. So I had to have a try!

Super Easy.

So far I have not spent any money except for the $3 for a packet  of Hat Elastic at woolworths. That makes me happy! I lovely funky flower headbands, but most are around the $10 + mark. I can't afford to buy one in every colour that I wear!

Basically you make Some of these flowers  from a previous tutorial. Try different sizes.

Hot glue gun finished flowers onto some felt.

Place some hat elastic on top of felt.

Glue Gun another piece of felt on top of this

Trim felt so it can't be seen when you are wearing the headband.

This is what it looks like

Now Enjoy Enjoy wearing your lovely hair creations!

So much fun! Off to make some little girl versions :)

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