Friday, August 20, 2010


Cheeky baby + computer =

why no interesting post today.

Well not really.

We must fix computer keys weekly if not daily around here. Miss N can get her tiny fingers into the spaces and LOVES to pull the keys off. We have a few laptops that serve the purpose of glorified DVD players and most are missing keys. This however is the MR's laptop.  I knew he wouldn't be happy when I saw Miss N inside the play tent with keys all over her!!

And why was a laptop in a tent? Because Miss G was 'camping' and watching Dora.

Except she left the laptop 'up'.

Which is a big no no around here!

Hopefully Miss N will take this computer destroying skills and turn them into fixing skills like her dad. It took him awhile but all keys are now fixed.

These would be another reason why = Birthday Bunting. Tutorial to come soon!

Thanks to my lovely neighbour. I stole her rotary cutter and good scissors. I have cut out hundreds of triangles. Would not have been possible without! I need a rotary cutter. All these years of using blunt scissors to do craft!! Bah! I must have been crazy.


lissyal said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH I LOVE THE BUNTING! Really love your choice of fabric! Go you good thing!

RUKxo said...

ooo, love the bunting! Cant wait for yout tutorial :) xo

Sarah said...

this makes me laugh because our laptop looks even worse!!! We're missing 37 keys off ours - probably more missing than not!!!! Lewis also drew over the screen with perm texta - we were able to get that off, he has also somehow jammed the disc drive open and there is other damage too ...

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