Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ok its true. I'm crazy.

After thinking about my drinking idiosyncrasies  I thought I would continue on that vein.

I have many weird/annoying habits.

I wear my watch on my right hand. I was recently drawn to this fact (again) because I just started wearing a watch again. Someone said to me ... uummm did you know your watch is on the wrong hand?? Me:  ... no... its on the right hand.. ha ha ha ha.

When I got my first watch I just couldn't wear it on my left hand. It IRKS me out. *shudder*  I didn't even wear rings or bracelets on my left hand growing up. I seriously thought I would NEVER be able to wear wedding rings. Lucky for my husband I got through it and rarely take my rings off ever now.

I hate board games. I rarely play them. The kids have to wait for The Mr to come home and play. I will play UNO. Scrabble is acceptable (for me not with the kids) Cranium is fun but most all other games are No No's. Yick. Board Games.

I talk during movies. Yes annoying I know. The poor Mr. I spend half the time saying what's happening, what about this, what about that. Do you think?? etc etc. Asking questions that I assume he knows the answer to (he knows everything right?) and he looks at me and says I don't know. Just watch the movie.

I love to sing... in the car that is.  I'm surprised the kids (Or the MR) haven't told me off yet. Oh yeah I Can't Sing but I do like to break it down in the car. A few weeks ago I was driving home late at night after a girls night. I do believe Bust a Move Young MC came on. Oh yeah. So there I am singing it out loud grooving away tapping the wheel, showing my moves. A van full of guys next to me thought it was hilarious! I aim to please! (you've seen The blind side? Thats what I'm talking about...  minus the car crash :)

I'm such a sheltered princess. I went from living at home with 6 people to being married at 20. I've always been surrounded by people and find it hard when the Mr has to go out of town! There isnt much I've accomplished on my own and usually I get to share everything with the Mr. I was thinking of joining him half way through his recent business trip when I realised I have never flown on my own!  so I was scared! ha.

I am always early (well nearly always) It's almost as bad as being late. Seriously. I am nearly half hour early to nearly everywhere I have to go. This means I spend ALOT of time sitting around doing nothing. Or sitting in the car, trying not to annoy people when I turn up to their house early. Nothing's worse than someone catching you in a complete mess because they arrived EARLY right?

I love sour cream and could eat it on almost anything. This was my soup a few weeks ago. Look the sour cream loves me back too!!

 I find heart shaped things everywhere! Mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, leaves, rocks etc.
Feel the love!


likeschocolate said...

Your not crazy. My husband talks during movies too! Though it drives me nuts. I can't imagine never flying on your own. My husband and I usually take seperate planes because he is afraid of something happening to both of us and leaving the children without parents.

Maioha said...

Um, there's a rule about wearing the watch on the left hand? Huh?

When I was younger, my big sister told me that you wear the watch on the hand opposite to the one you write with beacause you are less likely to scratch it with all the extra movement. I thought that made sense.

That's the only reason I wear a watch on my left hand - because I'm right-handed.

I get excited whenever there's actually someone coming with me on a plane cos I usually fly on my own. It's nice to have company that you can be honest with eg: "You really need a breath mint." :-)

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