Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rent a Crowd

We had a stake primary talent show.

I had briefly heard mention of it. very briefly.

The week before I got called asking if my daughter A was still going to be playing My saviour loves me on the piano.


Um she can't play the piano. she's still on one hand slow torture moves.

Yes she was having lessons. But our piano teacher had a baby and moved away 3 months ago.

She hasn't practiced in about 5 months.

So the answer would be  no.

The day before the talent show I am rung again to ask if my daughter K is still going to give a demonstration in front of everyone on how to draw.

What??? Umm no.

She was going to bring some of her artwork/sewing to stick on a wall as that is about her only (visible) talent. She's a little shy er than A and would never get up in front of everyone.

Holy Moly.  We don't have any talents. Ok people.

On the way there A is insisting that she wants to get up and do something.

I said, you didn't practice anything.
You COULD have got up IF you had chosen and practiced something.

She wanted to sing. I was like what song?

I'll just make one up.

I said no it has to be a song you have practiced.

She was like I make up songs and sing them everyday

So we had a nice discussion on how there needs to be some people in the audience.

If we were all on the stage who would be watching?

The girls liked that.

We can be the best cheerers ever. We can listen and watch they said.

A pipes up.

That's a talent mum!

And so we have discovered what might be our talent.

Being an audience.

Except. They weren't very good at that either.

3/4 way through their attention span was over.

Oh well. there will be plenty of opportunities to practice this one!

1 comment:

Cat J B said...

Oh, that's funny!

Your girls look lovely, I'm one of 4 girls and 2 boys, the girls being one after another with the boys at the end. LOVE my grown up sisters! And brothers of course, lol

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