Monday, November 29, 2010

Love at Home

Monday Night " Fancy Dinner Restaurant Night" is still going great.

Tonight I think we are pretty much having thanksgiving

K asked for Roast Chicken surrounded by peas, hot rolls, gravy and veges.

And Chocolate Fondue with fruits to dip for dessert.

I aim to please so that's what we're having.

The cutest thing? We hold hands while singing Love at Home

At first it made me giggle each time. It felt like the MOST Cheesiest thing EVER!

Why does holding hands together in a circle feel so stupid?

So I keep it up just for that. So it won't feel cheesy or silly.

It'll be what love feels like.


Felicity said...

Love at home - my most favourite 'church' song and where 'Azure' originally came from. Everytime I hear it I cry :)(i am such a sook :) love that you hold hands while you sing it! Our kids like to hold hands when we say morning prayers but if Chad and I aren't in between them it always ends up in laughing or something mischievous :)

lissyal said...

Holding hands as a family is really unifying. Growing up we held hands as a family while we prayed and still do when we get together. The tradition now is continued in our own little family. The other added benefit is you are able to keep fidgety hands and bodies under control. Cheesy yes.... but cheesy is great

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