Friday, March 4, 2011

From the Archives Friday

Last week I had lots of apples in the house. The girls put 4 in the bathtub to play 'apple bobbing'. I thought, didn't I once do a post about this? Turns out I did. In November 2009.

This time I actually played along. I don't know what it is about sticking your head in water to catch an apple, but boy is it fun. BTW I didn't catch my apple. I did have wet hair, wet clothes, water up my nose from bending over the bath though. And my life is still like bobbing for apples....


The girls heard about bobbing for apples for the first time and set up their own.

They filled an esky with water and placed apples in.

They realised how hard it is - almost impossible for them to catch an apple in their mouth

They moved to the bathtub - bobbing for apples is easier when you are in the water and can chase the apple apparently... they looked like little pacmen with their mouths open chasing the apple around the water. It was so cute!

So I asked "What can we learn from Bobbing for Apples?"

"That some things are REALLY REALLY Hard" said Miss K

But yet they were having a REALLY REALLY fun time also

SO....I think - Is this what we should wish for? That Hard things come our way - but hard things that are fun at the same time? Is this how one finds the perfect career? How one finds things that will extend them, fulfill them, challenge them? Or is it all about perspective? What seems hard to some can be counted as fun by others. If we choose to have a sunny outlook will the hard times seem easier to bear?

A friend gave me a great compliment once - we were talking about trials and difficulties ~ I said that I had never had a difficult trial in my whole life. That I was really blessed to have a fantastic childhood, have a wonderful husband and family and that life has pretty much been peachy keen. But then I wondered if I was missing out on some growing opportunities since nothing bad has ever happened to me (then knock on wood, cause I don't want any trials either!! That was not an invitation to send me some Lord)

She said "I think you are wrong, I think you have probably had MANY trials in your life, but through your positive nature and happiness - you just bore them and carried on. You are an example of how we can get through life" ~ probably one of the nicest things someone has said to me, even if it may not be true.

I think Motherhood is like Bobbing for Apples.


But it can be really fun in a similar frustratingly way! We can giggle and play while we chase our apples around in circles. Ever stuck in a chomp chomp motion.

I am a little pacman

chomp chomping my way through life

maybe I will catch an apple or two


 I so needed this post! I've been feeling lately that my life is soooooo repetitive. The mess never stops and me twirling around in circles to clean it all up never seems to stop too. If the lounge/dining/kitchen are clean then surely there is a huge pile of folding, laundry. If that's in order the floor is absolutely disgusting or certain peoples are emptying the fridge and making  a mess everytime I turn around. The daily mess around here makes me lament 'why are we such animals? How do we get into such messes daily??' I'm trying to figure out a way to live and laugh and learn with kids without having to clean so much = NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. So get over it!!

These  posts have really helped me put Homemaking into perspective.

Why Homemaking?

The Art of Making Home

Family Work

Joy can be found in everything. Even the ever bobbing up and down of Home life.

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Betty said...

I agree with you about the mess. kids = mess... the type of information I wish they had given at antenatal class. The more kids (in my case 5) the more the mess. Maybe there was a reason why in the old days people had 'days', as in 'laundry days', 'baking days', 'vacuming days'. How they could fit all the laundry in on one day is beyound me though I know a person who always does her laundry on a Monday. She has 9 kids. She seems to get it done. And its usually sunny on a Monday (stats show the weekend is the worst time to expect sun, it usually doesn't happen). But if I could get it together to have these 'days' then maybe I could add a 'me day' or a 'fun day' without worrying about what part of the house I should've cleaned instead.

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