Sunday, June 16, 2013

FHE Lesson {Jesus, John and Baptism}

This is part of a series on Preparing for Baptism

Opening Song: Baptism #100

Scripture: This lesson based on Matthew 3. Have Scriptures for visual.


John the Baptist taught in the wilderness. He told the people to repent.
He wore clothes made of camel hair and ate locusts and honey.
(Allow children to put on a wool coat/jacket or something similar)
Show picture of John Gospel Art Picture Kit #207

Jesus came to John to be baptised. John was surprised. He thought Jesus should baptise him. He knew Jesus was perfect and didn’t think he would need to be baptised. Jesus said it was a commandment from God and he wanted to obey. John baptised Jesus in the Jordan River. The Holy Spirit descended as a dove and God spoke from Heaven saying “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”

Show picture of the baptism Gospel Art Picture Kit picture 208

Watch:  Baptism of Jesus Bible Video

Do a dove craft.
Go here for LOTS of dove crafts.

Closing Song: When Jesus Christ was Baptized #102

Closing Prayer:

Treat: Honeycomb

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Cara said...

Thanks so much for creating this wonderful blog. I'm using the lessons on baptism to help my daughter be prepared for her own baptism next month. These lessons are perfect. :)

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