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FHE Lesson {Preparing for Baptism}

As we have a soon to be 7 year old - a few lessons will focus on the topic of preparing for Baptism in the coming year. We like to use baptism based lessons for the year leading up to 8 for FHE. I will probably include one a month for those who want to follow along.

Opening Prayer:

Article of Faith: #4

Music Time:
When I am Baptized #103
When Jesus Christ was Baptized #102
I like my Birthdays #104
The Fourth Article of Faith #124

Play these songs and get children to guess the topic
{We have two already baptized children so will display their baptism dresses too for visual}

Can you guess what we will be learning about tonight?

What is Baptism?

The friend Magazine is excellent for making FHE lessons from. Always good ideas.

Understanding Baptism is the middle page excerpt from the July 2013 Friend. see here

Using the poster from the Friend magazine ask and answer the questions listed:

Who will Baptise me?
Whoever baptizes you needs to hold the priesthood —the power to act in the name of God. When Jesus wanted to be baptized, He went to John the Baptist, who had the priesthood (see Matthew 3:13)
Do I have to go under water to be baptized?
Jesus was baptized by immersion, which means He went completely under the water and quickly came back up again (see Matthew 3:16). This is how you will be baptized. Being baptized this way reminds us that we are leaving behind our old life and starting a new life dedicated to serving God and His children.
Right before you go under the water, you’ll pinch your nose to keep the water out. It only takes about 11/2 seconds to go under and come back up.
Why do I have to be atleast 8 years old?
The Lord teaches that children shouldn’t be baptized until they are old enough to understand the difference between right and wrong. The scriptures say this is age eight (see Moroni 8:11–12; D&C 29:46–47; 68:27).
What Promises do I make when I am baptized?
When you are baptized, you make a covenant, or two-way promise, with Heavenly Father. You promise Him that you will do certain things, and He promises to bless you. This covenant is described in the sacrament prayers that are said each Sunday (see D&C 20:77–79). You promise

• To remember Jesus Christ.

• To keep His commandments.

• To take upon yourself the name of Christ, which means to put His work first in your life and do what He wants instead of what the world wants.

As you keep these promises, Heavenly Father promises that the Holy Ghost will be with you and that your sins will be forgiven.

Ask if they have any other questions about being Baptized.

This fun idea came from SugarDoodle
You will need a doll and some peanut butter:
Talk about how the girl/boy came to earth and she/he was innocent and pure. But along the way everyone makes mistakes and will sin. No one is perfect. They may lie to their brother or sister, be unkind, he may be disobedient to his parents.  (List sins if you want)

Slab some peanut butter on the doll for each sin. Explain that the peanut butter represents sin. Wouldn't it be awful to have to go through life covered in sin/peanut butter? Then explain that Jesus Christ has provided a way for us to be clean and whole again.

When you are baptized 1. You will become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. and 2. Your sins will be washed away today and you will receive the Holy Ghost. This paper towel represents your baptism. Wipe all of the peanut butter off. (or use a bucket/bath with water) Not only will you have to opportunity to be made clean today but every Sunday when you partake of the sacrament you will be able to renew that same covenant, that same gift that your sins can be washed away. When you sin and you will because you are human you can use this paper towel each week. Your baptism is a special gift to you. (Idea by Judie Hadlock)

Closing Song:

Closing Prayer:

Treat: Number 8 Cookies 
or you could try making #8 pancakes
or using sprinkles to  make an 8 shape on top of cupcakes, iced biscuits, toast, anything!)

Lesson for Small Children:
Show the picture of Jesus being baptized found here
Show picture of your baptism day or show a baptism dress/clothes if you have
Talk about how being baptized is going under the water to wash away your sins.
Then you receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and you are a member of the church of Jesus Christ.
Each Sunday the bread and water in Sacrament is to remind us of our promises made to God.
Jesus set the example by being baptized and so should we.

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