Sunday, June 2, 2013

FHE Lesson {Journals}

Opening Song:   Families Can Be Together Forever #188

Opening Prayer: Child

When our kids were little we included journal writing as part of FHE to lengthen it out. They would draw what they did that week and we would write the words. I would also use the time to write baby's milestones, cute things they did. Just an idea to achieve two things at once. Perhaps our family should get back into it!


Gather any journals you may have around the house.

{we used our childhood journals, a one liner gratitude journal, missionary journals, little notes about the kids when they were babies, a few folders of letters and a folder containing wedding cards and birth congratulations - I may have put the angst ridden teen ones to the side :) }

Show examples of journals from you life. Read out several excerpts. I read funny things about me, notes about them as babies - first words, silly things they did. The children flicked through all the wedding cards and birth announcements. Share a spiritual experience you or an ancestor has written down in a journal.


Why is it important to keep a journal?
{you will never remember everything, so people can know about you after you have passed, you don't remember when you were a baby so its important for adults to write down for you, so you can see how you've changed, so you can see the hand of the Lord in your life, to show gratitude}

What things would you like people to remember about you?

What could you write in a journal?
{include friends names, places you visit, describe our home, fun things we do, family traditions, things you've learnt, when you're sad or happy, on your birthday, important dates like baptisms}

What things do we know about Ancestors because of things they wrote in a journal?

***Give each Child their own notebook to use as a journal.***

How often will you commit to writing in your journal?
{Sunday afternoons, During FHE, daily, weekly, monthly...}


Decorate your new journals
Start straight away with drawing and writing in the journals
Start a first page on a journal saying kids ages, grade at school, favourite things, where they live, best friends they have, best thing that has happened this year etc.
Look through past journals from family members

Closing Song: The Family #194

Closing Prayer:

Treat:  A favourite Treat
{and write it down in your journal, what your favourite treat is}

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The Andertons said...

Thanks for all the great FHE lessons--I love that they are simple and easy to pull together and yet deal with gospel topics.

I appreciate the time you take to post them.

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