Saturday, June 8, 2013

Preparing for Winter

Is it just me or does the sky seem clearer and bluer in winter.

I just love it.

Perhaps it is because its not burning hot and I can actually look up without searing an eyeball.

{I penned this last week and its been cloudy ever since!! ... and I just read that we are in for our wettest winter in a long time. What? Winter here is crystal clear blue skies usually!!}

{see last years blue post}

Whatever it is - winter here can be just delightful. I'm going to try my best to revel in it.

Ever since I started reading Soulemama I've tried to be more aware of the seasons.
It can be sort of hard here as there isn't much physical change in seasons.

I notice they don't complain about seasons (too hot, cold, rainy, humid, snowy whatever) but embrace and enjoy what the year has to offer. Good thinking. I am going to try ever so hard to refrain from complaining about the weather on facebook :)

I also remembered a quote I read over at Design Mom used by Europeans.
'That there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing'

So I have decided to prepare early for winter to welcome it in.

I surrender and I await you with eagerness dear Winter!!

:: We got a heater! A Mothers Day Gift!!

:: I'm sorting out my wardrobe.
 I decided to try and make 6 'winter uniforms' from my collection of clothes. And put them up front of the cupboard. Now I know my choices will be warm and easy to find.

Bought my first thermals and all I can say is why did I wait this long?!

:: Scarves.
I have a few but only 2 pashmina style ones. Must buy another. Blue and Yellow Please!
In the last few weeks my wide scarf has been a blanket at the hospital, a blanket for a sleeping child at church, a protection from rain, cover from the wind, a game to pull me along (to trick a child to keep walking!), a pillow to rest my head, always scrunched waiting in my handbag when needed.

:: Rice Bags
Making a few replacement rice bags. Each year one or two have to be retired from our collection {each person has one or two} And a few to give away - our student included. I love to pop a warm rice bag in bed a few mins before hopping in. Ahhhhh bliss!

:: Submit to cooking.
I do like cooking but even the best of us get over it sometimes. Winter is not the time. Take time to enjoy slowcooking, making rustic bread to go with most meals, leftover porridge muffins.

:: Early Nights
I love to close the house up in the afternoon and eat early and get everyone tuckled into bed reading books and watching movies.

:: Milo
I should seriously take out shares in Milo with the amount we drink in winter. I can't keep up with buying it. We also love Hot Honey and Lemon. I need more winter drink ideas!

What are your favourite Winter tips?

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Wilson Family said...

Bobbi- our winters here are awful! My best Canadian winter advice: if it's 25 degrees below zero, it's ok to stay inside and do nothing. I've just given myself permission in the last year to be easy about my days in winter. I can sweat off all the weight gained in the cold months by running my behind off in the 2 warm months we get!

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