Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Photo Shoot.

Ever since I started reading blogs I've always wanted a Christmas photo shoot for cards or whatever.

Then I realised how hard it is to happen and to arrange a photographer, clothes, cost etc ha.

I was so happy this year when a cute wonderful photographer friend made it happen for us.
Check out Amy Steed Photography

It was a stormy day sans a beautiful sunset :( and just after I'd spent time doing everyones hair when we arrived at the place a massive wind blew up. There went our hair. I was so afraid our photos would be of us sideways! Luckily when we arrived at our destination after a 30 min walk the wind had died down, but sadly left us a little disheveled - but hey isnt that what we look like all the time?!?

I also had grand visions of hanging ornaments in trees and prop design. But the trees were too tall.
And to drag the props all the way out there.... I gave up. So instead here we are in our cuteness.

Now to turn one into a Christmas card.

Thank you so much Amy for making a dream come true!

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