Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our Hill {17 years}

Late November ~ its that time of year again.

The time we go to the place The Mr proposed and have a family picnic.

Apparently we've taken pizza up there a few too many times as now one daughter declared that we must have pizza as that is the tradition!? and wouldn't accept any other alternative!!

This year was extra exciting as we had been keeping a secret from the kids.

They have never been on a plane or out of the state and sometimes like to remind us of this fact compared to all their well traveled friends.

For 6 months we had kept secret a holiday to Tasmania.

We decided to tell them up on the hill. That the next day they were leaving on a jet plane.

I was going to video it thinking they will be so excited - it will be crazy funny.

Lucky I didn't as they just went whaaaa? and didn't look excited at all.

They actually thought Daddy was tricking them and were all like 'whatever' shrug...

But once it all sunk in {like minutes and hours later} they were very happy.

Things like" I cant believe I'm going on a plane. All those years I've looked at planes and thought one day, one day that can be me, and one child just randomly squealing every 10 mins for the next day.

They already have good memories of our hill. I hope this just added more.

17 years and counting.

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