Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And I thought I would have nothing to post today

....until I picked up my daughters from school that is....

So the teacher asks to talk to me.... Anika is now on a "plan" this is a visual for the children to look at and to cross off things as they accomplish them - Kinda making the bad thing you do good by positive actions.

What did she do??? She Climbed the walls in the bathroom and was generally being silly in there - ie wasting time.

Now I tried really hard to keep a straight face - I personally think there are too many parents out there on the defensive - "What? MY child? They would never.... etc etc" So I try my hardest to back up hard working teachers and tell Anika that wasn't appropriate behaviour for school (meanwhile inside I am dying with laughter)

... my girls are always climbing the walls at home!!

and to think I was just going to blog

the cake I baked today - Thanks to betty crocker

and me attempting to tin can knit - to see if I can teach it to my eldest daughter

How BORING>>> compared to climbing the toilet doors at school!!


Jan said...

How funny Bobbie. Regular little monkeys. So cute. I remember when the boys did that. Tin can knitting? You amaze me. I think the cake looks utterly delicious. Yum chocolate. Cute post and fun to read. Have a great day mate.

Frumpy Luv said...

This is very funny!! If someone is going to get in a little trouble at school - I choose this kind of trouble!

Mechelle said...

My kids climb the walls also. I just ask that they clean the walls after wards. (That tells you how clean their feet are!)

I love all you do. I am so amazed. All the time. I do have the material for my new apron. Thanks for the links, I have got the pattern all picked out and now I am just waiting for two seconds together. When will that come? ;)

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