Monday, June 2, 2008

Home School

This morning it was raining so hard that I decided I couldn't be bothered battling the rain for 2 hours today. So I did something unheard of in our house.... I said the girls could stay home from school!!!! (I have nothing against home days - but I know my kids - give em an inch - they take a mile - they would always be begging to stay home at other times)

As Daddy was rushing out the door at 6:30am he was in agreeance ( of course, he isn't the one who walks everyday ;) but told the girls they must do school work at home. This sparked a list of subjects and willing girls who chose a "home school" uniform.

We did some maths and then made scones. We have written stories and build tents out of blankets. Which they are lying under while I type this. Hopefully we can accomplish Music (piano practice) and a few other subjects by the end of the day.

It went fairly well and we still braved the rain to go to a dentist appointment (it had lessened by then) but one of our big problems?

NO TV!!!!!!

Yes two days ago I had told my eldest daughter about the NO TV FOR A WEEK challenge from Unplug your kids and the many positives that came from it. Kalani decided she wanted to do it. I was so suprised that I almost prevented a postitive change. I was all like " I don't think you kids could do it" "Why don't we just try going for one day" But they were adamant and they even made this sign

Being stuck inside all day on a rainy day and no tv - I have wanted to throttle them at various times throughout the day. But minute by minute more time passes and we have gone 2 days with no TV or Movies and even no sunday church ones (which they love to do sunday afternoon) bring on Next Saturday!!

I have always wanted to Homeschool my kids but it reminded me that I was right in my assumption that it is hard to direct small children and make them focus!! However Kalani spent the whole day saying "THIS IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!" so that made me proud.


Jan said...

I use to do that with the boys. Stay home and just have school. What a fun memory they will have. I homeschooled for about 3 yrs. I loved it. But then I knew it was time to get them back in school. You are always doing something over there too.

Just glad they said no tv for a week. Could you have gone without computer for a week? I couldn't. What a funny and great sign the girls put up. I love stuff like that. So funny..Have a great week.

Mechelle said...

Good for you! I love the no tv sign. We are having a no tv for six months! I am going to blog about that one. But so far (two weeks into it) it has gone well. I am sure you had the best school ever. You are a great mom. m

Carolyn Adams said...

I thought about you today with all the rain and wished that I could offer you a ride. I'm glad you ended up staying home! I bet the girls had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
I talked to another walking Mum, and they stayed home that day too!
Home schooling??!!
Yesterday Pia 1. drew on herself and jeans with Christian's good textas, which he'd hidden in a special spot in his room 2. climbed up in the pantry, opened a block of chocolate and started to help herself 3. was quiet for a while (UH OH) I found her in the bathroom with lipstick and eyeliner on various parts of her body.
What do you do with the little ones while giving attention to school? I don't know how other women do it!! They must be hyper-organised.
Plus, is it sheltering our children too much? My kids go to a "good" school, so I'm not too worried yet about their peer influences. Should we prepare our kids for reality by exposing them to sabbath breaking, raffle holding, wine drinking evolutionists? (ie the teachers) I doubt my ability to give my kids a well-rounded view of the world, from a variety of sources, and while of course i want them to agree with me, I want them to know for themselves.
Having said that, I don't doubt that kids are a lot more productive and learn more efficiently at when well home-schooled than in a class with 25 others.
I love my kids company, but I love them going to school too!!
thank you for listening!

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