Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family Traditions

It all started two months ago as the weather cooled my darling daughters said... "Must be time for the EKKA soon mum" ( (see here for my awesome EKKA travelblog) "OH" shock horror dread of enduring another trip to the Fair...

Today at mothers group we were chatting about it and I was the only one defending indignantly about attending!! Now you see many people say it is

too expensive (it is)
Showground food ewwww (it is)
dirty (it is)
waste of time (it is)
overtired crazy kids (yep)

and the other ladies were from families that just never went... (I have had this discussion with my sis in law - she doesn't see the attraction, yet my brother does - she said it is something in your blood!!!) so all this leads me to... why did I have warm fuzzy feelings about the EKKA yet none of the other mums did??

It comes back to family traditions... I am learning now that what makes an awesome tradition for one family is gagged on by another family... and that it doesn't matter what the tradition is (hopefully righteous ones ;)if it is done long enough warm fuzzy feelings will be associated with it... Now praise to my mother who dragged us all along every year by herself (occasionally with dad/nanna) and we even sometimes bought friends - Power to her... I am not that brave... I have relied on her and my nanna for me to drag along my kids... but I am starting to see a pattern


Oh no... what do I do?? I don't think I can deny them, so it looks as if I am off to the stinky, overpriced, showground food, cranky children EKKA in August!!! So good luck to me ??? Since it is fairly expensive I have the kids on do a job around the house - colour in a square thingy so they can earn "virtual" dollars up to $100.

So if you are still with me, this has lead me to ponder on family traditions - so I can know which traditions we have, want to get rid of, want more of and how to instill these lovely warm fuzzy feelings into my children so they can look back with fond feelings what they did as children.

Tell me of your family traditions and I will be doing some follow up posts on Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, and Miscellaneous Traditions that we could all incorporate into our lives..

Long live the EKKA!!!!! lol


Mechelle said...

One tradition we love we got from my cousin Scott. When we went to visit his family we would always have a great time. As we left Scott would race our car down the street to the stop sign.

Now, when someone is leaving our home after a visit we run after the car (we are on the sidewalk). As we are running, we wave all the way and try to beat them to the stop sign. It is a fun way to send off friends and family that we will miss. m

Jan said...

Fun Post and I love traditions and I think they are very important because when the boys became teenagers, it was our tradtions that kept them home. I was shocked.

We go to IHOP every New Years Eve morning.

Christmas Eve we have the weirdest tradition.
We eat French Dips, French Fries, Salad with French Dressing, French Vanilla Ice Cream on French Silk pie. Weird, but we have done it for 22 yrs now and our family loves it.

New Years Eve is spent chowing down alot of Shrimp food. That has kept the boys home.

Just a few here Bobbie. Have a great day.

julie said...

LOVE the county fairs also! However, I married someone who detests them:(

One of ours, that I am sure many will turn up their noses to is...

On the first snowfall of the year we make homemade honest to goodness snowcones!

Simple but the kids LOVE it!

julie said...

PS I also REFUSE to use plastic eggs for Easter. My kids always get real, old fashion hard boiled!

Zanabelle said...

Troy and I started a new tradition last year - get into the Ekka for FREE! If you go past 8pm, they open the gates and anyone is allowed in. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,

The Ekka sounds like the "State Fairs" we have here in the US every summer. Each state has its own. There are rides, animals, games, and disgusting food.

My husband always drags us to the New Mexico State Fair (September in New Mexico is HOT). It is crowded, hot, stinky, and expensive. But after three years of it, my kids are old enough to view it as a "tradition" also. Ugh.

Great post!

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