Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No denying today. - Edit

Before.Definately a before pic.  In the dim (relaxing?) rooms waiting.

I did it.

Remember this post and this post . As the year is ending, I am rushing around achieving things off my list. Refining my wardrobe, lounge room, self etc.

I went to the day spa. Why yes I did.

3 hours at the day spa. A Facial and a Parrafin Pedicure.

Robes that made us feel like giant teddy bears.

Apparently my eye area is extrememly dehydrated!
(like um thats not a shock- no skin routine and no sleep is my life.)

We had twin rooms. So fun to get facials and pedicures together. Though I haven't be nakey with my sister since we were tiny. Ahhh reminiscing... lol.

We entertained the girls assigned to look after us. Well my sister did. She had em laughing with her lifes troubles/fun/dating stories. Cause I have a totally boring and mundane life (to a young beautician anyway)

I felt bad cause I think I got the better girl. I think my facial and pedicure was better. And thats not fair cause it was my sisters birthday! So next time ask for Gemma.  She had long fingers and her facial was soothing and massage  nice and hard.

I think Spa day should be a part of my schedule everyweek.

But alas I shall go back to my denying. 

except now I have expensive eyecream and moisturiser to put on daily.

These feet may never look as good again. With my bag of goodies. Gotta fix those crows feet.

And here is my mother guilt. N may never trust me again. She was not happy at the babysitters when she realised I had stealthily snuck out while she was distracted with toys. Apparently my friends whole apartment building knew she was not happy!) I didnt know until after I got back (thankgoodness, or I would have felt guilty the whole time.)  She spent the rest of the day crying if I stepped away from her. She was thinking I was going to leave. She's never been babysat without her sisters so obviously its traumatic :)

Post edit : All this was made possible by dad who bought us vouchers for christmas that we are *finally * using. Sweet. I only had to part with half the excessive amount of money it cost! My skin and feet thank you Dad! And the Mr who gave me the other half of the money :D  ahhh sweet men in my life


Just ME said...

Oh Bobbie, I'm so pleased for you! What a treat - and well-deserved I might add. Don't worry too much about N. She'll be fine.
That's the one thing I dislike about going to those fancy places. They always put the pressure on you to buy hugely over-priced skin products. And because I'm so embarrassed by the condition on my skin I cave just to get out of there!

lissyal said...

pretty feet Bobbie! So happy you had a chance to be pampered

hello*lucky*holly said...

Happy birthday Gil!

I think there is more to gain from facials than there is restraining one's self from them!

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