Sunday, January 13, 2013

About Birthdays

Growing up I thought it fairly lovely to have my birthday on the Summer School Holidays

The only downside as a small kid - the birthday parties were all cousin, neighbour, church friend as school friends weren't seen to give an invite. But it didn't matter.. birthdays were always fun.

I was pretty happy with that arrangement till the last 12 years.

Oh yeah, I fogot that a birthday on the holidays would mean ALWAYS  having my ALL my kids at home all day long with me on my birthday. Makes it hard to rest, relax, get stuff done, take myself shopping alone etc etc.

Lucky this year (and last) I sent them packing and planned to do the above

A haircut. A movie. Dinner. Shopping alone the next day.

Thankgoodness for Grandma's also on holidays {bless all the wonderful grandma's out there}

I felt sort of bad though.
They waved me goodbye with sad eyes and slumped shoulders while being driven away in Grandma mobile.

Sniff Sniff enjoy your birthday....don't worry about us.....

 as if they have some sort of major part to play in MY Birthday.

To be fair we did do Roast dinner and Cake and sparkly drink the night before.
We put a whipped cream 41 on the cake then ate it off and replaced it with a 34.

I'm not baking two cakes people!!

Somehow in motherhood anything that was once yours (your body, your chocolates, your bed etc) seems to become owned by the kids. Birthdays fall into this category too.

They want your cake, your balloons, your party, your sparkly apple cider.

It's sort of sweet...... {sort of :/}

But I didn't feel bad for too long and had a lovely relaxing 2 days.
{is it bad to say I wanted another day?? greedy I know}

All was right in the world when they returned home happy, dirty and tired. 

They had gone swimming down the creek twice, ate mcdonalds, watched movies and got to place their handprints in new concrete laid at grandparents house.... just like mine where when I was a child!!{They loved that}.

And we joined back again for takeaway cause I'm not cooking on my birthday.

And happy birthday wishes to my birthday twinsie the darling MR.
{So that meant I didnt cook for two nights!! spoilt!!}

We don't do gifts usually, but a date. In the middle of our two birthdays.

The middle moment where our two birthdays join.

So basically we've been celebrating for three days. I do love a good weeklong celebration.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Was....




:: Red and Green at my side of the family Christmas Eve celebrations. Complete with Slip n Slide, lots of food and presents galore.

:: Presents under the tree, with a Santa injury going to the Mr who fell while retrieving presents hidden from up high.

:: Christmas breakfast consisting of toblerone dip, summer fruits, Mango and croissants

:: Attempting some order at the Present opening

:: Christmas Afternoon, Boxing Day and next with The Mr side of the family. Yummy food, swimming and camping in the backyard. Cold Nights, rain coming inside the tent, but still quite relaxing to lay there and listen to the rain and rainforest sounds. Fun with cousins and the most favourite thing of all Christmas - Playing with the brand new puppy their cousin got for Christmas.

:: Down to the Creek with Grandad. The girls have hiked here before and wanted to show it to us. Fun in the dirty creek floating by on our new floaties bought by Grandad as a present for exactly this purpose! Building a dam because thats what boys/men do apparently and moving lots of rocks. The girls learnt the art of skimming stones and where very impressed that Daddy and Grandad could get 6 or more jumps. Love that amazed look kids get when the realise just how awesome their parents are. I know it won't be around for too much longer - it warmed my heart sooooo much. what skillz we have!

:: New Years Eve Pool Party and 180 view of city. The Pinata was forgotten on Christmas so we were finally able to smash it good on New Years Eve. Goodbye Christmas!! Lots of funning running around the castle house, sparklers, sock wrestling!!, friends and food. Nice way to end the year.

:: New Year Day at the beach with more friends. A 6 hour surf marathon for the girls. They just swam and swam and got dumped and dumped and Miss G floated and bobbed, and drowned and popped back up in that floaty. Didn't stop all day. Such joy and excitement and wonderful way to start the new year.

:: And today we are tired and a little pink and resting while poor Daddy is back at work.

We didn't do too bad for Black Hole Week
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