Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sometimes it feels like there are no drastic changes in season here.
There aren't really. It's green all year round.

I think I'm lucky to live somewhere warm most of the year but it can get a bit samey.

I've realised I just need to look closer.{I always do, but look even closer}

Just as in winter I rejoice in the few deciduous trees, rejoice in owning a fireplace, spend time snuggled in blankets, love my rice heat bag to bits, rejoice in staying home and staying warm.

However Spring is here now and I have been spying it.

The revered Jacaranda has started to show itself! The totally bare trees are now sporting purple tops. Just hinting at what is to come - purple everywhere!

I wish I knew the names of trees/flowers because I have quiet a few in the local area that are blooming.

Its been fun to photograph some of my favourite blooming trees - mostly on the side of the road and in empty lots and shopping carparks and at daycare. I've gotten a few strange looks.

But hey Its Spring!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lazy Communication

Usually The Mr and I go to bed at the same time or I retire earlier than he {often}

It is a rare event that he is in bed before me.

However he is trying to get more shut eye and it has happened a couple of times lately.

The other night in the dark I was banging into furniture trying to manoever my way to bed.

I grumbled 'you could have left a light on for me'

This woke the Mr up and so I kept going with my grumbles and said

'All the times I go to bed before you - I always leave the ensuite light on or your bedside lamp on so you can see when you come to bed!!!  Why can't you do the same for me? where's the love?'

To which the Mr replyed

'OH!.. I thought you were just Lazy!'

And I laughed to myself. Years of leaving a light on so my dear husband wont bang his shins/toes and be able to see to find his PJ's, bedside things. An offering of pure love and devotion to him and he thinks it was because I was too lazy to get out of bed and turn the lights off!?!

OKAY so to be fair I am kinda lazy. Not in a 'never get off the couch lazy' (I rarely sit down at all during the day) but in a "I never finish anything 100% due to my lack of attention span" so its to be expected that I'd hop into bed and be too lazy to get back out to turn off a light. Like how I wash dishes every night but never put them away or since I sweep what feels like 10 times a day I leave the pile of dust/crap/crumbs next to the bin instead of getting the dust pan out to sweep it up as I just know I'll be adding to the pile in a few hours. (I do sweep it up each day and put in the bin!) Or how I leave the ensuite door ajar because as a constantly pregnant/breastfeeding mother I knew I would be in and out of that room several times each night and its just become habit now. Or how I move from room to room cleaning not ever staying in one spot to finish it all in one go (I blame children! Internet! Having to break to cook! so many distractions :)

I thought of communication. How often are things lost in translation? I ponder because I like to think we have pretty good communication. I was reminded about honing this skill at our recent adults session conference. What things do you do to have and keep good relationships?  At Mothers Group this morning we were discussing the importance of having regular family council meetings or being better at ensuring Date Night happens as a means to have some time to actually talk and think and be alone together.

Let your people know you love them.

They may just think you're lazy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr Who

It was hard to take super straight short fringe and try to boof and curl it..

My striped shirts and jackets have been raided.
The Mr's one bowtie has been taken.

These things equal Dr Who outfits.

Perfect for playing Dr Who with the neighbour (who has long hair so is relegated to be Amy :) and Perfect for the school disco when asked to dress as your favourite character.

When she saw all her friends dressed as Vampires and Zombies and Princesses and Super hero's she was a bit bashful to be dressed as Dr Who but she pulled it off. Nearly all the teachers and a couple of kids knew who she was dressed as even if her friends had no idea.

A while back it was a bit of a debate between Harry Potter and Dr Who. Important things like who is better looking, who is smarter, who is cooler (lol so funny, it's fight between the nerds ;)

Who would have thought I might have need for those bow tie tutorials I see around the internet.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple and Important

Pulling in my sheets from line drying in the hot spring sun. I'm so glad I force myself to line dry most things when I would rather be lazy and put everything in the dryer. I can literally smell the sunshine on those sheets ♥

Finally getting around to making Strawberry Pie when it is almost the end of Strawberry Season

Eating German Chocolate Cake made by The MR!

Cleansing the girls bedroom for their Spring/Summer Wardrobe

Popcorn for movie night

Finishing my first personalized family Christmas decorations for the season :)

A quick impromptu visit to the beach yesterday still has me smiling

A big house clean to give us a clean slate for the school holiday

Riding bikes everyday taking advantage of beautiful weather

Remembering the SIMPLE things helps me focus on the IMPORTANT things

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear House

This Post over at Apartment Therapy caught my eye this week.

5 Completely free ways to make your house a home.

Even though I do most things on that list I really felt that I needed reminding to LOVE MY HOME.

I complain the house is too small
I don't really have a laundry so there is always laundry ALL OVER MY DECK
I have four girls who share one room so it is always messed up
The house is not insulated AT ALL so is usually either freezing cold or boiling hot

I realised that these things dont really matter. And I shouldn't constantly make excuses on how embarrassed I am over it. There is nothing wrong with the house (it could be cleaner ;)

It's the feeling one gets. When strangers enter my home they usually comment on how lovely it is
The feelings created in a home are so much more important than how it is. If you treat it with the love and respect it deserves the home will fill with those positive vibes - they will be etched in the walls.

To appreciate what you do have - that you actually have shelter while so many are homeless
To remember home is not a collection of things - but a reflection of who you are
Hopefully people are coming to visit you not your home so relax and have people over more.

Once when K was having four friends over for a sleep over I told the girls they had to be good as our house is very small and there  is not much to do. One girl stepped in and was all like "WOW your house is SO BIG and BEAUTIFUL!! {she lived in a very small apartment I found out after} And one should always take advice from children. They are usually right.

Dear house

I love you very much. I love your cute little cottage face. When I come down the street to look at you, you make me smile. You look very happy.  I love your high ceilings and coloured glass windows. I love that you cover this family and provide us with safety. I love that you are small and quick to clean. I love your deck and outside areas that make it easy for me to entertain and invite others over. I love your large spacious kitchen that allows me to cook/bake numerous times a day. I love your fun fireplace that allows us family time toasting marshmallows. I love your green hedges that we cannot kill no matter how badly we treat them. I love your crampedness cozyness that allows us to be always together even when we might not want to. You are helping to make us a close family.

You complete me xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Windows and Grass

Old photo that has nothing to do with this post except that it's the window I speak of.
Another love of the girls - climbing out of the windows and walking along the fence ;)

I love windows

The window in our lounge room next to the computer is of the most used.

Today (Last friday) the rain was pouring and I had a little captivated girl peering out the window.

We had a big truck and digger parked right next to our house all day with lots of workmen coming and going. Sitting next to the window watching the rain/work was our major activity today.

The light was soft and gentle and it seriously almost bought tears to my eyes. The cool rain was making for a cozy feel, my heart leapt. There is just something about windows, rain and soft light.

I love when these gentle moments remind me that I am right in being home with these little ones. I am right to take things slow. I only wish I was better and more patient and understood better what really matters in life. I feel like I achieve very little in the relms of being with my children and *doing* things with them that will improve them knowledgably, spiritually, emotionally, physically. Sometimes I feel like I'm already too late. Too much  talking at, directing, cleaning, ignoring seems to happen. How does one repair this?

I have been feeling lately that time is fleeting. I've been a stay at home mum for 10 years and I feel its flown by and I can barely remember what it was like when K was a baby. It makes my heart break. I wish I could remember. I wish I could remember all the times I've peered out the window with a intrigued tot. I wish I could remember soft filtered light kissing the pink soft skin of a child.

A wish for a window to my soul.


The very next day after the crazy rain storm was blue blue sky and blustery wind.

A perfect day for flying a kite.

If only my kids could do things without the yelling, directing, squealing and fighting that comes with them doing an activity together. {sigh} Once their bossing eachother around was sorted it was lovely.{and I'm sure the people who live near the park rejoiced that the screaming session was over!}

I laid down on the grass and my body seemed to release unknown tension.

I thought when was the last time I laid down in the grass? A month? or more?

There is just something about connecting with the real world. It centres a person.

I googled some reasons on why this is:

If a building or appliance is “grounded” that means that its electricity can be transferred to the earth in order to prevent an electrical buildup and the damage that can come along with power surges.

All living things have low levels of electrical activity running through them, so this concept is applied to our own bodies as well. When we step onto the ground without the insulating factor of shoes, our free radicals (those bad things that promote aging by scooting around in your body and causing damage to cells) can diffuse out into the earth and we can gain a flow of healing electrons in return – instantly giving your body a healthy boost.

Don’t tell me you don’t feel less stressed and more balanced after a day at the beach or a barefoot twirl across the lawn! I know I do. I’ve been taking barefoot walks through the forest lately, and I have to say – it feels amazing. The connection to the trees and bushes and mother earth around me feels acute and beautiful. It would be a certain challenge to feel stressed in this situation ♥

Barefooting gives a better contact to nature because life-force energy called Chi (also called Qi or Prana) can only be absorbed through the soles of the feet. Ground Chi is absorbed automatically and unconsciously when walking barefoot, which may be one of the reasons why it’s so relaxing to walk without shoes on and why exercises geared toward strengthening the body and relaxing the mind (yoga, tai chi, martial arts) are also typically practiced barefoot..

I shall have to resolve to roll in the grass more.

 The simple things I learnt last week.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I wont tell you how long it took to scroll through my thousands of photos looking for some heart ones. I obviously need a 'heart photo's' folder....

I have a secret hobby.

Taking photos of random found heart shapes.

I've been doing it for quite a few years. I almost squealed when design mom blogged about someone who does similar at Boy Sees Hearts. Through its popularity he started World Sees Hearts where you can submit your heart photos.

I've taken photos of heart shaped leaves, rocks, clouds, shadows, mushrooms, cracks in the cement, tomatoes, potatoes, rain patches. Hearts are to be seen in so many places. I see them quite often.

You know you have a problem when your child looks a oil stain in a grimy carpark and yells MUM - A Heart! for you! Take a photo! (see they know me!)

This last few weeks alone I've found more.

Can you imagine my joy when I opened my butter and found this:

and I love butter so double joy!

or when I was at the Ekka and noticed this nice pattern on a cow.

Doesn't it totally look like a teddy bear and a heart?

Hearts are everywhere people.

You can't escape the love.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome Spring

Due to the rhythmic season following over at SouleMama and Welcome summer party ideas of NieNie I've been drawn to wanting the same. We are pretty mindful of special occasions here and will pretty much celebrate anything. However I've never been organized enough to have seasonal parties. I decided I wanted a welcome Spring Party this year. Yay! Winter is over! (though I did try really hard this year to love winter and I think it worked, but it's time to move on winter!)

Saturday was chosen as it was only the 3rd of the month, near Fathers day and we would have fireworks to end the night courtesy of Riverfire. Lots of reasons to party.


Camembert and Brie
Strawberry and french vanilla almond salad
Zucchini Slice
French Stick

Cherry Pavlova

We started the morning with our Fathers day celebration. It was such a good idea! Sunday Mornings can be pretty hectic around here, so we chose for a more leisurely start on Saturday with breakfast for Daddy and opening all his gifts. It also gave him time to spend learning to fly the new helicopter he got.

It was gift day for me to! I've wanted a white tablecloth for a while and have just never splurged to get one. Flowers were a must for a spring party and I scored a half off bunch. My mother found a bargain cake plate for me and even delivered it en route to a weekend away (I've wanted a cake plate for years but have just never found the right one at the right price, I've scoured many an op shop to find one but have never seen one in an opshop... they must get snapped up quick??)

Of course you have to dress spring like too, except that it was cold! what's with that! It's been colder the last few weeks than when it was in July! crazy! my green and butterfly dress was only worn half the day till I got too cold :(    but I was feeling the spring - y - ness!

A wonderful late lunch/early dinner with family and friends. Then off up the street to watch the fireworks.. Back home for more dessert and chatting

Welcome welcome spring...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fathers Day

Fathers day 2011

As I moved all coy like in front of my husband and gave him a wink and said

Well you have me to thank for Fathers day in your life thankyouverymuch...

he looked at me and said

No I think that woman was a lot younger looking...

ouch! Touche!

Which of course he backed up with "But you're still beautiful of course"....

He's a cheeky one that man in our life.

Only a very special guy could live with 6 women (my sister lives with us at the moment)

I'm so very grateful I get to spend this parenting ride with such an awesome guy. I sometimes feel I've been let in on a big secret and I'm the only one who knows the real him. {which I secretly love}

The last couple of years I found some Fathers Day questionaires online. I love to see the girls answers about their dad. Here are their answers. I've combined the three older girls answers below

My Dad is how old?

His hair is_____ and his eyes are:
black and bluey green
black and bluey green
black and blue

My dad likes to wear:
Ties and white shirts
His super cleanup shirt and pants (ie His Blue work overalls!! lol)

He loves to eat:
Soup and chocolate
A big bowl of chocolate Icecream
Chocolate Icecream
(they all say this because anytime a child whinges about something -ie hourly/daily - Daddy's answer is always "And I want a big bowl of chocolate icecream... but am I getting it?")

He is smart because he knows:

My dad works hard at:
Fixing computers

Daddy always tells me:
He loves me
He loves me

It makes daddy happy when:
I do good things
I help mum clean up
I help  him

If he could go on a trip he would go ___ and he would take:
To the beach and take us all to the island
Camping and he would take a torch and a tent and me
To the beach and he would take everyone

I really love it when my dad:
Puts me on his shoulders and pushes me super high on the swing
Helps me and gives me hugs
Plays board games with me

If I could give my dad anything it would be:
Things we wants and a long hug
A hug

My favourite thing about dad is:
I love my dad because he lets me go on the roof
He is funny
He is funny

This year he got lots of gifts. We decided to move our fathers day to saturday. So we could have a longer slower breakfast and enjoy the gifts.That was such a good idea (next blog will be about our fathers day, spring party and fireworks)

He got a remote controlled helicopter! Arent we awesome!
Whittakers chocolate bars
car cleaning kit
Big Bright torch thingy

I'm super grateful for the fathers in our lives. I'm lucky to have a wonderful father too!

Happy Fathers Day.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring is Here

On the first day of Spring we had a little visitor to provide us with much joy and happiness.

It's a ladybug if you can't tell :)

Spring is Here!

I'm also making these flowers for a little family Spring dinner with fireworks for Saturday.

And menu planning for it. What does one eat for spring?? Lamb? lol.
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