Sunday, February 28, 2010


But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day
~ Proverbs 4:18

Friday, February 26, 2010


Easter is less than 40 days away you know. YIKES!

I saw these cute fabric eggs from Retro Mama via Bindi's Blog.

I thought they are so adorable I must try. Perfect timing as my sewing machine is broken (currently getting a service). Perfect timing 'cause these little babies are hand sewn. I don't think I have hand sewn anything in my life! (apart from applique)

The first one took the longest (as always) and a few turned out less like eggs and more like balls, but the girls didn't mind as I let them have the not so good looking ones to play with. I used 2 old dresses (of the girls) to make them. Little scraps of fabric are perfect for these, so I have enough material to make 100's! Which could be good if I decide it would be fun to do an egg hunt with these instead of the chocolate version - I don't know about you , but we always end up with too much chocolate at Easter.

However they were fairly relaxing to make while watching tv, reading blogs etc. And I thought if I start now, I might have a few for display in time for Easter.

They are far from perfect, wiggly stitches, and oddly shaped. But the girls love them.

Perfect for our Easter.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This girl has skills

Serious skills

No one can avoid crusts like she can.

I find several squares like this each day. She always takes a bite out of the middle first. She sometimes uses it as a peep hole. Two bites often look like a love heart or a mouth.

She can create art in her toast.

Her quirkyness warms my heart.. and my toast.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The War

old photo that I thought suited this post -
I turn my back whilst they are painting-10 mins later...

On Sunday afternoon the girls were playing with a castle set we own. (after we cajoled them into playing with something and stop annoying us) They were setting up walls, people, catapault, horses etc.

Miss A walked across the room to fetch another toy when she came back she said

"Oh... did I miss the war?"

The Mr and I laughed. It was so funny.

Parenting I think is similar, it may feel like a strategic war, but when looked back upon it will feel but a blink of an eye -over too quickly. I don't want to have any regrets.

I know my posts are the same old. Rehashing the same topic in a variety of different ways. I might try to stop. But honestly nothing else too exciting is happening here at the moment. The only thing happening is me thinking. Me thinking about how I am not doing enough. Yet sadly I don't do anything about it. Lazy.

I might have to ban myself from the computer. I would more than like to ban myself from cleaning and cooking instead but then we would live in an even worse mess. I need a strategy for my life! I might have to make a schedule for play time. I might have to push my kids (and me!) to go out more to play.

I feel guilt everytime my neighbour takes miss A for a walk. She walks her dog daily. Bike rides with her daughter, takes mine on walks to the river, takes her swimming, takes her hiking, taught her how to ride a bike. She doesn't allow them tv, but to creatively play (they don't do it when I ask... but if she does.. oh .. obedience...grrrrr) Ahhh the guilt I feel because I am more than happy to sit at home. (given, my neighbour only has one child, and says it is good to take mine too, to keep hers company)

I don't enjoy playing with my kids and I need to find that enjoyment. My excuse is that it is just too hot. Once it cools down a bit, we will be more active. Hopefully, but then it won't be too long till its too cold :D It seems to be ridiculous to be a stay home mum and not enjoy playing. It's crazy hard to explain cause I do like being silly and mucking around, crafting or setting up for play... I just don't like to have to direct play. Play kids....Go do it yourself.. it aint that hard is it?

Though to be kind to myself I say the first year after a baby is pretty much a write off. Often it is too hard to go many places because she is sleeping or feeding or burping. I will be kind and say that I sometimes amaze myself at being able to get out the door with four kids. I don't know how people with more than 6 would even manage it!

I'm in a war.. a strategical war.

Am I winning? I don't know. But

I don't want to miss the fight.

**No disrespect to anyone who has been in an actual war. Of course parenthood isn't one zillionth near the sad tragedy of real war. My utmost respect and admiration to those who serve their country.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness
quietness and assurance forever ~ Isaiah 32:17

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Brain

We will have to make do with dolls to fill our baby cravings

It seems like everyone is having babies.

I was pretty sure that I didn't want any more children.

But this week I felt, for a tiny little while... I want to have another baby. All this baby talk is making me clucky. (not to replace Miss N who is the most perfect baby - just clucky to add to my family)

What was I thinking??

Funny how after only a couple of months it is so easy to forget the pain.

Forget the sleepless nights, legs that don't work/have a mind of their own, back pain, Stress, uncomfortableness and just plain worry.

Whilst having a 5th child may be no problem, I might have to live with the fact that Miss N will be our last. For many reasons.

Some people like babies. I like mine. But I don't want to be a person who loves having little babies, yet doesn't know how to handle her preteens. Great with little children yet has wild teenagers.

It may be time to move on. Move on from nappies, baby food, baby toys. Move on to knowing how to have great conversations with older kids. Preparing myself for the busyness of social committments (the kids not mine lol) Learning how to listen. How to navigate through the difficulites of life. How to talk about drugs, sex and rock and roll. How to prepare them for life. And to teach myself how to enjoy it. Embrace the age of thinking, testing, questioning, pushing limits, growing, daring, exploring, trialing, maturing.

Some say that the most important years are 1-5. I think that is true for physical needs. As a small child you need to be fed, loved and sheltered.

However I feel the most important years are probably the 8-12 years. This is the time I can teach them who to rely on. This is the time I need to start open dialogue. This is the time they need lots of Daddy daughter dates to know who they need to be close to. The time for less bossing from me and more understanding. This is the time to lay the foundations for that most hard test in life - teenagerhood.

As the mother of four daughters... I better get prepared. :D

Some times I am scared I am messing this time up.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spiral - Updated

The Unplug Your Kids Challenges have changed to Monthly. Surely I should be able to do monthly? This months theme is Spiral.

A few things came to mind - spiral snakes, spirograph doodling, and spiral pasta.

We did none of those, instead I remembered about some felt roses I made into a ball last year and we made some of those. Get some awesome instructions from Betz White which is where I got the idea from.

Basically you need a circle of felt. I made mine about 10cm diameter. Cut a spiral into the circle. Starting from the edge, roll felt. Keep rolling until you get the then end circle. I hot glue gunned mine together. You can use the end circle as sort of a cover over the spiral to keep it all together.

I attached one to a bobby pin for a hair accessory. We also made some cuffs. I attached one rose (by glue gun) to a strip of fabric. The cuff is fastened by a button we sewed on.

Some Spirally goodness. I like these so much I might make some more. Maybe 3 little roses on a hair clip?

*** The girls have been wearing theirs to school and everywhere (girl power type ben 10 watches?) and now I have kids in the school yard coming up to me asking if I would make them some! I have to go buy some more felt and buttons....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The world's against me.. I hope?

The girls were dobbing on each other. Feeling pride in trying to get their sisters in trouble.

I am often heard to say...
Work it out amongst yourselves.
I don't want to hear it. Stop trying to get your sister in trouble.
Be nice to eachother... blah blah blah... the list goes on.

One time I even said
Girls, you are meant to have each others backs. You are meant to look out for EACHOTHER! You shouldn't be dobbing on your sister.
You are meant to be a team AGAINST ME.
One day I won't be here, and all you will have is eachother. Love oneanother. Work together.
Sisters are for life.

hold the phone.. what? I told my kids to work together against me?

Whoops I did.

Isn't that what sisters are for?

Bring it on

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

I think miss K was 2 years old before she had chocolate. That first child is so sheltered and kept away from bad stuff. No one to ram food down their throats. No other children who don't know the dangers of giving Choc Chip Cookies to babies. No kids dragging you around by the neck, leaving you in precarious positions when they are bored with you. With each child the danger to them increases.

A few weeks ago Miss G comes out of the baby's room saying " Mum, Mum, Ta Ta LOVES Iceblocks" I say "Don't feed her iceblocks, she is too little." Miss G says "No mum, she LOVES them!" The baby had latched on to that icypole and was sucking for dear life.


Usually a child's first birthday is the first time they eat cake.

Well not when Grandpa's are around.

Too easily manipulated they are. Grandads secretly love indulging grandchildren.

All little girls should have grandads wrapped around their little finger.

And that is why Miss N enjoyed her first cake very much.

Thank you Grandad. oxo Love N

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Magic Day

Miss A finally decided that she wanted a Magic Birthday. My dad was a magician way back in the day (yes I was in a few tricks - disappearing/appearing girl. He stopped just before I got big enough for Cut the girl in half... dang) He's kept a box of tricks all these years, and offered to do some for the girls.

This year Miss A decided that is what she wanted. I am pretty laid back when it comes to parties, but I couldn't resist trying to find a few other easy things to go with the theme. They day went wonderful and was so easy, thought I would share.

Magic Wand Breadsticks

Just dip the ends of pretzels or thin breadstick biscuits in chocolate and roll in sprinkles

Star Dust Thank you Favours

I found these in the dessert section of the supermarket. You get 10 sachets in a box for around $3

Decorating Wooden Star Wands

We painted wands and sprinkled glitter all over

Top Hat Pinata

I made the pinata by doing a regular paper strips over a balloon. I bought 2 sheets of card and rolled one to make a cylinder, and cut a circle out of the other. I sticky taped together and then stuck the pinata balloon inside. It took the kids about 20 mins to break this sucker open - good way to take up time :)

Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

Maybe suited more to a Pirate party or similar, but hey magicians make coins disappear and have trunks full of tricks no?

A magical birthday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Our offering for valentines. We cut out heart shapes in toast.
I put jam in a zip lock bag and piped it around the edges.

I don't do valentines. Our Wedding anniversary is a week before, so it is a moot point. Only in recent years have I started doing stuff with the girls cause of all the cute crafts out there on all the american blogs I read.

Basically it's pretty unfair to guys.. I mean what do you buy them? That's why I don't do valentines. Me? I'm easy - flowers, chocolates, lovenotes, jewellery.. whatever... same as most girls. But guys what the heck to you get them? So to save myself having to think of another thing to buy The MR (I can't even get it right on birthday, christmas, fathers day.. ahhh the stress) we just share our gifts with the family. Last year he got us roses. This year I got us these Cute message chocolates.

Yesterday I went on a Valentines date with some girlfriends and Saw the Valentines Day movie. Not sure how I feel about a movie that had two people have affairs, a young couple planning their 'first time', a phone sex worker, and lots of miscommunication.

But one thing the movie did was make me appreciate my relationship with my husband. I am glad we are married. I am glad we are planning for eternity and not planning on affairs. I am glad I don't have to attend 'I hate Valentines' parties.

I admit it is good to have a 'day' to remind us to love. To love one another and to appreciate our spouses and families. It is a tad overcommercialised for my liking.

But Feelings are free. And these are mine.

To The MR

To my other half. My perfect half.
You make me whole.
I love you with all my life.

Love This Girl. xx

Sabbath be Spiritually Minded is Life Eternal (SMILE) ~ 2 Nephi 9:39

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sympathy Pains

Miss A turned 7 this week. Did I ever tell you about Miss A's birth?

No you say?

Well let me start two days before. The Mr wakes me up at 2am saying :

"I haven't slept all night. I am in agony. I need you to ring the ambulance."

Yeah, you don't say that to a woman who is 40 weeks pregnant.

Ambulance comes and takes him away - so calls to my family to wake them up, babysitters and off I go to the hospital.

Appendicitis - Later in the day off to surgery. Apparently it was pretty infected.

That night while The Mr is doped up on drugs a nurse says to me

"oh you look very pale, you sure that baby isn't coming tonight?"

I say "oh my first child was 2 weeks overdue I am sure #2 will be the same."

"It better not come tonight!"

I go home alone with my little sister helping me out. I wake a few times during the night with uncomfortable pains. By the fourth time it happens I realise they are happening every half hour wake my sister. We have got to go to mum's now I say.

I drive the car to my parents, lucky contractions are 10 mins apart, so I only have 2 while driving. I spend the next few hours stomping around their backyard entertaining the neighbours and the chickens.

When I can't handle it anymore my parents take me to hospital.

Not the hospital The Mr is at.
Another one - 40km away!!

Lucky my dad is a nurse and having not seen any of us be born (no men allowed during ceasars in the old days) he was most excited. He made a very good hand holder (after mum couldn't bear seeing me in pain anymore) I swear iIfelt like I was breaking his hand.. he said it was nothing! Of course Miss A would have to come ON her due date!

Miss A was born in a few hours, with only gas and for me! Afterwards (definately not during) I felt great.

The next day The Mr checks himself out of his hospital. He did not feel so good

All the photos at the hospital The MR is in my bed holding the baby

We'll put it down to Sympathy Pains.... the Mr wanted to share.

He is always there for everything except the birth of our first two children :D

2 years old

Yes.. my other baby is turning 2!!

I started this blog on the 12 February 2008!!

Oh what a wonderful two years it has been. And I am still going!!

are you sick of me yet?

still want to know my thoughts, musings and see my crazy kids?

then read on dear viewer, read on

it might be a while before I run out of things to say

'cause as you all know.. I love to Talk!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


so four forty five

We were praising some blueberry and double cream tarts. "Mmmm these are delish"

Andrew says 'oh they are so four forty five ish'


As in I made them 15 mins before we had to be here - just thrown together

and thank you andrew it has become my new favourite saying

This dinner? yeah so four forty five ish

This outfit? yeah so four forty five ish

My messy house? -yeah so four forty five ish

Kids behaviour? yeah so four forty five ish

This blog post? yep so four forty five ish

But the upside? Sometimes things still turn out well. Even if they're four forty five ish.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Salt Dough Hearts

I used this recipe from to make our Salt Dough hearts. One batch made about 25 hearts (about 5cms tall)

You have to have a lot of patience to air dry salt dough. I don't have patience so I cook them in the oven for a couple of hours. I used a straw to make a hole in each of the hearts. So we can thread them to make ornaments, necklaces etc.

We painted them and added some glitter. As we painted on both sides we slid them onto a skewer to dry. We used two glass jars to keep the skewer balanced.

Give to those you love.

Be Careful what you wish for.

There has been a little running joke between some of us at church about getting my husband back to the ward(congregation). He was the singles ward bishop for three years, and then he was on the high council for 2 years. He has been away from our 'home' ward for 5 years!

I make jokes about him being needed. A hymn book straightener? Chapel Cleaner? Secretary for something? I said these things to those who would listen.

When our Bishop had to suddenly move interstate, I immediately got the feeling that my husband was going to be called into the Bishopric. For two weeks I wondered if my intuition was correct, I started to doubt.

Then at the last minute a phone call, an interview and

and then half an hour later you have a three year old screaming "DADDY, DADDY... I WANT MY DADDY!" whilst running down the isle at church. She did this TWICE!! The second time ended with her face planting it into the carpet in front of the stand. Obviously Change is hard for some. Lucky someone else had my baby. And my visiting teacher came and sat with the older girls. How blessed am I?

I quickly grabbed her and ran out the exit door we both slumped to a heap outside in the corridor. We shared a big hug and had a little cry together, alone in the dark hallway, backs against the wall just holding eachother.

I knew that it would be alright. She stopped crying. So did I.

Change happens.

Be careful what you wish for.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Give me More

Do Not Turn Your Back When a 6 Month Old has Yoghurt

*She just started eating food this week. And boy does she LOVE it.*

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5am Traditions

5am is special time. The sun peeking in the window. Just me and baby.

After a fast and furious drink (to make up for being a darl and sleeping all night - yes she is a PERFECT baby)

we have time to play before we start our day.

Don't grow little one.

I wish I could wake alone with each of the girls.They miss out. I am reminded of this when I realise how little time I spend with my eldest. But they too once were babies, who had 5am special time :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

11 years down.. Eternity to go?

A few years ago we were talking with another person about marriage. Someone quoted some oft quoted line about "the first year of marriage being the hardest."
That, if you can get through that... you're doing well.

I said I don't get that quote at all. Our first year of marriage was wonderful. What's hard about it? It should be fun and romantic and joyous. All that time together, ALONE.

Then The MR pipes up .... 'For you maybe'

Oh dear... What chu talkin bout willis?

'You mean it was hard for you?'

How anyone would find living with me hard is just impossible :)


i love my life. i love My MR. i love my girls.

I'm lucky that he puts up with me.
He lets me talk his ears off. (though I guess he secretly isn't listening)
He does all the hard things
He puts up with my nervousness of doing many things
He organizes so many parts of our lives
He goes along with all my crazy plans
He cares about my point of view and ideas
He talks to me each day online while he's away from me

I always say he isn't allowed to leave or die. I would be lost with out him.

Eleven years on eternity? I am so glad I have more time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hobo Hair

Name witheld to protect the guilty

Doing Hair rules my life, or (the not doing of it) rules it, but I seemed to be bugged by it.

Ahhhh....The life of a mother of four daughters ....

A mother of 3 sons was holding my baby a few months ago. She was just in love. She really wanted a daughter. I told her - "It's not what its cracked up to be."

Having daughters is like having sons except mine have lots of hair and like to wear weird dresses. My girls weren't very girly when they were little - so I said really there isn't much difference.

I said thank your lucky stars you don't have to do hair! (I have several friends who have just sons and I envy their buzz cuts.. ahhh so easy... I can dream can't I??? )

And she says.... but I want to do hair!

And that unfortunately is where the problem lays

I want to do hair. I even like to do hair. I can braid, plait, bun, french roll, piggy tail, curl, straighten with the best of them. But that wouldn't be fun now would it?

I didn't know tackling, hog tieing, chasing, attempting styles mid sprint was part of it. Oh how little did I know. No - 'cause atleast two of my girls have Hobo Hair - a third doesn't but has sensitive skin so can't stand to have it done or have bands in it - and well the fourth doesn't have enough hair yet....

Speaking of Hobo Hair that term was stolen from this CJane post. Her kid ain't got nothin on mine. Well it seems to be heditary. I blame my mother. Who knows she might blame her mother or great grandmother or something... Basically it is just what I call misbehaving hair. You put it up, but mins later little whisps start falling out. It takes alot of hairspray to make our hair stay put. And sometimes spray doesn't even work, I know I have tried it. Its not straight, and its not curly, it just has a mind of its own. Living in it's own galaxy.

Hopefully payback will be mine in their teenage years when they are all primping and preening

and then . . . .

and then they can do my hair.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wax Hearts

When a craft is marked with a danger disclaimer I know it is the perfect craft for my kids!

I saw this one featured on The Crafty Crow from Here we are together

Basically we painted some paper with water paints. Once dry we dripped wax on the painting from a red candle. Any coloured candle would probably do.

Cut painting into heart shapes (or not) and hang on the window to allow the light to give it a bit of a stained glass effect.

If you don't like your kids playing with candles maybe oil in a dropper would give the same see-throughy effect??

Even though Valentines Day doesn't mean much to me, my wedding anniversary is in February too , and who can resist heart crafts with their kids? We all need more love at home :)
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