Monday, June 30, 2014

Disco Party

I was a little stumped on how Miss G's birthday party was going to go.

No theme, date, reason etc. And the fact that she will now sort of have 3 celebrations!

We slowly got going with a sort of theme and it was all engines steaming.

Without a theme I feel lost in the sea of uncertainty.

Once she chose a theme, all stations go, 10 mins on pinterest and done.

Well not quite done, but a piñata, theme food, games. Done. Thank you very much.

We already had the disco ball languishing in the cupboard.

So if interested here are some of the details of the party close up:


Can't be a party without a piñata! Once again I may have made it a bit tough ;) Each kid got about 5 strikes with the stick so the thing got about 100+ hits before it broke. However they loved it.
My neighbours were probably all wondering what was happening with a hoard of kids yelling "Smash it, Smash it, Smash it" at the top of their heads repeatedly.

I bought a larger size balloon from a party shop to make this piñata.
Glue 3 layers of newspaper and one layer of white copy paper {to make painting it silver easier}. When dry, paint silver.
Stick hundreds of silver circles all over.
The idea I saw recommended giant silver sequins. I was unable to find those so used my round punch to punch out circles from some silver wrapping paper {I used 2 sheets}.
You can't tell in the photo but I then painted it with some glitter paint to give it shine.
Almost a pinterest fail since it resembled a golf ball more than a disco ball, but Miss G gave it the thumbs up approval.

Plastic Tablecloth Ceiling Decoration

I saw an idea on pinterest about using dollar plastic tablecloths to make a ceiling decoration.
Mine almost turned out pinterest fail as the silver tablecloths looked like plastic shopping bags and it was pretty messy but Miss G insisted it was wonderful so it got to stay. {I was about to pull it off}
Brighter colours work better for this - see here
Basically buy some plastic tablecloths and cut each one into 4 long strips.
Gather all the strips together and tie with string/fishing line.
Attach to the roof.
Pull each strip out to desired distance and attach (I used tacks)
Keep going till all strips are fanned out.

Microphone Cake Pops

Probably the easiest cake pops I have ever made.
I crumbled a shop bought chocolate pound cake and mixed it with 3 tablespoons of cream cheese. Rolled into balls.
Dipped a bit of the ball in melted white chocolate and stuck it in a mini icecream cone.
Let set then dipped each cone in white chocolate, let drips run off  then dip in silver sugar balls.
Voila - Microphones.
These were my one novelty food. I try to keep it simple at parties. Kids don't really care.
We served individual packets of chips, poppers, strawberry cupcakes (birthday girl request) and chicken nuggets later in the cool of the night.

Birthday Cake

Some years I have the energy for cake, some years I don't. I've been busy with working now and life so it was a shop bought cake with disco ball decorations. So Easy!  I actually had to stop a few kids from trying to steal the disco balls, they liked it so much. They had tiny string on them and I thought would be awesome Christmas baubles so I wanted them for myself!!


We played pass the parcel, piñata and donuts tied to a string and you have to eat them with your hands behind your back. The kids loved it all and actually many of them have not played these types of games before. They also played in our tree house that had fairy lights strung on it. Party only went for an hour and half in the evening, so this was the perfect amount of games and pretty easy.
We had music playing  and a disco ball and fairy lights strung up. They didn't dance as much as I wanted but we had a few songs that made them cheer and move it.

All up we survived 20 plus excitable screaming kids. Phew!

The birthday girl was suitably spoilt and all her friends came for a Friday night end of school term party and had a blast. She said it was fantastic and that's the best a mum can hope for. Bless xx

FHE Lesson {Jesus wants me for Sunbeam}

This lesson inspired by June 2010 Friend Magazine page 3

Opening Song: Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam #60

Opening Prayer: Child


Jesus wants me for a sunbeam {Sing or play song, or youtube - like this one}

What does this song mean?

How can we be a sunbeam?

What does the sun do?  {Provides warmth, makes things grow, makes daylight, Shines}

How can we use these definitions of Sun in our lives?
{Be kind, helpful, help others to learn (and grow), have a happy smile to warm others, shine -through our talents, give hugs, bring sunshine into the lives of all around us}

Draw/Collage a big sun with some sunbeams coming off it.
In the sunbeams write down some ways the children will try to be a Sunbeam for Jesus this week.

Have each Child make their own sun drawing/picture. Glue a picture of them in the middle.
Write in the sunbeams service they will do for others.

Make a sun picture with a circle cut out of the middle
{like a yellow wreath, zig zaggy edges, can use a paper plate}}
As you sing the song have each child hold up the sun in front of their face in turn.
They are the Sun/beam.

Alternatively stick a drawn sun with hole in middle around a handheld mirror and each child can look at themselves while the song plays.

Closing Song:

Closing Prayer:

Treat: orange/yellow foods, decorate round biscuits/cookies with yellow icing.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Before Baptism Photoshoot

I think it started because I was pregnant when my first child got baptised and I just knew in the busyness of the day that I would never get all the photos of her that I wanted. Things to organise, friends and family to spend time with, food to do, multiple children to dress and look after etc.


Then my mum apologised that there was no photo of me in my baptism dress. She too was so busy beforehand and after your dress is a soggy wet mess, she never got a photo of me in my pretty white dress.

So 5 years  and 3 children ago we started a little family tradition of the....

Before Baptism Photoshoot.

Miss K

Miss A

It also gives us some  pictures to use for invitations.

We've also inadvertently started another tradition. Because wonderful grandma was busily sewing away at dresses and they weren't available yet we've used the same dress for all photoshoots. Even though each girl has their very own, pattern/style chosen by them, sewn by grandma dress. Miss K's dress has been used by everyone for the before photos and to wear after the baptism when their dress is all wet, but they still want to keep wearing white afterwards.

One mention of this photoshoot and the girls are so excited.
It's almost treated with the same reverence as the actual day. {which makes me happy}

Miss G was so happy to have her photoshoot last week. She was a very willing model.
Another rite of passage. Family Tradition.

She is looking forward to her baptism day.


Over time I've discovered that I really like need to break things down into bite size to feel accomplished, not rushed, feel I do things justice. It seems I do this with Birthdays, Parties, Christmas, Easter etc. Instead of keeping stress things to one/two days I drag them out over weeks.

I really don't celebrate Christmas for 3 months (Pleennntttty of normal living, lots of other things going on) but I really do need to divide up all things I want to do and assign them timelines so I don't feel overwhelmed. This little baptism tradition seems to be another example of that need for order.
But hey just call me crazy or whatever.....

Sunday, June 22, 2014

FHE Lesson {Moses}

Since we are studying Old Testament this year in class, sharing some stories here for FHE

Opening Song:

Opening Prayer:


Share the story of Moses:

Joseph and the king of Egypt died. Many years went by. The Israelites lived in Egypt a long time. They had many children. One king of Egypt did not like the Israelites. He thought there were too many of them. He was afraid they would take his land away from him. The king made the Israelites slaves. The Egyptians made them work hard and were mean to them.The king said all the Israelite baby boys must be killed. He sent people to kill them.One Israelite mother was afraid they would find her baby boy. She hid him for three months. Then the mother put her baby in a basket. She put the basket in the tall grass by the river. The baby’s sister, Miriam, stood by to watch the baby. The king of Egypt had a daughter. She went to the river. She saw the basket and opened it. The baby began to cry. The king’s daughter was sorry for the baby. She wanted to take him to her home. She needed someone to take care of the baby. She wanted to be his mother. Miriam went to the king’s daughter. Miriam said she would find an Israelite woman to take care of the baby. She ran and got her mother. Her mother came to take care of the baby. They took the baby to the king’s house. The king’s daughter named him Moses. Moses grew up in the king’s house.

The Lord saved Moses because he knew he had a special work to do.
He was to become the Prophet of the Israelites and save them.

Lds Bible Video - The Baby Moses
Bible Video - The Prophet Moses

Print and Play:
Scripture Figures - June 2014 Friend Magazine
Folding Paper Craft - Moses parts the Red Sea

Find Baby Moses Maze 
{I dual screen our TV and computer and place mazes and activities on our big screen tv and the kids do the maze standing up with finger in the air in front of the tv}

Baby Moses Action Song:

This is Baby Moses.
(Cradle arms as if holding a baby.)
Here’s his basket-boat.
(Cup hands into boatlike shape.)
His mother tucked him deep inside,
(Pull both fists up to cheeks as if pulling up a blanket.)
Then let the basket float.
(Make boat out of hands again, add rocking motion.)
Pharaoh’s daughter found him
(Spread fingers wide near eyes to indicate surprise.)
And raised him as her own;
(Pretend to pick up baby and hold him close.)
Then Moses chose to serve the Lord
(Fold arms as for prayer.)
And earned a heavenly throne.
(Look up and gesture heavenward.)
January 1997 Friend Magazine


Have children wrap up a doll to be baby moses. Place him in a basket {or box}and pretend to have him float down the river or hide him and have children find him as did pharaohs daughter.

Make a craft baby moses in a basket - easy paper basket and paper doll

Closing Song:

Closing Prayer:


Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice came around so fast.

It was as warm as spring/summer day!

No fire for us to celebrate the longest night.

But we did do our tradition of watching the sunset and had a picnic.

I did get up early the next morn and walk in the morning darkness.

It was really calm and warm and a bit fog and just slight glow in the dark.

Very fitting way to celebrate the longest night.

Previous Celebrations


Sunday, June 15, 2014

FHE Lesson {Staying Connected to Heavenly Father}

Opening Prayer: Child
This lesson based on this article from June 2014 Friend Magazine page 42
Why do boats have to be tied up well when not in use?
If boat is not tied well it can get loose, float away, or be torn away during storm and smashed.
Like a boat how does Heavenly Father help us stay tied to him so we can be safe?
Heavenly Father loves us so much and sent us to be here in families.
We must love eachother and keep eachother safe and tight.
He also gives us ordinances to stay connected to him.
Baptism, sacrament, confirmation, temple marriage, blessings.
Choose from below
Print these Cards pg 43 of June 2014 Friend Magazine on staying connected to Heavenly Father. 
Use them to play Memory/Match.
Using some rope tie some things {sticks etc} together. With each ordinance mentioned loop around the sticks and tie a knot. Continue through each ordinance and things Heavenly Father has placed in our lives to keep us safe. Check how strongly the sticks are tied together. Comment how this is how we are kept close to Heavenly Father, this is how our family can be strong together. 
Read Matthew 18:18.
If you have toy boats (or make some paper ones) put them in a tub of water. Tie some boats to a mooring and have some not and make waves and have them lost at sea. 
Alternatively make a tiny leaf boat/ plastic cap boat and tie one to the side of the gutter. Using buckets of water send another boat down the gutter and into the drain. Talk about how it is important to a boat to be secure when not in use. We also need to be careful in our life not to drift away. We can be a boat in use heading in the right direction doing work. But we must also be careful to always be securely tied to what we know is right.
Closing Prayer:
Treat: Fruit String/Ropes

Sunday, June 8, 2014

FHE Lesson {After Baptism}

We have a daughter soon to be baptised so I'm revisiting my Preparing for Baptism series:


Opening Prayer: Child


What is baptism?

How great will it be to have all our sins washed away?!

Do you think it will be possible to be perfect forever, never making a mistake after our baptism? (how many years?!)

Whilst it is important for us to always try our best to be good, we might not be able to be perfect for 80 years.

What has been provided for us so that we may still remain perfect in the years after our baptism?

What do we do every week to remind us of our baptismal covenants? {sacrament}

If we have spent time before sacrament meeting repenting of our sins, we can leave sacrament meeting feeling clean and pure.

Sweeter Than Ice Cream
Read or summarise the story Sweeter than Icecream on page 13 March 2014 Friend magazine.
You could also use an personal example of the first mistake you made after baptism.

{basically after a wonderful baptism the family and friends go out for icecream. The main character who was baptised dropped their icecream and used a bad word. Immediately she felt bad and that she hadn't even been baptised ONE day and she had already made a mistake! She felt her special day was now ruined and her clean record gone after one day. Over time she realises that if she sincerely repents and takes the sacrament, it would be just like being baptised all over again.}

We must always remember that we can repent and right our wrongs.

We can always be as pure as our baptism day.

Closing Song: Help Me Dear Father #99

Closing Prayer:

Treat: Icecream

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Telling Time by the Seasons {first fire of the year}

On Sunday while out for a walk Miss G starts collecting sticks and announces
'It is time for the first fire.'

I reply and say 
'Did you know today is the first day of winter?
Perfect time for a first fire of the year!'

Alas the fire didn't happen Sunday night.
With utmost importance we had to make sure it happened Monday night with marshmallows.

The first fire of the 2014 winter season.

The longer I blog and the more I blog the same things (!!) 2009  2010  2012   2013

I see time/traditions/seasons as a marker.

The cycle of years and seasons are interesting. Why do we have them? We see the same things each year, but each year is a little different. The cyclic nature shows us time passing, but that we still have time to make things a little different, a little better each year. Each year we can build on the last. We can know what to expect, we can be prepared, we can be great! Don't let time pass you by. You have the perfect opportunity for a repeat. Nature provides the comfort in knowing what's around the corner. There must be a reason for this. Embracing the thought of seasons for a reason!

Time is moving.
We are aging.
Children are growing.
Each year the seasons provide us a little comfort.
A little something to lean on.

A way to mark the passage of time.

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