Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Late Night City

the things...  I'll do for a date..

Walk all the way to city with the Mr while he is on the phone the whole time (very necessary call)
But atleast I got to hold his hand and a parting kiss

Instead of going on a quiet date by myself  I end up being dragged around shopping by a friend who just happened to be in town
It was fun though. Thanks Tatjana. And I got to see an awesome view from a hotel.

(as someone who hasn't shopped in a long time I suddenly felt the need for that purfume from Forever New, that lipgloss from Sportsgirl, that cute mustard dress from Tempt, new shoes and the list goes on (I didnt buy them though).... why must you corrupt me so, retail therapy?)

Instead of my promised fancy expensive restaurant meal I end up eating at the only takeaway we could find open in the whole city on a quiet Tuesday night
But hey I saved a bunch of money

Spent half the night listening to jackhammers while I try to read and sleep on an extrememly hard couch
But got to experience the quiet that is an empty office building late at night and people watch all the people down below. I challenged myself just to sit and be and relax for the almost 5 hours I would be waiting.

Get home and to bed in the wee hours of the morning
But had such a sweet warm feeling as I sped home by cab at 1am looking at the twinkling lights zooming past thinking I LOVE MY CITY!!

Woke atleast 5 times when I am MEANT to be sleeping in
But I forced myself to lie there until 8:30am

But that's life and it was still fun.

I love spontaniety!

And I love grandma (who took the kids)

Monday, June 27, 2011


I've concocted this post several times over in my head this week.

Then I read This Post by Anna Maria Horner this morning. oh it encapsulated soo much better what I am feeling. With a positive slant! (Go read right now! perfect for anyone with kids!) It lifted my soul as to how life is with a bunch of little ones underfoot and how one as a mother dreams..dreams of fixing it all..

The last week I've felt like I was going crazy. And I didn't know if it was just regular crazy or if it was a symptom of the slight thyroid problem my doctor told me I have (apparently irritablility is one of the side affects ;) and the pain I have in my side almost daily from another problem (suspected kidney stone dust) everything was bothering me!

Last week the poor Mr was discussing some action plans that we could try with our 10 year and I all of a sudden went off on a tangent about how it is so unfair how he only has to look after himself. I said you get to lie in bed every morning and read scriptures, you get up take a shower, eat your breakfast when you want and leave for work without having to think of anyone else! You just do what you want when you want. IT'S SO UNFAIR!!!

Then I apologised and said that 'I'm not angry, I'M JEALOUS. JEALOUS BEYOND BELIEF!

Jealousy is a curse people!

It makes you think all crazy things in your head that the other person has NO IDEA about!

My head is being done in with thinking about 5 other people all the time. I can't even relax at night without thinking about it all.This one needs to be taken back and forth daily to band camp, this one needs a nappy change, this one is on the roof :) this one needs some reading/writing practice, the house is mess - I'm lucky to get the lounge clean and 4 loads of washing done, what am I going to make for dinner, did I get a shower today, I'm so tired I fall asleep on the couch instead of reading my scriptures, I turn around and another mess is there, every room has a mess, someones making science experiments in the kitchen, someones upended the hidden away boxes of stuffed animals, someones emptying makeup everywhere... AHHHHH everything is a huge shamozzle.

I was looking forward to the holidays with glee. I just want it all to stop!

I think while women may be good at multitasking (well we like to tell ourselves we are) it seems really hard to turn this multi tasking off. I COULD choose to take things slower as per the MR. I COULD choose to think of myself before everyone else. I COULD choose just to let the mess be.

But the truth is I can't escape it. I DO have 5 schedules running in my brain. I do have 5 people to look after everyday. It's never going to stop. To be fair The Mr quietly responded and said "I DO think about everyone everyday" (which brings tears to my eyes as I type this, it was unfair of me to think differently)

Maybe I want to hear reassurance. Maybe I want to hear:

"I don't know how you do it everyday, you're amazing, I could never do it."

But I would then have to offer the same to the MR. I truly would not be able to go to *paid* work everyday. (And still have to cook, clean, look after 5 peoples schedules ;) I don't think I could stand the stress of the work force and office politics. I AM GLAD that he gets to do all that businesss. To have the financial welfare of 5 other people on your shoulders is stressful I'm sure. Impressing your boss is no fun picnic.

So while we do appreciate eachothers hard work and tell eachother so often, maybe it needs to be a little more often. A little appreciation never goes astray?

Perhaps it is because I feel like nothing is ever 100% done, that if I even stop for a day or two I would fall so far behind I would fear I would never catch up! But you know what, that is Pride talking. It would be nice to think my little world revolves all around me (surely!) but it doesn't and it is prideful to think otherwise. The world would run and go fine if I wasn't here constantly picking up. Have you wondered why the certain chores in life never seem to end. Why do we need to feed ourselves, clean ourselves and clean our living space EVERYSINGLEDAY? I'm sure this repeative business to complete the daily life giving tasks is the Lord's way of saying 'you are never done. There is always work to do' and there is a reason why our bodies and world is designed this way. So we can NEVER become lazy! There is always something to do!

The one thing I do know about stressful weeks, is that they do end. I had stressful times when I only had one baby. Then two. Then three. A busy life never ends, but the upset stressful feeling can and will. At the end of last week on both Thursday and Friday afternoons all the girls and our neighbour played quietly for hours. I ahhhhed to myself and thought 'YES! Sometimes they DO know how to play nicely and quietly'.

And my mood today was lifted by that article, this bit spoke to me so forcefully.

I've learned (and I write this sitting in my utter mess of a dream studio) that its not the size of your space, the perfection of your organization skills or the cleanliness (what?) of your children that keeps you feeling all tucked in and happy.

It is actually just deciding to feel tucked in and happy.

When the Mr noticed I was going crazy (not hard to miss I'm sure) he offered to take the kids on Saturday so I could rest. But I said 'No (yes I am crazy) I might be tired, but whats the point of a few hours nap? That's not going to achieve ANYTHING'

So we went on a family bushwalking trip. And it was nice.

Nature can fix ones soul. I'm sure of it.

So can the Mr cleaning the kitchen and defrosting the freezer and looking after N today.

I'm feeling better already.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Winter Holiday Inspiration

oh its that time again.


(did I just groan?)

What I know to be true is that holiday time goes much more swiftly and nicely when I am prepared.

Why is this even a shock?

However with budget constraints holidays are not a time to give in to my girls every dreams and desires of movies, themeparks, insert anything that costs a bajillion dollars for a family of 6.

I just hate that prepared seems to = lots of money.

So I'm trying to devise a list of things to do at home - you know STAYCATION?
I like the tick box idea in the photo above. Or if I keep the list to myself then I can change what we are doing each day depending on how I'M feeling (it's all about me isnt it??)

So some ideas to keep us from killing eachother on the holidays

:: Make several batches of playdough
I'm thinking this rainforest idea , or this volcano/dino idea or this mermaid one

:: Paint hunks of wood leftover from our bikeracks and make blocks
how about these city scape ones?

::Play Forts using this technique (smart hey?)

:: Winter crafts - snowflakes, snowmen,

::visits to the park

:: have another crack at making a  Play Tree house (this one is so awesome and just hot glue gunned!)

:: Learn to Knit (who wants to teach my girls?)

:: Make an outdoor firepit and roast some marshmallows

:: Open Ended PaddlePop stick sculpture

:: Fly our kite

:: Make potions for our jar collection (fairy potion, life potion, magic potion.. the list is endless)

:: Go to movies

:: Iceskating

:: Science experiments

::Visit confectionary warehouse to buy a box of lollies for the girls to sell (their first job?!!)

:: Aluminium foil river

:: Cardboard Box Doll Houses

Here are a few activities from my archieves we might try again.

:: Make an Ice Wreath

:: Spray Bottle Painting

:: Homemade Marshmallows

:: Shadow Puppets

:: Awesome Newspaper Dome

I've had such a busy week this week that for last few days I have actually been looking forward with hope to the holidays. Let's pray I don't change my mind by Tuesday :)

Enjoy.. and tell me your holiday ideas...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winter Solstice

I always remember Winter Solstice because it's my mothers birthday.

However yet again I didn't really have any plans till the day came along and I thought

I wanna celebrate Winter Solstice in some way with my girls

well I'd prefer a nice celebration with The Mr but he isnt here :(

Do we do some sun related activities now that each day shall progressively bring us more sun?

Do we celebrate the longest night of the year with snuggly activties at home

We did a bit of both of course.

We went to watch the sunset on the shortest day. We almost didn't make it! It was pretty low in the sky when we ventured up after 4pm, but it didn't truly disappear until 5pm. Also apparently today was Fete de la Musique. There was the coolest Balkans Folk Band playing some Gypsy type music for free for us to enjoy. The idea was that all around the world on the 21 of June, music would be played for free everywhere. Apparently 100 countries were participating. The girls had lots of fun dancing around to their beat.

And even though we had a fire last night, we decided to have another tonight to celebrate in true Yule (winter solstice) style. For the shortest day of the year it was pretty much a spring/almost summer day today!! Warmest its been in weeks! So even though we werent that cold we built a fire. I think The Mr shall be proud of us. He has taught the girls well in how to build a fire. They know how to layer it all and get it burning good. We almost don't need him :) (Just joking darling.. nothing could replace you, even a warm fire)

The astronomical definition comes about as the winter solstice is the day when the Sun is at its furthest north, it is at its lowest in the sky and the length of daylight is the shortest in the year. The North Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the northern hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the southern hemisphere.

Did you miss solstice? Well guess what you can celebrate it tomorrow! Even though 21 June is the traditional solstice it changes a little each year and the exact solstice for this year is June 22 at 3:16 am A perfect time to do a little astronomy with the kids. (not at 3am, just tomorrow night sometime :)

I think we might have to celebrate again tomorrow too.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Day the POLICE came around..

her first and *hopefully last* run in with the coppers :)

Picture this:

It's late saturday afternoon in winter

One of your daughters is wearing just a tutu (and a dirt beard)

Your little toddler has removed her track pants and is just wearing a jumper and nappy
(and a huge green snotty dirt covered face)

Your yard is a mess (intensive cleaning going on and we pushed all the junk outside.)

There may have been a little *witching hour* screaming happening

The Mr is sitting there in his PJ's reading a book on the back deck when:

Some police walk into the backyard through the open garage.

They are here to talk about our parenting practices



(I was just about to put everyone in the bath before we got prettied up to go to a restaurant)

Why you ask?

Someone had rung the police about our 8 year old daughter being on the garage/house roof
(earlier in the day) .

yes yes I know. Climbing on the roof is *not* the safest thing in the world, but she is always very careful, is a very good climber, has never had an accident, and knows not to go near the edge. There is no ladder involved, she just climbs up the metal X struts of the garage, onto the fence and onto the roof. There is risk involved of course but one we are willing to take. Often her father goes up with her, but if she climbs when there is only one parent here, we feel it safer to stay down with our 4 and 1 year old rather than climb the roof.

To the police's credit they were very polite, but had to take down all our details and interview Miss A extensively about whether her parents know when she climbs, if she ever climbs in the rain, does she wear shoes, does she know it scares passerby's who then ring the police. I've never been questioned by the police over anything... I'm so glad The Mr was home who did all the talking cause I would have just burst into tears.

All the while snotty faced baby is crying.

I was mortified and so embarrased.

When placed in this situation I wanted to say..

BUT.... we are very good happily married parents, we have a no smacking/hitting policy in our house, I'm a stay at home mum who is with my children 98% of the time, I cook meals from scratch everyday, they are only allowed to watch tv on Thursdays and the weekend, they have only had 2 absences from school, they are read to and bathed every night, I try my hardest to do arts and crafts with them, I've never drunk alcohol or done drugs in my life, so I have never been 'under any influence' while looking after my kids, we bike and walk to school and go to the park regularly. In my 10 years of parenting I had never been to the emergency room/hospital until last year (for at school accident)...

But, but, *stutter* but..

Nothing...  *hangs head* and says

Sorry Officers. We weren't aware that someone was scared by our daughter climbing on the roof. We'll tell her not to do it anymore.

And Miss A said "Well I havent climbed on the roof in ATLEAST 3 weeks!"

It's her quiet place, she likes to go up there to watch the clouds, another neighbour sometimes goes up with her (her mother is very freerange and thinks its great and is fine with it), she goes up there to escape her older sister who isn't confident with heights and wont climb up there, basically she loves it up there and has never had any problems.

So STRIKE ONE for us.

I was mortified people, mortified! I've never been so embarrassed (Ok well maybe I have)

So late Saturday night when my toddler was keeping me up I dwelt on it and dwelt on it.
I was so sad.
Then I also got to thinking about how this teaches me about judging.

When we see someone dirty, messy house, dishelved kids, sad, angry, lost, confused

we should not judge.

This might not be who they are.

OR who they think they are.

I was so embarrassed when I was caught out at 'that time of the day' with my family.

We live well and live large. We make a huge mess everyday. But everyday we clean it.

IT'S NOT FUN to be caught out in the middle of the mess.

When it makes you look bad - like you don't care about your children.

Especially when I know the truth.

So now I KNOW how it feels to be wrongly judged.

A lesson learnt. A lesson learnt.

I would have prefered if said worried person approached us personally, but if I think of it from their view I suppose I'm glad someone was worried enough to call the police. I also realise our children are very short for their age so perhaps our 8 year old could have been easily mistaken for a much younger child. My feelings were also placated when all  of my neighbours (an elderly Greek lady and a single mum, and another older couple) all said that we were some of the best parents they have ever seen and would have gladly said so to the police if needed :)

And of course when she tried to climb the roof today I forbade her (cause you know I've got a reputation to uphold!) to which Miss A said "WELL the POLICE didn't say I COULDN'T climb on the roof! Just to BE CAREFUL when I do."

Gah! Double Gah!

Though I do remember going up on the roof of our double story house on a long rickety ladder with my dad as a child...

Friday, June 17, 2011

The School of Life

I've got that feeling.

The excited nervous one where I wonder if our new international exchange student will

Love us or  Hate us

Think we are messy and loud

Love my cooking or not

Be lovely or difficult

If I will have *enough time and patience* to have someone else live here with us

The girls keep asking daily what our students name is and when is she going to get here.

Some people say they could never have exchange students in their home whilst they have kids but I say I couldn't do it without the kids. Kids have no worries talking to someone who can't understand them. They gabber on regardless, where I feel frustration if my point isn't getting across.They can treat someone like family after only knowing them a day. The greetings, hugs, read me a story, telling them how to do everything. The girls truly make it more easier to host a student.

I've been on break from this for 2 years! I can barely believe it! I blogged about it here - The end of the world as we know it  - the good and bad with finishing being a homestay family, and now here I am 2 years later doing it all over again.

They come here for school, but I often feel like I am the one being schooled.

Wish me luck.

I'm so worried about the poor girl freezing to death in our house I've got her a big fluffy dressing gown, a homemade heat rice bag and a packet of tim tams waiting as her welcome gift!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sewing lessons for kids.

oh it's hard not to forget your older children sometimes.

I think yay! finally they can look after themselves without bothering me a million times a day, bathe, get themselves food etc. My job is done!

But oh there is so much to teach them and when I am  all wrapped up in my toddlers I often leave the older ones to their own devices. Only lately I've realised they aren't progressing anywhere fast. There are new skills they should be learning but  I'm too tired to teach them. The wonderful little darlings are regressing and being less helpful than the smaller children! oh upcoming teenagerhood!

On Saturday I found myself with N asleep and the other two girls out with Daddy.

Finally! I thought. Alone time Time with K. Time to get on with teaching her some sewing lessons.

Ever since I read about these simple sewing lessons over at Chocolate on my Cranium I've been wanting to do them with K. K has sewn a pillowcase and toy dog blanket before, so she has touched the sewing machine, but I had not given her any tips or how to's really.

Using the sewing lesson guide,  K

Did Zig Zag stitch changing the length, width and tension every 5 cm's or so
Did every stitch on the machine
Learnt how to thread the machine
Made herself a little triangle head scarf

no matter how many times I tell them, my girls all prefer to wear scarves 'the babushka way'

She was very excited and I was excited to teach her a skill that may come in useful one day.

Like sewing your own formal dress ;)

I'm finding it hard to keep up with teaching K things on the chores at what age list because she is really not interested in doing much. (Which is EXACTLY why I need to teach her, but why does it have to be such a challenge/hard work to get kids to do things?!)

Well one thing down (lets look at it positively hey?) many more to go..

Monday, June 13, 2011

That Golden Glow

That Golden Glow.

There is truly nothing like it in the world in my opinion.

I make the effort to *really* watch the sunrise about twice a year.

It's not enough. I LOVE IT.

Last Year for the Queen's birthday we headed out to watch the sunrise. It's easier to catch the sunrise in Winter because it happens so late! Unlike Summer! Except that it's cold out there!

This time we bundled the kids in the car and headed out to our new hill. It's funny to me when the kids are super excited about driving around in the dark with little traffic. I realise to them it's a great adventure because they are never in the car that early in the morning. Their eager-eyes delight reminds me to continue to plan random outings for them because it truly is amazing and special to them. While I complain about the effort it takes their nervous energy about being in a new situation brings me back to remember the reason for it all - To give my girls daily wonderous experiences.

Rugged up in Doona's and sipping milo we watched the sunrise. At first we were dissapointed as our hill faces north-west - Not good for Sunrise watching! but eventually that golden burning ball got high enough for us to see it and enjoy it. YAY! It was almost a non event. We even saw a rainbow! At 6:30 in the morning! That's never happened to me before. So special.

So two years in row now.. will it become a tradition? See you next year Sunrise.. see you next year.

Earnestly watching the sunrise reminds me that *each day* is a gift. We are given the gift of starting over again. Isn't it special? Our life isn't one continual long day. Each day starts over and, that lifegiving, choicegiving golden glow awaits us each day. It truly is a testimony to me to enjoy and regroup and do better with each day that arrives.

*I'm sure The Mr is real glad he can't find his black beanie and will now be immortalized in the colourful clown beanie that belongs to the girls.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Feeling a little ...

(though I notice that the numbed side has no wrinkles.... hmmm dentist is as good as botox?)

All went well, only had one tooth out and am not in too much pain.
Thanks to my mum and The Mr for taking care of me and the kids.
Mmmm Jelly for dinner...

...and I am the worst patient. So far I've gotten frustrated at the Mr for not putting his folding away, interfeared with dinner making, and done the dishes. Obviously I'm not sick enough. I can still walk. Much to his annoyance I'm sure.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

crazy hats

With a bit of cold grey cloudy weather hitting us the past few days my girls love to drag out their crazy hat collection. Even the older girls.

A favourite for many years is the cat ear hat knitted by their great grandmother - Nanna (or Nanee as they call her) I think Nanna has knitted one for each of the girls but we can only seem to find one.

Our other favourites are some very bright hairy ones knitted by The Mr's mother. So fun. They love them. Seems N has discovered them too.

Not much else is happening here. I'm making soup so I have something to eat after my wisdom teeth come out tomorrow. Maybe I'll head to the shop to buy some jelly and custard. Mmmm I love jelly..

stay tuned for chipmunk looking photos of me. Should be fun no?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chimney Sweep 101

The train robber look was in at our house on the weekend.

"Chim  Chiminey,  Chim chiminey  Chim Chim Cheroo"

On the weekend I started with a gentle suggestion:

WE should clean out our Chimney. It's full of ash. Something fun to do on a Saturday!

And by WE I totally meant The Mr of course.

Don't you just love those types of suggestions? (I do)

Lucky for me The Mr gets my 'passive jobs for him to do statements' and got straight to it
(well maybe after 20 statements from me during the day ;)

I get out of these things under the proviso of 'looking after the baby' to keep her out of the way. But if jobs are timed with her nap, even BETTER for me!

I'm now the owner of one clean fireplace. All spick and span.

Except perhaps don't listen to me when I suggest vaccuuming up the hard to reach ash in the corners of our large 'hole'

Because then your house will look like this:

Which will equal a lot of cleaning for you and not just your husband.

I don't think we will make great chimney sweeps anytime.

As my girls have seen movies like Oliver and Mary Poppins I so motherly-like kept reminding them of the 'children in the old days' that had to do dirty jobs like this *ALL THE TIME*

Ahhh I'm all for a bit of child labour.

We've used the fireplace several times this winter season already and have burnt way too much paper. But old bills and telephone books are so much fun to burn to get those logs going!   However I am still secretly enjoying this fireplace too:

It's our faux fireplace that plays on the tv. So much fun. It seriously works subconciously. You totally feel warmer just watching it and hearing it crackle. We played it as well as having a real fire when we had a group of youth over to our house - fireplaces everywhere. One kid thought we had a camera inside our fireplace to beam it over to the TV!

I'll have to try anything to keep warm this winter. Last week I was rethinking my 'haven't had a heater in 6 years' and don't need one plan.....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Rituals

Did I tell you I'm not The Librarian anymore?
(you should totally click on that link and see how much hair N has grown since then! wowser she was bald!)

Oh I could hear those resources rejoicing when we didn't get to go and torture them again yesterday.

Weekly torture by N was proving too much.

Every poster thrown on the floor and stood on: check

Chalk removed from drawer and squished into carpet: check

All blu tak taken and used for playdough: check

All scraps of paper shredded into bits via the guillotine: check

Each study guide taken off  any shelves under a metre tall (reaching distance): check

No more children climbing on shelves, benches, sticking posters everywhere.

The children were sad though, IT was their domain apparently!

No more photocopying! But WE DO THE NEWSLETTER they say!
(shhh we've secretly photocopied our hands and heads before)

Oh they were sad. But I could feel such a joy coming from that library that we were not going to step foot in it anymore (seriously I could!) Four children in a four by five metre windowless room does not good karma make! As I stated previously I've never met a church librarian with small children, and I'm thinking I never will again. Please forgive us library :)

So we went back to our other Sunday Morning ritual yesterday. Instead of being stuck in the library by 8:15am we were free to walk and play. Back to our Sunday Morning Photography sessions instead! I haven't taken a group photo in about 8 months! Since I became the librarian basically. It was so nice, I felt that warm familiar pull into taking photos of my girls. IT was so peaceful and liberating! YAY! Not that any of the photos turned out, but oh well.

Lots more Sunday photos to come
- pretty much the only day we are dressed good enough to take a photo of.

*To be fair the girls tried to be helpful during our librarian phase. They photocopied, handed out chalk bags, fetched pens and pencils and helped with most people's enquiries. Generally well behaved.. kinda.

Friday, June 3, 2011

All Grown Up

when my new phone was delivered 3 weeks ago, except it was faulty,
and I'm still waiting for the new one. Maybe today?

When The Mr turned 30 and got himself his first lawnmower he said

I can now offically say I am a MAN!

Owning a lawnmower = man status

I'm feeling a similar thing now I am getting my first phone!

I'm a grown up with a grown up phone people!!

Well it's not 'technically' my first, I've had two old handme downs over the years for 'safety purposes' that were never used well, cause nothing ever happened to me and they sat uncharged at the bottom of my handbag for 3 months :) I firmly stated that I would not get another phone until it was one with lots of minutes, internet and basically something that can run my life. Because if the thang never rings, it sits uncharged at the bottom of my bag!!

I have not had a phone (even a safety one) in 5 years+

So I am now entering the grown up world of the technologically plugged in.

I have no idea what I'm doing and I've never sent a text in my life! It's definately going to be a learning process. Lets hope I don't lose it! I'm sure that would happen to me as I rarely have clothes with pockets and seriously my handbag is a mess!

I'm kinda happy and I'm kinda sad about this development.

It truely is freeing to be 'incommunicado'   I can go out and know that noone will bother me.

I've never been tied to a phone and can give my attentions to those I'm with when I'm out

I've saved (my husband) heaps of money by never having a phone

I turn up places on time (usually early) because I have no way of telling people I'll be late/can't make it

I plan days and don't change plans if it affects others (because I won't be able to tell people) or when no one cares, I change plans all the time because well,  no one is calling me.

I don't lay in bed checking the thing

My life is pretty much perfectly fine without a phone and I'm worried about addictions that are sure to crop up now I have a phone :)

The only thing I feel a little guilty about is not being contactable if something were to happen to my children at school (though I figure their FATHER is VERY contactable and he would swoop in a save the day if needed) but in 10 years  there has only been One Incident! and I was tracked down in 10 mins flat anyway at a friends house!  I'm usually home by lunch each day (nap time for little ones) and have been known to joke to my older ones - don't get injured or hurt till after lunch time.

So people here it is.

I'm now contactable.

Want my number?

I know you do....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tree Huggers

A few months ago council marked our Jacaranda Tree for removal :(

It was planted by previous owners around 10 years ago. On the corner, near power lines - all big no no's apparently. The council say someone will come around and cut the tree, but another will be planted to replace it -  in a safer spot with a low growing plant.

A big R was spray painted on it and that was that.

Except our girls were very upset.


They even sticky taped a sign onto the tree that said

Please do not cut down our tree.
Trees are important for the environment.
This tree is also a home for animals.
Leave it alone.

Well the wind and rain stole their sign eventually and over time we forgot it was a condemned tree.

Fast Forward to this morning. 7:30am and there is horrifically loud noises coming from the street. Mulchers, Chain Saws, ear splitting noise up the street.

I walk outside to see the above scene. I call for the girls to come and watch thinking they would be interested. I finish some chores off and come back inside.

Afterwards in looking for the girls I find them back in bed. I turn back the blankets to find them crying. Sometimes I forget how sensitive my girls can be (I wouldn't say they are sensitive children at all, but certain things do affect them) They were crying over the loss of their tree and why did it have to be cut down, and why were they not told that today would be the day. They didn't get to say goodbye.

I wonder if the man knew what goes on in houses while he is covered by loud noises and earmuffs.

That there is mourning.

(note: the mourning hasn't lasted too long, and the girls are  not psychologically scarred ( I think) I even found one of them sitting very smugly on the stump today. Maybe the stump will become a new hang out?)
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