Sunday, September 29, 2013

FHE Lesson {General Conference Preparation}

Opening Song: Follow the Prophet #110

Opening Prayer: Child

A prepared child is usually a better behaved child so I thought I would use the next few FHE to prepare for General Conference

First up set out your expectations for conference weekend. Where and when you will watch.
Ask for suggestions on what family traditions can be made around conference weekend
ie I make cinnamon rolls, we watch 2 sessions at home and 2 at church, we pile blankets and pillows and mattresses in the loungeroom, we've had bowls of lollies with topics attached so they can only get a lolly when the topic is mentioned. Make a makeshift tent to listen as the nephites did to King Benjamin. Draw pictures about what the speakers are talking about.

Get the family involved in ideas that will help them.


I thought I would spend some time with the kids getting to know those who might speak.

Print (and laminate if you want to keep) pictures of First Presidency and The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. These are ours that we've have had for a few years that my husband made ( I just realised we didn't have Elder Anderson!! so quickly printed him for this photo! )

Activities to do with your posters:
See if your children know any of their names.

Stick them on the wall in order.

Play memory or type of game with the pictures.

If you print two copies you can play match.

Read out some interesting information about them.
Leave the pictures up all week.
During conference everyone can make notes {or draw pictures} on post its and stick it next to the apostle. Then you have an overview on what each on spoke about.

Talk about the importance of leaders. Why these men mean so much to us.
We love them for their words, work, example, love  and dedication.

I need this lesson too, as I couldn't name them all off the top of my head :)

We keep our laminated pictures in with our Gospel Art Picture Kit. As new apostles are called we (usually!)  print and laminate a new one.
Print, colour, laminate these Conference Bingo card in preparation for conference.
Closing Prayer:

Find all my other Family Home Evening lessons listed HERE

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Camping Neurum Creek

We heart Camping!!
found hearts at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

We like camping but sometimes forget to take the time to pencil in the time off work, to organise a camp site before they book out, arrange time when it's not too hot or too cold or raining
{hey I'm a princess and don't camp in searing heat or freezing cold}

So all the planets aligned and we arranged this campout with a week or two's notice.


I think we got one of the best spots at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat.
Flat. Plenty of space. Against the fenceline so no sharing with lots of camping neighbours
{we are noisy and annoying  we need space and prefer pick a spot bush camping to the 'here is your 4x4 metres assigned spot' type camping.}

It was the perfect start to School Holidays.

Our camp from two directions

Our requirements for camping are usually
- a place that allows fires, has a creek or something similar for kids to explore and some toilets.

Check to all the above!


This was our first time to Neurum creek bush retreat (the first three places we called were booked} and it didn't disappoint. I think its touted as one of the closest camping spots to Brisbane so it wasn't too far away either. It was a little more expensive than we usually do {other places we've camped were $25 a night for a family - this place was $11 per adult and $6 per kid per night... so the money can rack up quick!} However the amenities we very clean and had lovely hot water and the place very neat and well kept - you get what you pay for I suppose!

We arrived  before school holidays and it was nice and quiet. I will say I was kinda happy to be leaving just as hoards of kids were arriving. Camping without the crowds is usually my style.

Ease of Camping was also thanks to my parents who bought their mobile home along - a kitchen! no setting up! solar panels! And a big thanks to the awesome Mr whom without I would never go camping. He's a hard worker, tough, cuts wood, tends fire, wields an ax and hammer like a boss.

Animal Sightings: A wallaby, a bush turkey and lots of cows in the neighbouring field
and one tick found on Grandad a day after camping.

We played in the creek {water was very cold!}, made fairy homes, lit fires, did a hike {in which Grandad and Miss A continued on for hours and hiked a mountain and came down the otherside and did some free climbing and got a little worried}, read books, listened to cows moo very loudly, took numerous trips to toilets {why are they such a novelty to kids!?} and learnt how to start fires with a magnifying plastic sheet {very fun! to burn holes in chip bags and a yellow pages}, us girls put up the tent and helped a little to put up the big tarp.

I've succeeded in my camping parenting duty for this year. Check!

I love a good camp sunrise.

Till Next time camping!

Monday, September 23, 2013

FHE Lesson {Serving others with Heart, Might, Mind and Strength}

Opening Song : Called to Serve #172

Opening Prayer: Child

I love this idea from the September 2013 Friend Magazine page 42.

Bringing Primary Home

and thought I would try and expand it into a lesson.


Doctrine and Covenants 59:5
Wherefore, I give unto them a commandment, saying thus: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy might, mind, and strength; and in the name of Jesus Christ thou shalt serve him.

We are commanded to serve God (and others) with our Heart, might, mind and strength.

How do we do this?

Hold up a picture or drawing of heart: How do we serve with our heart?
{tell people we love them, say kind words, give a compliment, smile at people}

Hold up a picture of a lightbulb: How do we serve others with our mind?
{Help siblings with homework or learning something you know how to do, think up a project or idea that will help another family, share a talent of yours with others and teach them}

Hold up picture of a strong arm: How do we serve others with our might and strength?
{Doing chores, helping neighbours in their yard, service projects, weeding/gardening, helping grandparents reach things}

As a family decide on some things you could do to serve others with your WHOLE SELF.



Each year I try to find a service or kindness for the children to do at Christmas. It is hard to find charities that allow children to serve, so you are usually stuck making up your own idea. We have donated money, donated gifts to Christmas Shoebox appeal, bought items for hygiene kits for a homeless shelter and a womens shelter, made cookies for elderly neighbours amongst other things.

Considering Christmas is just under 13 weeks away I want to use this lesson to get the children to think about and plan what we could do as service.

Last year we placed a big laundry basket in our loungeroom (and eventually under our tree) and each week placed a grocery item or nice treat in it. The children knew we were going to anonymously try to deliver it to someone we knew when it was full. They were sooo excited about it.

This year a friend reminded me about the book The Christmas Jars . I had read this book years ago and thought yes! what a great idea. Basically a couple put all their change all year into a jar. At Christmas time they deliver the jar to an anonymous doorstep and of course amazing things happen.

We've been working on our jar for a little while now. With this lesson I will remind them to put extra effort in to do chores to earn some money to put into the jar. Perhaps we could even fill a few more jars before Christmas! It needs more GOLD in it!

If you would like to follow along all you need is a jar and start by putting some coins in it.

Closing Song: Where Love Is #138

Closing Prayer:


Friday, September 20, 2013

Life Lately According to the Iphone


:: Laser Show
:: Biking to School
:: Winning Soccer Team
:: Getting nails did at Princess Party
:: Japanese Bubbles
:: Family History dress up
:: Trees
:: Great Grandparents
:: Finally touch nose with tongue (I'm the only odd one out in the family :(
:: Class of the Term
:: Bunnies Everywhere
:: Forcing Cute babies to wear their party hats
:: Advent Calendar slowly making shape
:: Biking to School

Sunday, September 15, 2013

FHE Lesson {Sacrament}

This lesson was put together by our 12 year old. We used it last week.

Opening Song: Before I take the Sacrament #73

Opening Prayer: Child

Scripture: D&C 20:77-79
Our older girls have been learning the sacrament prayers by heart. It only took an offer of some Big Red Gum as reward and now everyone wants to learn a scripture to recite :)

Show  Gospel Art Picture Book #108 (Receiving Sacrament) and Blessing the Sacrament

What are these pictures about?

When Did Sacrament Begin? {Last supper with Jesus}

Why do we still have Sacrament today?
{To remind us of Jesus's Sacrifice, to promise to remember him and keep his commandments}

Who does the Sacrament?
{Any male holding the priesthood but typically the Deacons and Teachers aged 12-16 pass the Sacrament and the Priests 16-18 bless it}

How Can I show my love for the Saviour during Sacrament?
{Sit still, be quiet, fold arms, sing the sacrament hymn, listen to the prayers carefully, think of Jesus}

Share this poem

How small a sip of water,                                                                                                 
How tiny a crust of bread,                                                                                                   
Yet in these emblems we are lifted,                                                                                         
In them we are fed.                                                                                                              
As we think of Jesus                                                                                                          
And the sacrifice He gave,                                                                                                   
We feel His constant mercy,                                                                                                
His loving power to save.
Print and colour
Sacrament Manners Match Game

Closing Song: The Sacrament #72

Closing Prayer:


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Kiddy Craft Sucks....

I help with art at school - a lovely portrait of my daughter by her friend

As if we all didn't know already how up and down and all over the place I am.



Sometimes I have people ask me things about the blog or think I'm all crafty like.


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


Just lately I'm all like 'we never do craft', I hate to get the paint out for the kids, can't really afford items for said crafts anyway {lately I have a kid asking for real clay}, the time, the space, the mess.

the time, the space, the mess......

Side Note - I just found out at library reading craft that my four year old has never used scissors
{yes I was SHOCKED. She was all mongy fingers and had no idea how to use them. This is in a house with scissors down low readily available, in a house where they use sharp knives and power tools but apparently I'm such a bad mum my kid doesn't even know how to use scissors which is probably very bad and some sign for school readiness..}

I gave up on kid crafting what seems years ago. I often feel bad about this.

Some favourite blogs of mine Artful Parent  The crafty Crow  Chasing Cheerios

 and a billion kid craft ideas on pintrest some time give me the guilts so I don't check them anymore.

I vacillate between wishing we did more stuff :

for family bonding
talent developing,
important skills for school readiness
for fun
for learning,
just for creative sake!

To thinking....



Really do you need to even bother? It's all just rubbish. Why sit here and produce piles of rubbish. These ideas are pointless, wasteful things to make. Things I have no room to even produce nor display. Why run myself ragged thinking of crap for the kids to make or feeling sad that I don't do these things.  Do kids really need to make daily/weekly suncatchers, dot paintings, recycle the cardboard boxes?

And do they even want to? {I'm down to two kids willing, two kids not so}

{Of course there is wonderful point to all craft/ art... but surely my negative side has a point to?}

All this to say perhaps I need to jump back on the kid craft wagon?

especially for my four years old sake {and for those who think they are outgrowing kiddy craft?}

Why... oh why does it always come down to me?

My organization skills, my having to put together ideas and see them through. My wanting to be willing to actually do these things with the kids. My setting aside time to actually do art/craft. My finding a spot to actually store some craft/art supplies.

Seriously I just need a bigger house and to employ someone to do these things.

Hmmm and why can all my questions to life be answered in this way :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

FHE Lesson {Names of Christ}

Opening Song: I'm trying to be like Jesus #78

Opening prayer:

At our Stake conference we had a lesson on Symbols in the scriptures, including symbolic names for Christ. I thought it would make a nice lesson.

Explain that we might have many names. We can be a mother, father, son, daughter, aunty, child, Mr, Mrs, husband, wife, we have first names, last names, titles. People might know as by our school, nationality, or religion names.

Just the same Jesus is known by many titles.
 {Here is a List of 200 names of Christ for reference}

Share some of these titles with matching pictures and discuss the meaning of them.
You could also print the pictures and titles and have the kids match/find them

{Bread of Life}

As bread sustains our mortal body Jesus will sustain our spiritual body and  eternal life.
He is the bread of our eternal life.

{Lamb of God}

Jesus holding a lamb
The sacrifice of lambs was an important part of life in Bible times.
When Jesus died and Atoned for our sins he became the Lamb of God for us.

{Living Water}

Water refreshes us and quenches our thirst.
When we study the scriptures and learn of Jesus this is the living water

{Good Shepherd}

Just as a shepherd cares and keeps safe his sheep, so too does Jesus want to help us, keep us safe and lead us home

{Light of the World}

We turn on a light to dispel darkness. Just as Jesus is our light in the darkness to walk towards

We need to be good examples of our names and live up to our name and be proud of it.
Just as we learn of all the names of Jesus and his great example to us.


Set a family Goal for Children to find some of the names of Jesus in family scripture reading
and underline or colour.

Closing Song: Tell me the stories of Jesus #57

Closing Prayer:

Treat: Bread and water :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

FHE Lesson {Fathers}

Opening Song: Fathers #209

Opening Prayer: Child


Since Fathers day was this past weekend what a perfect time for a lesson on Fathers.

What is a father?

What did we just celebrate yesterday?

Why are Dads important?

What other fathers do we have in our lives?


Heavenly Father

Father of our ward {Bishop}

We see lots of examples of fathers in the scriptures too.
{Lehi, Alma, Joseph, Abraham, Mormon}

How do these 'other Fathers' help us in our lives?

{Go into as much depth as you wish discussing the fathers in our lives}

Let's remember to celebrate our fathers all year round and not just on Fathers Day.


Do this Fathers Day Questionaire
{and keep them and fill in a new one each year and see how the answers change }

Have small children draw a picture of them with Daddy.

Older kids can write down on a card/paper/journal things they love about their dad

Plan out some Daddy Daughter/Son Dates. Things they can go do with Just Daddy.

Give your grandfather or other 'fathers' in your life a phonecall or write a thank you to them telling them how much you are grateful for them in your life.

Watch  this video about how awesome Dad's are.

Closing Song: The Dearest Names #208

Closing Prayer:

Treat: A favourite treat of Daddy's :)
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