Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to build a Tardis

I know this is a very important and wanted piece of information.

Every house needs a Tardis right?

How to make a Tardis decoration for a party of just for fun.

What you need:

:: Find some large cardboard. We used some flat packing from a set of bunks we bought and a bicycle. Keep your cardboard from any purchases, or beg, steal borrow from elsewhere.

:: We were lucky to have procured a projector. This makes the job much easier!

:: Blue, black and White paint.

From your laptop project a picture of the Tardis from Online. like this

{Learn from our mistake and PAINT your cardboard first!!}

From our pictures you will see that we traced the projection on two separate pieces of cardboard, then spray painted, then went over the lines with black paint. Will be much quicker if you spray the board, then trace projection.

We then printed out the details and glued the paper on {The Police Box sign and the instructions sign}

Cut around edges and attach to your front door.

We made ours into FOUR pieces.

We attached the top piece above our front door.
We attached the main/doors piece directly to our front door
We attached two strips to the sides of our front door for the edges of the police box

Now you have a fun entry way for your party.

all thats left is to make lots of jokes about your tardis being {bigger on the inside}

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sci Fi what...


I need ideas for what to dress up as at my husbands Sci Fi themed birthday party.  On the invite he listed some of his favourites - Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars and Dr Who for inspiration.

Originally I wanted to be seven of nine

Hot right? lol (though I would definately need to invest in a heavily padded bra :) but this idea has proven more difficult. I found almost no places that sell or hire this outfit  (perhaps it's a little intimidating and unforgiving costume??)

So now that that idea is nixed... what to do? I've only got a few days left.

Some other ideas for homemade costumes I've had - and as a non sci fi speaking person before I was married I do believe I have come a long way...

:: Dress up as Riker and give me a fake beard??
(you know if The Mr is Picard well then I wanna be Number 1 right hand man right?)

:: Dress up as the enterprise (ship, captain ;)

:: Beverly Crusher ... Dr??? (with that simmering underlying love for the captain ;)

:: Wear black and stick stars all over me

::  The Stargate  ( I'm leaning towards this one so don't steal my idea!)

:: Just don a typical star trek uniform or make a cardboard starfleet badge

:: One of Dr Who's many companions?

:: Chewbacca

:: Princess Leia

:: Robot

:: Alien

:: The Tardis

I just can't choose, and can't see how I'm meant to fashion a good looking outfit from the things found in the house

I've got 4 days.. what to do??

But I will have a cool - How to make your own Tardis decoration in the coming days..
I know everyone wants their own!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to School Dinner

Back to School

Miss G awoke Monday morning and squealed

I get to go to school today! woohooooooo!

Miss A wrote a whiteboard list of everything they needed to do.

Everyone was ready and raring to go super early.

and super excited to have Daddy come along on his twice a year visit to school :)

For the last 3 years we have held a Back To School Dinner.

This year the girls decided that it would be better to hold the dinner after the first day
(I usually hold it before)

Miss A decided on the Theme "I will go and do"

I asked them to come up with the theme after mentioning if they could think of scriptures or sayings that went with learning, kindness, love, trying, being our best etc. Past themes have been  Love One Another  and CTR - Choose the Right . "I will go and do the things which the lord commands"
I thought this a lovely theme for our schooling year. Go and Do! Go and Do!

1 Nephi 3:7
And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

The menu was also chosen by the girls. I spent my first day of quiet after the holidays shopping and cooking all day! I will have a well deserved rest tomorrow.

Back to School Dinner Menu

Camembert, Quince paste, Wafers

French stick and Pumpkin Soup

Maple Glazed Ribs and Mash and Maple carrot, zucchini, capsicum

Apple Crumble with Icecream

A nice way to celebrate the start of another school year. Education is important.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School Hair Accessories

One of the few positives of going to a school with high turnover is that many of our friends give us their school uniform when they move. {many expats, immigrants who start in the city, families who outgrow apartments, home buying is prohibitive in the city etc} We have lots of friends who come and go {which can be heartbreaking at times but we feel blessed to know so many people the globe over}

I'm lucky to have a big box filled with every sort of uniform.

Some of these I've been holding onto for years waiting for Miss G to start school.

A couple of our uniforms were a little worse for wear and not suitable.

I saw a family member on facebook refashioning her kids old uniforms into hairbows and scrunchies and thought... aha! Just the idea I needed.

I have had lots of fun making scrunchies (haven't done that since I was 12 or so!!)
and little hairbows to match the girls school uniforms.

A wonderful way to recycle any old uniforms you might have.

To make a scrunchie

Take 2 rectangular lengths of fabric {about 50cm x 8cm}
sew down the long sides.
Turn out and you will have a rectangle.
Pin elastic at one end and pull through the fabric. It will scrunch up as you go.
Sew the two short ends together to make a circle, enclosing the ends neatly.

For bows

Sew 2 small rectangular pieces of fabric together {12 cm x 8cm approx}.
Go around all sides of the rectangle leaving a half length undone on the last side.
Turn the fabric out and you will have a little rectangle.
Handstitch hole closed.{or if you dont care about visible stitches, run through the machine}
Fold the fabric concertina style 3 times - giving you a little bow tie look.
Holding the fabric together run it through the sewing machine in the middle.

You can choose to leave it like this -
 and just attach onto elastic for a headband {I sewed the bow straight onto some white elastic}
you can also sew it straight onto a hairband {I used those soft style ones}.

For a more finished look I attached a 'knot in the middle' by creating another very skinny rectangle. When used this way hairbands and alligator clips can be hot glue gunned onto the bow.

Basically these are just mini versions of bow ties Tutorial here

This are fairly quick and easy and kinda addictive. I see 20+ bows coming from one old school dress.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Off to School!

Last week while the older girls were sleeping over at the neighbours I got to witness my two younger playing with the toy food and playing babies. It was sweet and touching and I almost shed a tear that it won't happen too often now that Miss G is off to school.

Don't get me wrong, I think she is totally ready and willing to go to school. But are we?

When we bought her school supplies (in early jan) she thought it meant she was starting school in two days. She sung and danced her way through the westfield shouting

I'm going to school! In two days I start school!

I said to her 'that sadly I have decided that she is too little to go to school and that I changed my mind and that she has to stay home with me instead.'

She looked me square in the eye and said
"Don't worry mummy. I'll draw you a picture while I'm at school".

This will make you happy while I am away.

... see the kid won't even miss me.

She has been talking about school every.single.day since her sisters finished school last year. She thought after Christmas she could start school. She askes every day 'how many weeks/days still I start school' (she prefers hearing 2 -3 weeks etc as that sounds a smaller number than 25 days etc )

Every time a child starts school I worry that I haven't taught them enough. Did I spend the right amount of time teaching them the important things of life that will now be diluted by other people and other influences. Do they understand how much we love and cherish them and will be their support in tough times and that WE are more important than any friends or teachers could be?

It's a little step into the world. It's a special time, one that I will only get to experience four times. At my third time I'm not really worried or anxious at all. I'm more excited for her.

Next week when it's just me and miss N staring at eachother...

... missing our little firecracker Miss G...

Then perhaps we shall know what we have lost. Never to get back.

Cherish your little ones. They don't stay little forever.

Perhaps it wont be so easy afterall. Miss G cried today when she realised she won't be coming to mothers group with me anymore. She realised she will only be able to see her best friend on Sundays. When I told N not to worry when her older sister was mean to her - that we'll have all the toys to ourselves next week, she realised Miss N will get to do our usual fun stuff and that she won't be with us doing it.

Here's to school yard tears!

We all gotta grow up.

Now she's back to all excited about it.

Obviously we are on the same page. Excited but understand what we will be missing.

Only one week left!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday Weekend


I wanna go back to where there was utter silence, massages, spa baths, sleep ins, stunning views and all meals where prepared for me

The epic double birthdays have been. Also written about in previous years as "THE Birthday"

I was spoilt because I turned our birthdays into a four day fest!

Friday Night = Girls night party

Saturday = head to Clear Mountain lodge and have couples massage, Dinner on the mountain and spa

Sunday= Sleep in lots, go to late church head back home and have roast dinner and cake for daddy's birthday

Monday= Me and the girls go swimming, sizzlers and a long sleep and Thai takeway for my birthday dinner.

The Mr was pretending to be indignant when I said the cake might not be ready for his birthday
(we were late home) and I said

"Don't worry... we're TWINSIES....
if not cake today, then tomorrow.
If cake today.. leftovers for tomorrow"

Being overshadowed by someone else on your birthday does have limitations but in someways it makes me love The Mr more. I'm thinking about me, I'm thinking about him, I'm thinking about us.

That is the gift that our birthdays give. I find it really strange that a generic birthday celebration can really strengthen my love for him, my ideals for a happy marriage, my belief in being gifted a soul mate, my having to share the date with him, a few days where the focus is US, not individually but together.

As I sat in a hotel room, surrounded by soft morning light, covering our heads in crisp white sheets playing peekaboo

whispering Happy 40th Birthday darling

it was like I was a part of him, and he me, and I was announcing.

our chance at life. at growing. at ageing.

Here is to another year.

xx love you birthday twinsie.

*** we stayed here if anyone is interested. I would say it would have the best views of any hotel in Brisbane. Views of the dam by day, and  the lights of  the entire of Brisbane by night. Our massages at Stephanies were amazing. The hotel was extremely quiet (maybe we just stayed at a quiet time?) but it was so quiet it was almost eerie, yet very relaxing for those of us escaping noisy kids. There were a few things I thought could have been better (when I paid to upgrade to a spa room, I didn't think it would just be a spa in the bathroom 10cms from the toilet :/) and I felt the dishes we ate at Mandy's on the Mountain could have been improved.

Thanks be to the people who gifted us money for our birthdays so we could enjoy the weekend. Whilst we may have had NO physical presents to unwrap on our birthdays, this was a very lovely, much needed gift.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Resolutions! I liked this article over at Apartment therapy about giving yourself the month of January off. Rest, Recouperate, Regroup. Then start any projects you have in mind. Now that's my kind of resolution - cause lets face it, most people fail by the end of January anyways :)

I don't really make resolutions. The last two years I've done the the word thing. Choose a word for the year and then you will have several goals/desires that could come from having more of *that* in your life.

Well I did OKAY at my goal of simplicity last year. Could have been better, but I'll take it as a success.

However this year I have decided to nix that and have decided to focus on my bad habits/failings.


I've actually known about a few of these for a while now, and have tried *a little* but I think a stronger focus would be good.

I talk too much and I talk over people.

Yeah I'm one of THOSE annoying people. I truly don't try to be like this.  However, if a discussion is something I know a lot about{and I know about everything :} or am passionate about, I.just.can't.help.it! Seriously. I have even made goals of 'I'm going to a party/friends house/social function.... I am just going to LISTEN to other people and try really hard not to talk.' and then when I am heading home I hang my head in shame and say I FAILED.


It's funny when my husband has to often ask me ' so how do you think you went in conversations tonight?'  How SAD!

I can't tell you when I read (and saw in the movie) Eat Pray Love about her wearing the sign that says "I am in Silence" - OH HOW I NEED one of those!! It spoke to me on sooo many levels.

I feel kinda sad that people might think 'OH she is so annoying and never SHUTS UP. Never get a word in edgewise. That is not what I want people to think of me. I have several women whom I admire. They are always smart, soft spoken, sweet, loving, helpful people. I cringe when I think I am so far from what I admire.

I don't look people in the eye when I/they talk.

I know. Annoying. I really don't know when I started to do this or not do this I should say. I don't remember having this problem as a teen or early 20's. The problem has definately gotten worse over the years. Looking people directly in the eye while talking to them makes me super nervous. I don't even like to look into my husbands eyes for extended period of time! Freaks me out.

However when you don't do this people think you don't like them or aren't interested in what they are saying. I have been really thinking about this habit ever since this conference talk. It was one of those times where I thought THIS TALK WAS MEANT FOR ME! (yikes) An apostle that had trouble looking people directly in the eye... well now I know there is hope for me!

If I realise I'm doing it, I have been trying harder to look into peoples eyes, but I'm still pretty fail.

I'm a scatter brain

Yep my attention span is pretty low. I get bored and move on. Cleaning for me is doing half of something and wandering away cause I need a break from it and start on something else. Usually it all works out fine but I think perhaps I could learn to be a little more focused. I remember in High school and Uni I seriously did my work in like 10-20 minute increments with activities or timeout inbetween. I found it worked well though and I usually got good marks. However now I see that perhaps my haphazard ways of doing things is perhaps  not the best or time smart. I seem to spend ALOT of time wandering around from one thing to another.

Well I'm sure I have plenty more faults but I think these will take enough work.

So now you all know what I'm working on.. well its not like these habits are secret... those who know me surely already know *rolls eyes*..

But now you can call me out on it...

'you can stop talking and listen to ME now Bobbie.. remember its your goal?'

Heres to a new year of silence.

after tonight, cause I'm having a birthday party ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Obliteration Room

This morning I was reading this post over at Design Mom.

It's funny how a person living in France was blogging about something that is in my town.

I wasn't going to share these pictures - just a day out for our family at the Art Gallery but after reading her post about it, I thought, hey, this is a special art installation that I was able to visit and be part of.

That's pretty cool.

and I liked Design Mom's take on what the art is trying to portray

This inspires so many reactions, doesn’t it? From being reminded once again that even the most basic shapes and ideas can turn into stunning works of art, to the more thoughtful connection between how our very presence colors the world around us. And then there’s the mom response, which is more of a resigned sigh that this process occurs naturally a few hours after we’ve cleaned the house!

I hadn't really thought of the mum reaction... but now I totally get that!
and sigh how my life feels most of the time!

I liked being able to see over at design mom how the room looked like before all the stickers... it was definately getting very full by the time we went.

Another room by the same artist Yayoi Kusama who has been producing works for 60 years 

and another one throughly enjoyed by the children -
 We miss you Magic Land by Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz

Their work draws on children’s stories, creation myths, Buddhist cosmologies, video games and folktales, Pip & Pop create large-scale fantasy worlds coloured with a bright, often fluorescent palette, using cake-decorating tools, intricate layers of sugar, glitter, modelling clay and mirrors.

I suspect these are going to be well looked at art installations. The kids loved them. We were lucky to go on a very quiet day - the day before Christmas eve and there were few people there.

Good luck if you go on a busy day!

Hopefully we can look a bit deeper into the meaning of the art instead of just enjoying 'the visual entertainment' it offered our family.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011

Have I told you what wonderful friends I have?

I have just had the best four days I've had in a long while!!

A wonderful beach holiday with my family. The perfect remedy for Black Hole Week!

It was bliss!

Now how did this come about?? Facebook of course
(you all know I have a firm testimony of facebook ;)

so I was on there whining about how I couldn't find a nice holiday place :
1. in my price range
2. available the weekend I needed it
3. The cheaper ones had me shaking in my no doona's from the 1980's boots.

so that blessed little chat box popped up and my friend said

"we are going to sydney, would you like to stay in our empty house?"

ummmm that would be YES!

so the very next day we packed our bags and headed off to a lovely four day vacay!!

woo hooo!

I want my friend to know that she is the sweetest giving person ever and so thoughtful.

She really gave me one of the best gifts I've received in a while.

Hopefully I can be just like her. So who wants to stay at my house ?

3 different beaches, road trip to Gympie, new years eve.. what a four days

Late night (8pm :) walk along the beach

With small kids that are usually tucked up in bed at night, I found this night time walk along the beach one of the best things we did. I loved it and want to include some more things like this on the to-do list for this year. Sometimes I forget there is a nightlife out there, for this family who are usually all in the house by 5pm!

Next stop calm waters. The Mr and I said how we couldn't believe hours went by with no one complaining or whining at us. I noticed on our holiday that we took no toys with us and few 'digital' distractions, YET the kids still kept themselves occupied. A good reminder to me for what is really needed for prolonged happy play (new environment, water, outdoorsy, other kids to 'make instant friends with') something I must make sure to include more regularly too.

We spent half an hour watching the most gorgeous pelicans. We were able to walk right up to them as they waited for fishermen to give their offcuts. These two pelicans were as large as our 8 year old. They were HUGE and a little scarey! (even though they were completely friendly!) We got to see their stretchy veiny beaks in action.

The next beach we hit up was a surf beach with nice dumpy waves. The girls were only in about 50cm of water and were getting rolled around big time.

 Watching this black wall of rain head towards us was pretty fun

Next stop New Years Eve - we opted for a quiet night in of dinner, games, Wii, sparklers and glowsticks. We headed up to the local lookout thinking we would be able to view the 3 sets of fireworks at the coast. There were about 100+ other people there hoping for the same thing. However it turns out we couldnt see ANY of the fireworks! We did get the odd glimpse of the top of a firework and we could see the clouds reflecting different colours but that was IT! Most anticlimatic firework viewing I've ever had.

And we ended our holiday with church. How nice it was as someone pointed out that it is very rare to start the New Year on a Sunday. A good beginning for a new year with the right focus.

I had a wonderful end to 2011. Did you?
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