Monday, October 29, 2012

{Helping Hands}

It was Helping Hands Day day down our way on the weekend.

This year I've been involved in the organizing of our service projects.

We participated in Red Cross Training {so we can be ready to serve in a crisis or become volunteers}

and we packed 2500 hygiene kits
for Rosies on the Street, a domestic violence shelter, 139 club and The Red Cross.

Sams Warehouse kindly gave us a discount in our purchaseing of so many items. The emails have been flying back and forth for months with our orders, changes, budgets, where to find so many of the items. Most of which was done by the Public Affairs director and not me! It's definately a long process!

A long process to have so many 'helping hands' available on the day that the kits were all packed in just over an hour! Some very capable people I work with had the room set up for production line and we whipped those kits together in no time. Each Kit was packaged in a large zip lock bag and contained - a face washer, hand towel, toothbrush, toothpaste ,soaps, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, mints.

The children and youth ran around replenishing stock on each table. We had babies to the elderly all working together. The spirit in the room was wonderful. Everyone was happy, everyone was helping. Everyone asking what do we do, put us to work.

I was able to talk to a few representatives from the charities receiving the kits and they expressed their thanks and said that the kits are truly appreciated. From people ripping open their kit the minute they receive it to spray deodorant all over themselves, to a mother and children forced to flee their homes running on adrenalin and when they see that hygiene kit laying on a hotel bed they break down for the first time. That someone had thought of them in their hour of need - its something they distinctly remember.

Service without any reward is good.

But knowing a few back stories on how much these kits mean to people also helps.

Its nice to know they will be appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this Helping Hands Day Happen!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ball {old government house}

My dress was purple, my hair curled up do, - cant tell from these photos,
 a fun typo on the sign making the ball seem more important than it was.

Last friday I got to go to a ball in old government house

such atmosphere!!

We were tired and The Mr stuck late at work meaning no dinner out beforehand and the dance floor only got pumping as we were getting ready to leave....

but it was so lovely.

It's amazing how you can just feel old buildings

Carved stone and old furnishings and we took a trip down to the cellar and just seeing the dirt between the thick walls and windows - theres a pulse to old buildings, you can feel those who have been before.

We only go out a couple times a year without kids so regardless any night without kids is always refreshing. I was asking around who was going and some people said it wasn't their thing. I joked 'any...thing' that involves alone time with the Mr, Food, No kids ... is a winner in my books no matter how terrible the event is... yeah I have low standards these days :)

Blessings courtesy of a lovely sister in law who takes children for sleepovers!!.... Even when The Mr rang and said he was stuck at work and I was now eating some dry leftovers..

I wasn't disappointed...

I was in a quiet house, sat still for a moment to watch my tv shows, to put my make up on as slow as I want, to walk around the home unhindered with nary a whine or complaint or want of my body....

It was going to be a good night

A sleep in, a breakfast at a cafe for my hazy muddled morning head, back to collect the kids and my date night was over.

All the kids rushing us with big smiles to be scooped up reminds us that date night is good for everyone. Oh how they miss us so. But not so much they didn't have an awesome time with cousins.

I hope they hold the ball there again. I want to dress up, dance more, hold The Mr closer and tighter, feel the presence of those gone before and hopefully not be as tired, and get a professional photo :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Scheduling time

Last year my brother and sister organized a dessert night for their birthdays. It was so nice just to have us siblings together. We said 'when was the last time JUST us four were together....ummmm'

when we were kids??

Crazy isnt it!

So they once again organized another one for this year birthday.

Such a lovely treat.

No kids and just my brothers and sisters.

Oh they make me laugh. I love to laugh with them.

and its reminded me that sometimes we forget to make time for those that matter to us.

How often do I set time aside for my grandmothers, time for siblings, and even alone time with husband?!

When we have our own families to worry about our previous families are often forgotten and left behind. Which is kinda sad. those relationships left untended to shrivel. We might see eachother every 6-8 weeks or so at birthdays, gatherings, functions... but do we really SEE eachother?

One time I was talking in a group about families and I realized that I rarely call my siblings.
Without facebook I don't think we would ever talk. Sad.

So I'm grateful. For siblings.

For siblings who organize dessert dinners.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Fundraisers and Conference

On the weekend I was able to attend the A miracle for Marianne Fundraiser.

The Marianne Thrush Appeal has been organised to assist Marianne Thrush have a second chance at life when she makes medical history becoming the first in Australia to undergo a full stomach transplant. Marianne will also receive a new small intestine, pancreas and duodenum in the marathon operation at the Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Melbourne. All money raised will go towards general living expenses for Marianne, her mother Lorraine and younger brother Scotty, who is still at school. The family are now separated from other family in Brisbane when it became necessary for Marianne to be transferred from the Princess Alexander Hospital in Brisbane in April this year and are trying to run two homes.

On the weekend I was thinking about the Thrush family and the very first time I saw them. 14 years ago I remember their family of 8 filing into our church at Kangaroo Point in single file from oldest to youngest dressed ever so perfectly and demurely. They were visiting our church for the first time investigating our religion and I think everyone was so taken with how perfect and well behaved and wonderful their family was. We moved away soon after but still see some of the family around at different occasions.

I was so happy to be able to attend this fundraiser and gave my girls free for all do anything they wanted. Facepainting, chocolate bar coin toss, popcorn, softdrinks, photobooth, oreo balls, brownies, sausage sizzle. It was so nice to know 100% of the money was going to Marianne and her family.

There was such a positive feeling at this activity. People donating their time and money and goods all working together for a common goal. Just such a lovely feeling. With a small group of people almost $5000 was raised in a few hours! What a wonderful response and congratulations to those that pulled it all together.

If you couldn't make the activity and can't make the Fun Run here is the banking details if you wish to make a donation:
Commonwealth Bank
Name: The Marianne Thrush Appeal
BSB: 064 480
Account: 10380831

The rest of the weekend was conference.

We had our conference cinnamon rolls (second year now... is it becoming a tradition?)
covered our lounge with mattresses and pillows and blankets.

For the first time ever ALL the girls sat and watched ALL four hours of conference.
Then the next day they all sat and watched in church.

My heart swelled. You know all those years you struggle. You always think arrgggg is this worth it!?! I used to get so frustrated and think you've been coming to church every sunday for ____ years and you still don't know how to sit still!?!

It may have taken 10 years but all that slow training is worth it. They sit for 5 mins one year, 10 the next, and eventually they can do hour stretch. Now to work on absorbing all the information they are listening to! Consequently tonight we are planning Conference Jepoardy for FHE.

Such a wonderful weekend with wonderful weather, food and spirit.

Our photobooth photos cause they're fun

Thursday, October 11, 2012

around my neck

I've wanted one of those necklaces with your childrens names engraved on them for years


Last year I even sent The Mr an email showing several he could choose from and order and his christmas shopping would be done! but he didnt particularly like them and instead of getting out of christmas easy... he made it hard for himself

 I was back trawling the internet again these last few weeks after several things preventing such as:

 many not allowing over 24 letters (and I have too many kids with long names :)
 I'm not actually a necklace person (even though I love necklaces on others)
Scared of kids breaking it (I have lost a few necklaces through babies pulling)
I'm not an online shopper and only got a credit card this year and don't like to use it
(rectified this month by several of my first purchases! watch out! yikes!!!)


 then I came across this lady in NSW  selling them and offering a facebook deal of $15

So I had to get it of course!!

fits price, room for long names, and it'll be ok if I don't wear it always.

Only problem is I've worn it, and I was going to keep it for a christmas present

(anyone else buy stuff and wrap it for christmas for themselves??)

Oh well. More reasons to shop for something else for Christmas

anyone else love their personalized jewellery? I'm still getting used to it.

any favourite recommendations?

Monday, October 8, 2012

1-Up {extra life}

me last week - Coochimudlo island

I must be getting old.

Lately I've been worrying about having enough time to accomplish everything I desire in life.

I'm starting to wish I believed in reincarnation! One life is not enough!

It doesn't help when we live a split personality in house shopping.

The Mr shows me properties far away out bush and shares his dream with owning land.

The girls say they would love it, desire a big back yard

We live in the inner city and love our life
- always something to do, lots of people around to do it with
everything within walking or bike riding distance.

The Mr works in the city and travels alot so needs to be near both the city and the airport.

naturally I want both lives.

and what about the beach!? The beach life sounds nice too!

I want so many:

artistic persuits
to live in other countries

By golly I want it all!!!

But often life is a simple one.

and there just isn't enough time to live every dream

But just try and make the one life I have the best I can regardless where and how it is.

and even if those other lives must just remain dreams

Monday, October 1, 2012

Just keep skating... just keep skating...

Where have I been? Its holidays! 

Pyjama days, cinema visits, sleepovers at grandma's, beach and Iceskating!

I love it when things get better.

Remember  this post ?

Well we've been iceskating a few more times since then and every time it's getting better and more fun. I barely had to help anyone out this last time. The kids love iceskating and it's become a holiday tradition along with going to the movies. It is a must! Probably because they live in a hot climate and have never seen snow but it holds so much appeal to them.

I was super impressed with my ability to skate and film footage without dropping the phone.

I've got skillz I tell ya!

I've also made my first attempt at editing lots of short video's together to make one movie of our iceskating. Editing is long hard boring work. Cutting down the clips, choosing which ones to use, watching it over and over and over again! A few hours to make a short piece. But I'm sure I'll get better and faster at it and The Mr will be glad that I've finally learnt and will perhaps not annoy him to make our Christmas movie this year!

enjoy our awesome moves :) Its compressed so sorry about the quality :(
Its important to get a self portrait on the jumbotron
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