Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm going 'incognito' so if you still want to be able to find me... read below

When I started this little online space of mine I never thought I would have hundreds of readers. I started cause a friend who lived far away suggested I should because I enjoyed to read hers.  At first I thought noone but my family and  a couple of friends would read.

This has taught me the need to have vision.

As I sat there 2 and half years ago thinking what to call my blog, I was so boring and had NO clear idea of what I wanted for my blog.  I used my NAME in my blog address because I couldn't think of anything else. Now we all know that is NOT SMART people!!

I have been musing for a long while now to change the address to something safer for my family.But it seemed like too much hard work and I didnt want to lose you all. So I am giving you warning that I will be soon changing the URL of this blog.

The web address that leads you here will be changing. In the hopes that over time you will all forget my real name...... don't look up there now...... *swings watch in front of your face* 'You are getting sleepy..... so sleepy... when I click my fingers You will not remember This girl loves to talk's  real identity.'  So hopefully over time all the crazy stalkers that read this blog will not be able to access personal information about ME....  really you don't have to go looking. I give you most of it anyway!! lol

So if you want to follow along and not be given "The blog you are looking for no longer exists'  statement

this will be the new blog address

There is nothing there yet, so don't click on it.. and DONT register that name!! or I will hate you forever... well not really.... I havent changed over yet Cause once I go over, this blog here at this address wont exist anymore

Anyway it hasn't happened yet, but will be within the week.

If you want an email notification about this then leave me yours in the comments! (I wont publish it)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

First of the Season

First Fireplace for the season

Today was just one of those days. Maybe it was because The Mr was working, maybe it was the rain, maybe it was being housebound, maybe the kids were just wired. Who knows, but I know that I rebuked WAY TOO MUCH TODAY.

It seemed today that they went from place to place making mess (cubby houses, making their own stuffed toys,  movies, leaves  and toys through the entire house) and it seemed to take an extreme amount of coaxing to get them to clean it up. Their listening ears were definately missing in action today.

It also didn't help that I was trying to finish a quilt with a crying baby all day
(she is getting 8 teeth at once!)

Late afternoon the girls decide they want a fire tonight. They were responsible for collecting everything and getting it ready. I'm thankful for our Firemaker Extraordinare The MR. He can make a mean fire!

So apart from the dried sticks and leaves that were strewn through the entire house I'm glad they came up with the idea and did it. It upsets me when kids force my hand (when I'm reluctant) and it turns out great. It reminds me I need to go with the flow more and loosen up. I know what I want to be remembered for by my kids.

For in some days. 30 mins of peace (not that it was quiet) may be all we get.

So while they poked the fire and  chatted,
 I rocked Miss G in a rocking chair snuggled up in the new quilt I made.

A great way to wind down.

*The girls got a kick out of me singing "This is the song that never ends". They kept asking me to keep going. Miss G would say sing it again its making me go to sleep. lol.

Friday, May 28, 2010


it's not all freckles...lucky she's still cute.

Is dirtiness a gene?

I think my kids have it.


I know my kids are messy. They have never been the sweet, clean, 'can't stand to get my hands dirty' type children. I know of friends whose kids are scared of sand. Wish mine were sometimes. Or kids who freak if their hands get sticky. Wish mine were.... sometimes. My kids are more likely to freak when I come at them with a wipe to clean their face.

This week it was really bought to my attention because I have babysat for 4 different families over the week. Two of the families had kids the same age as Miss G. At the end of playing for half a day - Their faces were spotless. BUT MY CHILD'S face looked like above photo.

Sometimes she has 3 baths a day. I am constantly wiping her face. Sometimes she doesn't let me, and she walks around like that. I am so embarrassed at school pick up and the like. She goes in dirty clothes cause I don't want to dirty another pair of clothes just for school pick up!!

So if the kids were playing the same things, at the same place..... why is my kid the dirty one?

Like I said.

It's a gene.

Or a talent they've got down pat.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


like how I included kids and mess?

I have a new addiction! Home Design websites/blogs.

I have spent many hours the last three days scrolling thru  Apartment Therapy  Remodelaholic  Make room for living   but haven't yet hit EXACTLY what I want. I'm saving all the ideas, and have a few I am going to incorporate together.

After the little cheap redo of my bedroom, I thought, well we need to update the living room. and the dining.  oh and the laundry.  These places would be more clean lines looking IF the study/craft room was done well with lots of storage. Well look there you go, I NEED TO DO THE WHOLE HOUSE!

I can see where this could be a problem though. Once done, I will want to do it again?  Change styles, colours, artworks, furniture. Can I have an ever evolving canvas? I hope so, because you can never get enough!!

Looking at my house you would never guess that I love design, or well looking at photos of 'other peoples' work! When I left highschool I briefly thought about studying interior design at uni. I was fairly good at art.

Basically my house has no style. It is the way it is because of money restraints, small children (who would break or hurt anything precious!) and the fact that I let 'renting' restrain me from doing what I want. I'm also not a spender. I talk myself out of almost all purchases (YES. The MR is very LUCKY!) I don't know how many times I have gone to Ikea with a certain thing in mind and come home with nothing.

I've also put off as we were meant to buy a house last year. No point getting more furniture if it wont fit in the new place. Well various reasons it hasn't happened yet so I say 'who cares' if I don't have my own house.  The years have gone by and I wont get them back, and I'll look on wasted non decorated years with sadness in time to come.

The other big fact is that I love so many styles. I have never been able to pin down one style I want to commit to. I ♥ Modern  I ♥ Country  I ♥ French  I ♥ ecclectic and the colours... oh the colours  I ♥ white wood, I ♥ natural wood and I ♥ black!! oh and red!  Gah! As with usual my inability to choose favourites has prevented me!!

Alas, I still have to do all this on a tight (almost non existant) budget.  So I will be looking, trolling the second hand stores and pulling a few of the tricks from  All Things Thrifty and Remodelaholic . Changing one room each few months ... slowly compiling my pieces.

goodbye boring... Hello decorated.

Design ideas anyone??

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Red Shoes

Making me smile this week

Red Shoes!

Who doesn't love red shoes. I feel giddy all day when I look at my girl and me in red shoes.

Seems the red shoes have been out all week. Must be the cooler weather and the fact that Miss N only has one pair of shoes that fit, as she normally just wears socks. Its ok, matching red shoes is all the rage :) And, No the matching wasn't intentional! I noticed and took a photo.

If you Don't like Red shoes than this is the Fairy Tale for you
Red Shoes by Hans Christian Anderson.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rice Heat Bags Tutorial

One of our rice heat bags from last year met an early demise last week by being caught in 'an accident' (ie it was in the same bed someone wet during the night)  and after talking with a friend about how much I love my rice bags, I thought I would put up another tutorial for them.

I made these rice bags this morning in about 30 mins.

We love our rice bags because they are easy to make, CHEAP, you can carry them inside your clothes (for when you still gotta get up and moving), it makes going to bed Fun in winter, the older girls can microwave them by themselves, no chance of getting burns from heaters or like and they are ENERGY saving. Our electricity bill is fairly low in winter because for the last 4 years we have not had a heater. But we have these! I put mine in my bed 10 mins or so before I hop in and it is like an electric blanket!

Basically you just need a rectangle of fabric. I have recyled/upcylced old jumpers, tshirts, dresses to make mine. A soft fabric for the pillow casing is nice.

Here I have a heavy check material (was an old dress of the girls) and some soft flannel left over from when I made  this blanket. The red check is one of last years rice bags (not the peed one :)

Basically place 2 rectangles wrong sides facing and sew around leaving a gap for turning on one side.

Sew around twice to ensure strength (you DON'T want a bed full of rice when your kids pops the bag)

Turn right side out

and you will have a rectangle with a hole ready to fill with rice.

Fill with rice (not too full, just so it sits nice and flat)

I use the cheapest homebrand rice, its not for eating!  I think a 1kg bag cost me around $2

Sew hole shut. Fold in edges flush with the rest of the side. Sew back and forth a couple of times.

Yes sew on the outside, keeping rice in. We are going for function not looks :)

Now to make a little pillowcase for the outside. The first year I did not do this, and they got pretty grubby quickly. You want a little cover you can wash, because the rice bag can NEVER be washed or the rice will swell.

This is the bag without cover. You can leave like this, I have some that aren't covered.

To make case use two rectangles of material right sides facing in, turn down top a little like a pillowcase.

Sew three sides leaving top open

Viola you have a  Cozy Rice bag or three

Ready to tuck into bed with my girls at night.

Cozy warm.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hands On

pounding the pavement on our date

Today I was reminded that one of my favourite things is to hold The Mr's hand.

Sometimes it can be a long time between handholding.

My hands are often so full of other things. When we go out as a family, I have small little hands nestled in mine, or a pram to push. At home I am cooking or cleaning or ferrying things from one place to another. My arms are full of pudgy bundles of babies.  My fingers spend more time carressing the computer keyboard than they do curled inside the soft, warm, all encompassing hand of my most favourite person.

It was our first date alone since before Miss N was born. We have a had date or two in 10 months but she usually came with. I think for the next little while we might have to give up on Friday Night Dates. 

Saturday morn or afternoon will have to do.  Book me in!

(To be fair the poor Mr had 3 dates today! He missed a daddy daughter date last week, so he had two seperate daddy daughter dates today to catch up and THEN had a daddy mummy date with ME! Such a busy wanted man!!)

Today went well. The children were happy to play with the babysitter. No stress of bedtime or mealtime. . And the teenager was still alive after looking after my four angels! The children played, ate fresh baked bread and were rocked in the rocking chair...

While I walked hand in hand with my love

oh and ate dessert (afternoon tea?) at one of my favourite restaurants Freestyle Tout :)

I am thinking of doing this more often, anyone want to swap babysitting on a Saturday once a month?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ink Painting

A long time ago one of our Japanese homestay students gave us a gift of Japanese Ink, parchment, and a set of fine caligraphy brushes. One evening we all sat down and she showed us how to do caligraphy. She wrote our names out and some words I requested (like dream, family etc) I tell you it was poetry in motion watching her. Caligraphy is an ART! It was almost like a dance watching her twist, turn, stop, hold, flick.

Well apart from borrowing the paper for some craft projects, and stealing some ink, we have never used the set.  The other day I got it out for Miss G to paint with.

We used a dropper and the beautiful brushes and messed around with some ink

I'm sure you could achieve a similar look with any ink or even black watered down paint.

The paintings (inkings?) turned out so lovely. I want to frame them. They look like Modern Art.

Might look good in my black kitchen?

And now you can see why my table is the way it is.

A thought came to me  two days ago while I had 5 kids doing art at the table. Mayhem!
 Two of my kids can only do art if they are SITTING ON the table. My 7 year old hates it when I say she has to GET OFF the table. Maybe it is because they are short? I have no idea why, but she says she doesn't like to reach for things, and just can't do art while sitting on a chair!! It seems her 3 year old sister is the same

Some real caligraphy. This one says 'family'

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Salt Painting

This idea is another floating around several kids art blogs.

Basically, you do a water paint painting. We just watered down regular kids poster paint.

Paint your picture and while still wet sprinkle salt all over.

When the painting is dry, shake/wipe off the salt. It will have a bubbly effect over it.
The salt absorbs the water at a faster rate than the paper.

Some my kids did not have much patience for that  part. I think they thought it would happen instantly, but the results don't happen for hours (depending how wet your picture is). One child wiped off all their salt too early and it didn't work. So either tell children repeatedly in advance that it isn't instant, or put painting away for a day out of sight :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bird Feeders

I have had this idea filed away for years. It can be found  many places on the internet.
 The other day I finally remembered to buy some bird seed.

As Autumn is here and winter is coming soon, we thought it would be a good idea to help feed the birds. Even though we are in a city, there seems to be quite a few around here.

Firstly you need : A pinecone (or toilet paper roll), peanut butter, bird seed, string

Cover pinecone or toilet roll in Peanut Butter

Roll in birdseed

Hang from Tree

Wait for Birds to eat

Alas we didn't get to see any birds eating from ours. After  a few days BOTH bird feeders were GONE! We have a lot of possums in this area and think maybe the possums took them back to their burrows/homes in roofs? The trees around here are filled with possums at night. Well if we couldn't feed a bird, hopefully the possum enjoyed. Will have to make some more for the birds this time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glove Painting

This week I thought I would post some of the art/crafts we have been up to lately.

My kids can rarely be trusted to paint without a huge mess.

Somehow it always ends up all over their hands and arms, and sometimes feet, and sometimes bellies! I often have to state that today there is to be NO!! fingerpainting. Paintbrushes MUST be USED!

But I don't like to be mean all the time!

Anyway this one was their idea. I had recently purchased a box of gloves for $2 to be used when handling raw meat. However they saw an opportunity to paint without getting messy hands (thinking fun for them and a non angry mum)

Fingerpainting with Gloves on. They had a great time.

However whilst their HANDS may have been clean.. the several bottles of Paint and other areas were covered from the gooey gloves!

One daughter was sad that her painting ended up Army green/brown. I said that's what happens if you mix lots of colours together. I said not to be sad, it was more about the process than the end product. This still didn't really make her feel better. So if you don't want to end up with brown smudge painting and sad kids.

..limit your colours!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Knitted Dresses

Sweet little girls in knitted dresses.

Knitted by their great grandmother. Makes me swoon.

oh but what is this on my head? Get it off, Get it off!

Success! Take That!

Sigh....Yes just like her sisters.

Refuses to wear anything on her head. I must have tried to put it on 20 times. Each time it was off within 3 seconds. I've tired several times at different months, but I have not won the fight yet.

It takes about 9 years until they will let me do their hair nicely.

I'm not a bad mother really, I do my girls hair each day. Two pull it out almost immediately, one can't stand the PAIN of any type of hair paraphernalia and the other has hair that just BOINGS out on it's own 10 mins later.... how did I end up with the anti girly girls? Wild haired things they are.

To all you mothers with darling perfect haired girls.... I am jealous...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making me happy this week

My mothers day tulip on my bedside table next to my bed.

Smart thinking it was to hand the flowers out at the END of church as we were LEAVING.

Each year my botton hole flower is destroyed by certain little persons and the petals of the chrysanthemums strewn everywhere. I have to clean the pew in church and throw away my beautiful flower.

Not this year. It's still going strong a week later.

Such a short life span.

I have to document.


such beauty abounds the earth 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Watch Out

Watch out for Giant, House - Invading Babies

And they might chomp on you too

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fabric Flowers Tutorial

I love it when I find Crafty things to make that are SUPER EASY!

This one was free, and took only minutes!

The Mr was out so I  was all alone on Friday Night surfing the net. Came across this tutorial from All Things Thrifty and thought I could do this RIGHT NOW! So I apologise for the dark photos taken in front of my computer late at night.

How to Make Fabric Flowers.

A small strip of organza /poly satin/ cheap material that has a shine to it.

Candle or lighter.

Cut varying sizes of circles from material. About 5 circles should be enough.

Run each circle around slowly above a flame. (I burnt a few by getting to close) About 5-6 cm above flame is good height. It takes about 5 seconds or so for the fabric to shrink and curl. Move circle slowly around waiting as it shrinks.

Place circles on top of each other from biggest to smallest. Secure them all with thread. I used a button for the middle and sewed through that to secure all layers.

Add a pin for a broach or a hairclip for a hair flower.

I have only made 2 (I only have scrap white poly satin) but I  see many more flowers in my future now I know how easy and cheap it is to make these.

Happy Flower Making.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life's Questions

One of the greatest mysteries known to man has been answered. The question on the girls lips is..

Did our Daddy ever have hair?

What a handsome young boy!

Whilst visiting Grandparents for Mothers day we went through Daddy's photo albums.

 He did infact once have hair. Just none of us knew him then.

 Glad you all feel better now.

And funnily enough Miss N looks exactly like him as a baby.
And here I was thinking they all look like me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pink Nail Polish Mothers Day.

Showing off the goods

I nursed the baby at 4am. I shared my bed with 2 little kids (and The MR was in there somewhere). They left to make breakfast and set the table, only to come back 10 mins later (6:25 am) to beg me to come and open presents. So much for a sleep alone - 10 mins it is!

A breakfast of burnt pancakes and bubbly maison, my lovely presents displayed on the table.

Gifts from the Girls
Barbie Hot Pink Nailpolish
Red Scarf
Rasberry and Vanilla handcream
Foot pumice and brush
2 soft Hairbrushes

And from the Mr
VERY HOLLYWOOD by Michael Kors purfume (fancy!)
Slow Cooker Recipe Book

Then a child informs me they wet the bed. Deal with that.

The Mr leaves for church meetings.

Two older girls have a fight, I yell that they are NOT ALLOWED TO FIGHT on Mothers Day. There is ONLY ONE DAY OF THE YEAR  you gotta be good I say!.

I almost drive off to church minus a few kids, I don't know what was taking them so long but they weren't in the car!! Then we participate in my self imposed torture of keeping four kids still in church alone in the 3rd row.


But as I held a sleeping baby, kissing her on the head, and had a 7 year old nuzzle into my side, while patting a 3 year old on the back as she sat upside down on the chair, and looked over to a 9 year old who had the 3 year old on her, I felt joy. Tear sprung to my eyes. I kept my head bowed , emotions getting the best. Listening to the speakers expound on the importance of mothers. A few breaths and I thought I had it together...

But then I had to watch The MR deliver a 20 min talk on Mothers and women in the gospel. He may have started his talk with " A happy wife is a happy Life!....This week I upset my wife" but he won me over in the end with  talk of how much he loved us, and all his crying! (He is a big Softy under there!)

And then I saw it. I knew it to be true.

My family all right there. Four little ones nestled into my side. My husband 3 metres away straight ahead, looking right at me, talking about the sanctity of motherhood.

And I look down to my short bitten fingernails and see chipped ugly 'Barbie pink' nail polish

The polish reminded me that my Mothers Day might not be perfect (or nice or attractive) but it's mine and they gave it to me. All day I looked at that polish and thought of them. For without those beautiful girls I would not be a mother.

I might leave it on for a few more days.

PS  Mothers day went really uphill after I fell out the door wearing heels and carrying 3 bags of rubbish. I've twisted my ankle bad and had to be carried everywhere the rest of the night :) Well atleast I got a bit of guilt induced obedience. "Get this, Do this, Go to bed, mummy can't come etc as I lay down in agony for half the night.

Edit Post note *And the best part of the night was when my baby brother carried me to the car!! * Just for you Jeffy!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying:
We do not doubt our mothers knew it.
~ Alma 56:48

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times

I think that quote was invented to describe Motherhood.

No thing in your life can cause so much joy and yet so much pain.

The happiest of smiles. The saddest of tears.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there.


since it seems to be a whole weekend celebration here.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's A Choice

On my back? or Got my back? 

I find motherhood a fairly easy choice to make.

Several mothers at school say to me that they wish they had more children like me. Most only have one, some two. They feel very constrained by society, norms, car size, house size, money and not wanting to devote that many years to rearing young children.

Some envy me, which reminds me to strive to be happier with my choice.

People envy me?

The crazy lady with a bunch of crazy kids struggling up the street with a zillion things hanging off the pram.

Ok so they pity me too.

When I realise that I will be devoting 13 years to staying at home with young children I say to people '35 is an alright age to get a career isnt it?' 'Cause thats how old I will be when I 'get back into the big bad world' so ya better watch out.

So Until then.

x x

Until then I  can leave the house when I want, I can wear what I want. Take my lunch break when I want, Have no Boss, Have only one Co Worker (whom I happen to like) The only ladder I'm climbing is in Snakes and Ladders peoples.

I'm the boss around here.

Ok, the reality: 24 hour shifts, the minions under me like to rebel quite often, no sick leave, no holiday leave, no lunch break out of the office, stained finger marked clothes, a job that never ends.

Like I said.   Easy Choice.

This week in Tribute to Mothers Day I am writing posts on Motherhood

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Pile of Mothers

♥ I love Family ♥

Back in February while shopping with my mother she commented about my post about having/not having more kids.  Because my blog is a hot topic of conversation!

She said sometimes we only know what we are currently doing. You have been doing the kid thing for a while. Sometimes it is hard to know when/how to stop. You can't remember due to baby brain don't know anything else. She said it is hard, and it was hard for her. To give up her babies. It's still hard as she is  going through the empty nest syndrome in the last year or so.

I still have time. Miss N is only little. I still have a few months to decide.  If I decide yes one more, might as well do it soon and get it over and done. If not, I have her advice. It's hard to move onto different phases. It may hurt. But it can be done.

Timely Advice and Love from our OWN mothers is what makes parenting my own children a little more rosier. I know I love to talk to her and it will be wonderful to have all these girls to talk to. Of course I only like talking to people who listen, not till I'm blue in the face, so hopefully they will improve a little over the coming years :D  When I love my mother and mother in law it makes me able to see forward. Being able to see what can be is imperative when raising young children.

Family Relations that extend beyond our own immediate family can be most fulfilling. The girls are extremely blessed to have not only a  mother to pamper on Mothers day, but 2 grandmothers and 2 great Grandmothers. We visited one set of great grandies yesterday and it was most pleasing to see them envelope their great grandchildren in their arms and look at the swarms of lorikeets my Pop entices to the house by feeding them.

Having such a large family extending many generations is one blessing we are indeed grateful for.

My girls have a huge Pile of Mothers to choose from to look up to - I know they need mothering from more than one! Which is the way it is meant to be. The large amount of women (around 12) in the family are a irreplaceable resource.

We all need more than one Mother.

In tribute to Mothers Day this week I will be writing Posts on Motherhood

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Fatherhood in the Motherhood

If there were no Fathers there would be no Mothers.

So I figured I'd give the other half a teeny bit of praise leading up to Mothers Day.

I suppose they did contribute ;)

Those adorable little kids just aren't their mothers doing.

They are especially 'their father's' when their character traits annoy me. lol

I love that The MR gives me the opportunity to 'Mother'

I am glad that he puts no pressure on me to contribute 'monetarily wise' to this household

Indeed I am lucky

I love that he designates every Saturday to Daddy Daughter Dates. Each girl has an assigned Saturday. Eldest to Youngest , First Saturday till Forth Saturday (well Miss N is pretty easy going at the moment) for a few hours.

I love that he will take them shopping for lipgloss, eat icecream, ride bikes, attempt to sew softies, eat at the pancake mannor, climb on the roof. I think I am jealous of their dates!

I love that  their favourite thing to do is 'wrestle' with their Dad.

Pretty much I love all things Daddy Daughter related. I really think it is the most adorable thing ever when girls love their dads. I say to the Mr don't you want Daddy's little girls?

Girls that look up to you with love and admiration, their knight in shining armour, the one that lets them scale the highest heights. The big strong one they can fall back on anytime, and know that you will catch them.

Great Dads make for wonderful husbands. But sometimes they can get lost too. Being a Dad is hard. Hard on expectations. Hard to be the strong one everyone looks up. So to the dads (well I know no men read this except for The MR) We love you and need you.

Plus I think you're pretty cute. I'm glad I get to be with you for eternity.

Especially when all those kids will be gone :)

This week in tribute to Mothers Day I will be writing posts on Motherhood

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Real Mothers Day

Whilst sitting on the deck, relaxing in the cooler weather on Labour Day, chatting to The MR, I suggested that Miss A should go out and play in the lot next door.

"No, I don't want to. I want to stay and bother you"

Yep, she said those exact words. After I laughed and laughed she said that she didn't mean it.

But oh yes did she mean it.

Being a mother feels like being slowly pecked to death by little squawking chicks. Someone always wants something. Peck Peck Peck. Little pieces taken each day.

Who knew it would be so hard?

Another one of those things that you know NOTHING about until it's done. Too late now.(not that I would change it, but still) It seemed easy looking from the oustide in. Aren't kids just adorable 24 hrs a day?

Whilst disecting the reality of  Mothers Day  between a few of us a comment was made
(by someone who shall remain anonymous :) I'm stealing this because she said it better than I can.

[Mothers Day] Doesn't exist in this house either. I think it goes something like this ... it's the day where you have to stay in bed so your kids can bring you cold toast. Then you spend the rest of the morning playing catch up, trying not to yell at everyone because you're now late for church because of said toast and don't want to be cranky.

You go to church and battle there, as per usual, and then you spend the rest of the day driving between and walking the relationship tightrope between your own family and wanting to be pampered, your mum/grandmother, and then your mother/grandmother-in-law ..

I've always said I'm going to book myself into a hotel one Mother's Day and stay there for 2 days and do whatever I want, sleep when I want, eat when I want and what I want and come home when I want ... of course hell will freeze over first! And some people are horrified that this is truly what I want to do on this day rather than be with my family *sigh* ONE DAY I am going to do it!

I whole heartedly agree. Now THAT would be a real MOTHER'S DAY

Maybe a group of us could run away together. Then we would be known as the

Mothers who ran away on Mothers Day.

Its probably too late for this year, but how about an early booking for next year? Takers? anyone, anyone???

Because Last Year the girls PURPOSLY bought me Lindt Chocolate Truffles for Mothers Day because they KNEW I would share. Either they are SMART or I am STUPID!!

*and boy do I have a big nose in profile :)

This week  in tribute to Mothers Day  I will be writing Posts on Motherhood.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Birth of Motherhood

10 mins old and oh so pink.

What's Motherhood without a few gruesome birth stories.

Just Kidding. (if it scares you look away now)

There is a fine line walked to bring a child into the world.

I certainly felt the scripture "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death" (okay so it seems dramatic now - but at the time...)

 I seem to get weak, cold and shakey, blurry vision and feel like I have no control over my body whilst in labour. I also make very little noise (I apparently made no noise during the entire 10 hours of Miss G's birth - I don't know though, as I was screaming in my head) so I felt very alone as sometimes the more noise you make the more attention you get.

Childbirth seemed a blur at the time. Like I was stuck somewhere and couldn't find my way out. Or I was trapped in my head in endless moans. It was the best relief when it was over. Giving Birth is like that other scripture - To know joy you must know  pain. It is one of those rare times when you swing  from "I'm in so much pain I think I'm gonna die, to a short time later being pain free, reveling in the hormonal high, drinking in the sweet elixer of creating life.

Now I can look back and see what sacred experiences I have had. 

Especially with the last one. When your body knows what to do and can do it quickly, without drugs or interventions (thank you Csection with Miss K!!) it is the best feeling. The hospital staff were busy, so we were alone to labour, delivered (met the nurses for all of 20 mins) and were left alone again for hours till they came back. It gave us time to dwell in our bliss of bringing a child into the world. A CHILD!

Even though Childbirth is experience shared with your husband (I don't  know though, he missed 2 of ours ;) at the same time it really is something I had to go through alone and scared. My four labours were the most pain I have endured in my life. I have never felt so helpless and like there was no way out,  but to endure.

And so this sets one up for motherhood.

There is no way out. They can't be taken back to the hospital for a refund.

There is only endurance.

And that is how I birthed myself into the role of Motherhood.

If only all the other typical 'kid' problems could be fixed through 10 hours of endurance :)
Now me is thinking the birth part was the EASY part :)

This week in tribute to Mothers Day I will be writing posts on Motherhood (hmm is that any different to usual?)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Gift

The Shopping for the Mothers Day Gift  IS the gift.

But Shhhh don't tell the kids that.

There is a little peace at my house

Well Miss N is still here but she is sleeping.

A bath? A lie Down? Or Clean the house.  Or Blogging as it seems.

I will see over the coming week if I can do a weeks worth of posts on Motherhood.

The good, the bad the ugly?

Those three words would describe me perfectly. Oh I meant Motherhood ... perfectly.
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