Thursday, April 30, 2009

Influenza Kit

Almost a year ago the Lovely Crazy Lady on Road 80 did a post on Making Pandemic Influenza Kits and I thought it a marvellous idea for my 72 hr kit/Home storage... but alas did nothing about it...

Until this week...

Supplies: vitamins, fever and pain relievers (ibuprofen or acetaminophen), anti-diarrhea medication, soap, bleach, hand sanitizer, paper towels, tissues, thermometer, box of disposable gloves, at least 1 high quality surgical mask, electrolyte drinks and baking soda.

She did another reminder post this week, so on monday I went to get the supplies. I suppose the Swine Flu also has me in action. Do I believe having some bleach, and vitamins on hand will save me?? Well of course not... but I suppose it is best to be prepared, as when pandemics get out of hand, you WILL have to treat family members at home as hospitals will be too full.

I don't like Panic buying (think Y2K, bird flu etc) and try to avoid it, but you gotta get a little something sometimes. I like to think these small disasters around the world serve to remind me... Nudge ME.... to put more effort into my Food Storage (pretty non existant)

So I have prepared pretty good 72 hour Kits and a Pandemic Flu Kit in the last year... Pretty pleased with that effort...(but honestly if something bad happened around the world.. we would probably be dead in 2 weeks or so).... now moving on to some decent food storage... the hard one..

For those interested please read Crazy Lady's Post on what to put in a Pandemic Flu Kit and visit this site for important advice on health pandemics Pandemic Preparedness Planning

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

World Dance Day

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! ~Constanze

I'm pooped... how about you?

I have neglected to visit the International Observance days website for a few months!! And I missed out on World Sleep Day in March.. I REALLY wanted to participate in that one!! And world Nosepicking day just passed... dang!!

However... it is WORLD DANCE DAY ON APRIL 29TH and who doesnt like a bit of a dance?

Find International Observance Days Here

Among the goals of the Dance Day are to increase the awareness of the importance of dance among the general public, as well as to persuade governments all over the world to provide a proper place for dance in all systems of education, from primary to higher.

While dance has been an integral part of human culture throughout its history, it is underprioritized by official establishments in the world. In particular, Prof. Alkis Raftis, President of the International Dance Council, in his 2003 Dance Day Message said: "In more than half of the 200 countries in the world, dance does not appear in legal texts (for better or for worse!). There are no funds allocated in the state budget to support this art form. There is no such thing as dance education, private or public."

Get your dancing shoes on people :)

For more serious days check out the UN Observance Days page. International Day of Families is coming up on May 15.. thats another one I want to celebrate.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cherry Slice

I think I have a new addiction of photographing food.. esp if it is yummy!! I really enjoy trying to get a good photo of delicious treats :)Though it was late afternoon by the time I finished this slice the light was not so kind to me :)

Now I tried to google this recipe for you (as it is from my memory) but it was nowhere to be found. Must be a secret Grandma recipe :) After trying this slice at a church activity like 8 years ago, the woman told me verbally how she made it, and I tried to remember.. so I take no responsibility if yours doesn't turn out :) I saw some bottled cherries on sale this week and it made me crave Cherry Slice :)

Cherry Slice

Make your biscuit base - anyway you like
One of my fav's is

1 1/2 cup plain flour
3/4 cup dessicated coconut
3/4 cup brown sugar
125 g melted butter

combine ingredients and press into slice pan and bake 10 mins until golden

Cherry Topping

Canned or bottled pitted Cherries (juice and all)
1/4 cup Jam (any type - I used plum)(Jelly for you US people)
3 tbs custard powder
1/2 cup sugar (add more if you dont like the cherries tart)

Mix all ingredients in saucepan until thick. Pour mixture over biscuit base. Refridgerate.

Serve with cream or icecream or plain

I was so eager to eat this, that the one in the photo is not quite set. This morning when I ate it for breakfast again it was more jellified and easily cut into slices.

Monday, April 27, 2009


oh the weather is soooo beautiful now holidays are over!! Typical.. it is almost like summer again.... But earlier on a rainy day at grandma's the girls had lots of fun with some boxes

Line up of 3 normal looking boxes at Grandma's

looks can be decieving....

when actually there are 3 children in their 'houses' watching a movie - they stayed in these for quite a while :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


If thou wilt do good, yea, and hold out faithful to the end, thou shalt be saved in the Kingdom of God, which is the greatest of all the gifts of God ~ D&C 6:13

*I just love this photo of a passionfruit flower. I have never seen one before.. we have a vine going crazy in the yard (that we didnt plant!) and are enjoying lots of yummy passionfruits. The girls squealed look at this flower!! I didnt even know what it was!! and my parents had a passionfruit vine when I was a kid....

Saturday, April 25, 2009


We had a beautiful ANZAC parade at school. Miss K was in the front row of the school choir singing this song below, 2 talks by Army service men, a poem, a prayer, laying of floral wreaths from each class,a bugler playing the Last Post and silence...

Although you're getting on in years
And memories seem to disappear
Some things will never fade away
Some memories will stay

There's one day in each year you will not forget
If this year's your last year - we will not forget

One more parade - one less digger by your side
One year you're marching - the next year you ride
Hold your head up high - hold your head up high
Lest we forget - lest we forget

It seems a long, long time ago
A young man far away from home
Friends made and lost along the way
Some memories will stay

Those who died - those who live, you will not forget
If this year's your last year - we will not forget

One more parade - one less digger by your side
One year you're marching - the next year you ride
Hold your head up high - hold your head up high
Lest we forget - lest we forget

The sound of cannon roaring by
The smoke and fire covered sky
The nights of terror as you pray
Some memories will always stay

At the closing of the day - a grateful nation rise to pray
Some things will never fade away - some memories will stay
Not for one day but always - we will not forget
Your memory for ever - we will not forget

One more parade - one less digger by your side
One year you're marching - the next year you ride
Hold your head up high - hold your head up high
Lest we forget - lest we forget

Lest We Forget

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ANZAC Biscuits

Oh How I love being able to be patriotic through food :) So smart of those ladies back in the early 1900's to think of making a biscuit - which ingredients do not spoil easily making them good for naval transportation to loved ones fighting in World War One far away from home. With ANZAC Day coming up on the 25th of April, I made my yearly Biscuit/cookie as tribute.

Get the recipe from here at
For my american readers who may have no idea what Anzac Day is go Here. I suppose it is similar to your Memorial Day/Veterns Day.

Chef's assistant who did most of the mixing and pouring


More Anzac posts in the coming days.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Only my kids..

These little Angels would never do that!

We were the only parents who braved taking our children to the saturday morning session of conference at the chapel to watch via satellite.

The little one escaped out of Daddy's watchful eye :) and had her 6 year old sister trying to catch her. Yes oh yes, there might have been two children of mine on the stand climbing over chairs almost on top of the piano, giggling from one, "Come back here" from the other and then The MR trying to lean over 3 rows of chairs to catch them, until finally wrangled and thrown over his shoulder to be escorted off the premises...

all while this talk "Respect and Reverance" in children was playing on the big screen

yes the irony was not lost on the crowd.. there were quite a few giggles from the audience while I sunk lower and lower in to my chair 10 rows back..

whose children are those??


I really don't like being that mother that has to yell at her children in public to "come back" "stay here" "stop that" etc... Honestly if I could hear myself I would cringe :)

It was a rainy rainy day at school pick up. All other children were carefully skirting around the rain under the covered walkways of the school... but not my kids

after begging for her to stop running around in the rain, I gave up on my 2 year old and just let her get soaking wet. Then her 6 year old sister joins her dancing, prancing and twirling in the rain after the bell rings.

ONLY MY CHILDREN.. not another child was out there...

After 5 mins of begging, cajoling, demanding that they get out of the rain I gave up... and when we got to the car I calmly asked "was that fun?" with a resounding YES as a reply.. they stripped off wet clothes and sat in their underwear for the car ride home.

Whose children are those?


What happens when you leave an 8 year old in charge of the bath and they see some detergent near by.

I might have been talking to the neighbour on my front varandah giving the details of her daughter's ALL day stay with us while her mum was at work, not paying any attention to my children :)

A full bath to the top with a metre of foam is fine with one person in it, but it looked like so much fun that the other two HAD to hop in.. which made a tidal wave effect and sent water flooding over the bathroom floor heading onto the wooden lounge room floor... I tried so hard not to be angry and let them enjoy their flood.

I turned a blind eye and let them have their fun... only to find them "BODY SURFING" out of the bath tub, sliding along the bath floor and out onto the wooden floor boards, seeing how far they could get on their naked stomachs

Whose children are those???


Today at Mcdonalds playground there were some older boys (8-10) being tough and mean.. but it didn't take long for the girls to realise they were in larger numbers.. so yes.. my girls may have been seen taking on some boys and throwing a few (soft) punches, pulling off hats and basically holding down these boys

One boy tried to punch (kinda playfully, but still menacingly) my 6 year old.. when her two year old sister pushed the boy from behind!! WHAT THE? Don't mess with my sister buddy.. I am all of 80 cms... I get you... LOL

Whose children are those and where did they learn that?

Maybe I am having these thoughts as I have had a few people ask me lately "HOW are you going to handle FOUR KIDS? (from people that only have one or two children) Obviously they are thinking I can't handle the ones I already got?? LOL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Raining - eggs, chickens, and water

The Easter Monday Breakfast at the dam tradition has been going for 20 years or so... Even in the Rain!!

Turkey and Cranberry Croissants, Breakfast Burrito's (Bacon and Egg), Fruit Salad, Oreo Cheesecake Spread on Crepes, Juice, Chocolate milk and the list goes on.. OH MY!

Lone Bunny at Waters Edge

Fishing with Grandad (items caught: sticks and seaweed)

Apparently it takes 2 to Fish (one to hold the rod, the other to reel it in)

Cousin X was a ninja on the pinata

Pinata goodies flying everywhere

Pleased to say no traumatism from Chicken Pinata! And look at the rain coming!

Easter Egg Hunt Fun

We used plastic eggs for the first time with little treats inside them.. A great idea!! We had about 60 eggs, but much less chocolate than last year.

Checking out the loot :)

And the kids possibly all looked like this by the end :)

Real Chickens for Easter at Grandma's and Grandad's - what a treat!

Angel Chicken (according to the girls)

Just Call me Chicken Girl

She was scared at first, but soon became a pro at holding chickens and getting them back in their home

What a day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


For I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen.

And lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen ~ Matthew 28

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dead Chick Walking :(

When it comes to Pinata's we generally have an unspoken rule that the pinata is inanimate object. We can hit eggs, stars, balls, christmas trees and the odd dinosaur... but never a living creature... the pacifists in us cringe

(This was bought to home to me at a RS Christmas party where 30 grown women hit and threw around a Santa Pinata - I felt really bad!! It was too primal for me!! and this is from someone who doesn't let her kids believe in santa!!)

So when our to be easter egg shaped pinata took on a life of it's own and changed shape...I discussed with the girls would it be ok for our pinata to be a chicken? They were shocked! We CAN'T HIT A CHICKEN!! Grandma and Grandad will be so angry!! (They have real chickens in their back yard)

So here it is in all it's mangy glory... finished today.. it has one more day of life left until it is beaten out of it and it's glorious lolly/toy/easter egg insides are spilled :( *Sob *Sob I hope no children will be emotionally scarred from the hitting of the pinata on Monday.

Oh please be kind to me

Specially styled Tail feathers and all from the girls

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Begins :)

Ye old Candle ring has been updated for Easter and dragged out again starting Easter Thursday - we talked of Jesus doing the first Sacrament with the disciples and then washing their feet and Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane

I honestly think this is one of the BEST traditions we have ever done. The kids LOVE it and ask for it, it makes dinner in the candlelight so nice (though must be vigilant around Pyromaniac kids - inherited from The MR!!) They will talk longer and sit and enjoy more and it makes special holidays and birthdays much more special.

Next morning Easter Baskets lined up

We try to keep the chocolates and gifts AWAY from Easter Sunday - for that day to be more Spiritual. We give them their baskets Easter Friday or Saturday. On Easter Monday we always have a Easter Egg hunt at the Dam with cousins - more than enough treats!!! A Lesson at church on sunday suggested always having a picture of Jesus as part of the gift - I liked that Idea so madly ran to the local christian bookstore to grab some - these were the ONLY ones in the place... sob sob.. makes me miss the LDS bookstore we used to OWN!! We are lucky to have so many beautiful pictures to choose from as LDS!!

6am LINDT chocolate Bunnies always go down well

And why not some satin boiled Lollies too??

I LOVE THESE!! I picked these up from Darrell Lee. They are Bo Peep Satin Boiled Pillow lollies glass jar with a Bunny Sock type thing over them. Each holidays when I stayed with my Grandma as a kid she would buy us these (just the jar - no bunny back then)on a trip to her shops. So I had to get them... sob sob.. childhood memories :)

Obligatory Present shot - lucky I don't have 10 children :)


Hot Cross Buns a must on Easter Friday

I have refrained from eating them (on sale for the last month or so) until today. I split mine, grill them and put on lots of butter. See the ones I MADE Last Year here Yesterday I realised there was NO WAY I would be making Hot cross buns this year, so I just bought some :) For those so inclined I used this Recipe Here

And after all that I need a rest :)

So I ate my hot cross bun and Milo out on the deck alone listening to the rain (Does anyone else notice it NEARLY ALWAYS RAINS on Easter Friday??? mmmmm Interesting... The earth has not forgotten the sadness of what happened today)

And that is the end of our Easter Advent calendar.. I have a few more things we will do, but the weekend will be filled with friends, family (and visiting my grandma in hospital after an operation) General Conference Videos and much more!

Have a Great Easter

I found the Easter Bunny

My girls seem to wake refreshed and ready to create!! Shame I have to push them off to school - they seem to leave me with a big mess most mornings. Afternoons are completely different - they come home ZOMBIES who want to do NOTHING but EAT and WATCH TV!!! And here is their mother all ready with crafty fun stuff to do and they want NOTHING to do with ME!!!

Anyways here is the Bunny oufit Miss K made including big scrunched paper 'tail' tied on with a string around her waist that you can't see. She actually walked to school in this get up, getting a few giggles from the motorists stuck in traffic. At the end of the day she tells me she wore it all day (This girl walks to the beat of a different drummer - I politely asked if she was teased, but said No most kids just chased her around asking for Eggs)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Soft Pretzels

Using the recipe that The Artful Parent used we made soft pretzels yesterday. They were YUM!! We had them for after school snacks and with Lamb Shank Soup for dinner.

We have made this an Easter Tradition over the last couple of years (There is no reason why I can't make them at other times... just too lazy.. and it is Easter again already!!) You can make them because they are just YUM.. or what I like to do is talk to my girls that the shape of pretzels was originally meant to be in the shape of folded arms for prayer. We talked about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane praying for all our sins.

Roll dough into sausage shape

Boil, sprinkle with salt, Bake and then

Eat Eat Eat

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here chick chick chick

After saving this idea from a Handmade Magazine for over a year.. we finally made some of these cute little fella's

Here are the ones the girls made themselves

8 year old

2 year old (he is using his 'angry eyes')

and sadly some ended up like this

Basically these were styrofoam eggs painted yellow with orange paper (should be that craft foam stuff) wings and feet glued on. Add googly eyes (getting some good mileage out of that packet this week)and stick a feather in its head - voila done.

Straight to the mantle for display :)

and the girls are excited as there are some real little chicky's at grandma's waiting for them to visit :)
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