Monday, August 29, 2011

Wet Saturday

It's a rare thing to have a free saturday.
We even recheck our calendar to make sure we have it correct {we have forgotten things before}

Except that on Saturday it was pouring with rain.

But it seems we like to do crazy things in the rain.

If it's raining, might as well get wet right?

{And if you're planning to get wet, then it makes planning the cleanup easier
 - by packing towels, blankets, change of clothes and  hot chocolate after}

IN the grey terrible weather we headed to the beach and had a terrific time.

It was seriously like the clouds parted just for us. Rain all morning and afteroon. There was foggy rain on both sides as far as the eye could see, but where we were was only very lightly pattering.

I *know* families all around the world spend time together. I've done many a family activity myself over the last 10 years. However its been on The Mr and mines minds lately and we are trying to be more thoughtful in our distribution of time. Telling ourselves and reminding ourselves {and the kids}how special it is to be out as a family. How important it is.

How important it is to plan upcoming activities and outings, to have things to look forward to.
Knowing this time as a close knit, small, nuclear family is but a short time
Life is to be lived, we don't want to have regrets of things we 'never got around to doing'

Sometimes I can feel guilt over the lack of extra curricular activities I can give my children. Be it cost, time,  and not being able to split myself into 4, many activites are not possible for this family. But the other day I read an awesome comment over at SouleMama that said
"Being in a large family IS a sport" oh and that it is!

I don't really like the beach in summer. Too hot, sand burns your feet, I hate suncream and sand sticking to it. I really like going to the beach in winter. A sunny day is even better, but we had lots of fun regardless.  I also like to go on low tide. When the waters high, what good is that? Low tide is where all the fun is at. We can explore, walk, find and run in the marine wilderness that is low tide.

As it was low tide we were also able to walk out to nearby King Island. We found a jelly fish on the way that provided much entertainment {dear jellyfish, if you weren't dead when we found you, I'm sorry for the way you were treated} we also found half a catfish, watched a gorgeous sea hawk flying and diving, found crabs and lots of shells.

We were alone on the island and we felt like Nim's Island. We dreamed and explored and laughed and shook our heads at eachothers crazy ways. Squeals of begging sisters to 'come and look at what I found' to squeals of pretending to be blown away by the umbrella in the wind, to hiding spots, to poking jelly fish, to collecting pockets of shells and hermit crabs, to removing shoes to let little toes feel the ground and squelch in the water. Nature is one of the few activities all ages can do without any competition or feelings of inadequacy.

These lessons are what my children need. Life lessons

Outings are starting to become easier for us. With small girls all grown up, not needing our constant vigilance it gave The Mr and I time to stroll and hold hands and talk and kiss. Each time we stopped for a quick kiss Miss G would run up to us and draw a heart  in the sand at our feet. 'for love' she would say. Sometimes we were too quick and she would yell 'wait wait' and make us stand there until she had drawn our heart.

These lessons are what my children need. Life lessons.

And it's important to me.

Oh and these wet outings remind me to work on our wet weather gear. We basically don't own anything waterproof. Such is the joy of living in a sunny place :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A garden! A garden!

We've never been a green thumb family.

Most stuff gets killed by us. I remember being excited about winning a flower pot (full of flowers) at a church activity, praying that the flowers would live. Well it wasn't long before they were all dead :(

We've always known the importance of having a garden but just haven't been able to achieve it, which always makes me sad. There is many a life lesson to be learnt by the law of the harvest. Let alone the money savings, and environmental savings ( growing plants in home gardens uses less water, pesticides, less energy miles - delivery of foods from far away cost more in energy than the food gives etc so if everyone grew more of their own food less of the world would be destroyed)

About 7 years ago we decided that WE WILL have a vegetable garden. The Mr went and bought wood to make the large boxes, cane mulch, dirt, seeds etc etc. We made a garden that took a bit of work and cost a pretty penny. Of course nothing grew. NOT A THING!! heartbreaking it was.

Actually, I lie,  something DID grow -  one beautiful tomato plant that we DIDN'T PLANT.... it grew out of the compost bin next to the garden. Everytime we ate one of the  tomatoes that grew on it, I would say "I hope you're enjoying that $10 tomato!"

That ended our escapades as gardeners. We didn't try again on a big scale and just knew that gardening wasn't for us. We just didn't have green thumbs, didn't have the knowledge, didn't have the money to throw away on attempting to grow food that might not grow,  I don't know but we just didn't have whatever IT is to be good gardeners. And then we moved to the city to a house with no garden, so that helped us calm our guilt for about 5 years.

Earlier this year I borrowed THIS BOOK from the library. It was upbeat, positive and simple to follow with great little handdrawn garden plot maps eg a salad garden, a stirfry garden, a curry garden. It inspired me to want to try again and be successful.

After reading this article with several quotes about the importance of having a garden I knew that we should attempt a garden again. But as with most things it takes The Mr to be on board for them to actually happen :) (ie I wrangle babies while everyone else works )

We crazily planted this year in April, just before the start of winter hoping to catch the last of autumn.

And guess what?? STUFF GREW!

I was so excited.

Not everything grew but enough did to give us the gardening bug. I have not had to buy a single lettuce in months! We just pick a leaf or two as we need it and we only planted five lettuces! Though our pea's didnt grow abundantly the pods that did grow were snatched up by the kids and eaten while still in the garden. They taste like mint! one child exclaimed. Kids that don't eat many vegetables happily eat raw ones that they've plucked off a vine or from out of the ground. Interesting.

We have just redug the garden and are looking forward to growing our Spring Garden.

Fingers crossed things will grow again. *pretty please*

Tell me your gardening advice.....

Friday, August 19, 2011

Email Month

The ball - we both attended with dates, yet ended up embracing at the end of the night ;)

A disclaimer before I start these. These emails were completely ridiculous and meant to be silly. We were trying to oneup eachother. We didn't even know we were interested in eachother and our 7 year age gap made us purely acquaintances through friends :) now you can all see what a silly flirt I was.
Date: Thursday 10 September 1998

Hey Darling....
Hope you have a fantastic day at work....
I have a speech to do at uni..... arrrgggg..... I'm scared. Oh what do I have to be scared of? I can talk under water!
Well I'll be thinking of you all day....

Hey... when am I moving in? I have my bed ready.
Ystyn said he thinks it is a good idea... I could really brighten up your dull household!!

Well love and mush

This girl loves to Talk

Date: Thursday 10 September 1998
Subject: RE:

Hey babe

I will have a fantastic day at work, especially when I get emails from sexy women.

Little does Ystyn know that once you move in he and Peter and Phillip would all have to go ;)

You 'n' me babe, all the way

Virtually Yours

The Mr

Ha! I am totally pyschic! I actually DID end up moving into their house 5 months later! (Married to The Mr of course) And the MR was wrong, because the boys didnt move out... I just moved in to their 5 bedroom house!  (yes a very funny arrangement I know, but we were all poor uni students and the house was in a good central area and it helped us afford to live etc and they guys were awesome)
Date: Monday 14 September 1998
Subject: Only You

"I cant get enough of your love baby!"

email #1


The Mr

Date: Tuesday 15 September 1998
Subject: Email 2

"sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too much (blah blah blah), the fear in me subsides"

Virtually yours

The MR

Date: Wednesday 16 September 1998
Subject: Email 3

"Shake your groove thing baby!"

"I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want"


The Mr

Date: Thursday 17 September 1998
Subject: Only You

When God created Adam and Eve he was thinking of you. He knew that although they were created immortal, then became mortal, our forefathers were working to create you. All of history was designed and crafted to create you - the whole world exists for you... that means I'm virtually yours.

The Mr

Sent: Friday 18 September 1998
Subject: How goes it..this is number 5

So this week I have confessed my undying virtual love for my dear and yet she still rejects me. Oh well there are plenty of other fish in the sea.... Except they are all whales...

You have a good week? Mine sucked except I went and saw Mulan at the movies (on a date!)

Have you been asked to the Ball?

virtually yours

The Mr

Sent: Friday 18 September 1998
Subject: RE: How goes it..this is number 5

Hey babe

When did I reject you?
You know I love you!
So you went on a date.... Have you been cheating on me!!... sob sob sob.. tears are welling up in my eyes and its all your fault!

I saw Mulan on Tuesday night with William. It was good hey?

Yes I am going to the ball.... so I will see you there in all your refinery... watch out for me... the hot babe in the dark purple dress... I'll be waiting in line just to have a dance with the Infamous Mr... I think I will have to fight off the other girls.... but I am tough... I can do it!!!!

So till tonight... mmmwah!

This girl loves to Talk.

and yet we still weren't dating or talking.....
only a few more weeks of these crazy emails before it all fell into place ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Ekka To Ekka (about my 30th time!)

The day ended the same as most years...

A fervent vow of "I'm never going to the Ekka AGAIN!"

too expensive, too loud, too dirty, too long, too crowded, too everything..
perhaps it was because we ended the day with a lost grandfather whom we couldn't find hoping that he had two kids with him, cause we knew they weren't with us! A little bit of fear running through the veins when at 9:00pm you've lost half your family and have no way to contact them and have been running in circles for half an hour looking for them. (they were found waiting for us at the car)

But we all know next year when the winds change and the weather (sometimes) gets a little warmer, we'll once again tackle the mountain that is taking four kids to the EKKA! (Oh help me!)

Perhaps instead of just nikkoing my mobile number onto the inner arm of the children I'll have to do one for the grandparents instead. You never know who you might lose. The kids didn't get lost once!

I frequently remind my girls that they are extremely blessed to be able to go to the Ekka each year. It is only because they are kindly funded by their great grandmother, grandmother (and granddad), their parents and their own moneyboxes and even our elderly neighbour  that we could ever fathom taking four kids to the Ekka.

So once again we faced down THE EKKA

I've been (and the kids) every year of my life bar two when I had babies born around this time of year.

I think we are officially Carnie Lovers for life or something.

Perhaps its nostalgia, perhaps its the awe on a childs face, perhaps it is city meets country, perhaps its just in our veins. I can't think of many other reasons why we would torture ourselves so. Perhaps it is just tradition. A tradition that we love. A tradition we look forward to. A gift to the child in all of us. I don't think the kids would ever allow us 'not to go'.

We achieved all the important items below:
Eating of Dagwood Dog
Ride on the Ferris Wheel (with just one kid!!)
Getting of crazy funky wigs
Consuming of Strawberry Sundae Icecream Cone
Showbags Got
Fairy Floss
Holding baby Chickens
Patting all the baby animals
Obtaining of Whoppee Cushions
Getting the best deal of the fair - $20 bag that included a RipStick! bargain!

The kids were actually pretty good, but the constant comings and goings of four little ones all needing different things is very taxing. The questions, the whining, the spills, the tears, the tired legs always makes me think IS IT WORTH IT?

and yet when I had one baby snuggled in a blanket on my lap with wide eyes, one five year old tucked right in my side with her mouth open agape both mesmerised and SILENT! watching with awe the fireworks my heart swelled and ofcourse I knew it was worth it.

It also happened earlier in the day when myself and two of the girls were able to see a baby lamb be born. It was almost a spiritual moment shared between us all. The sighs and gasps of the crowd each building on the last. A simmering pressure of love and emotion as we all egged that sheep on. The women in the crowd were sympathising with that sheep, you could FEEL it in the air! With each push deep breaths were drawn in all around us. When it seemed one step forward two steps back we all sighed. But cheer we did when that lamb finally came out! OH the relief! I was so happy to be able to share that moment with them and they thought it was amazing. When the little lamb pushed the goo off its face and breathed for the first time we were in love. The wonderful job of nature reminding us how precious and what a joy life is.

Till next year my friend Ekka...

though I really think its a love hate relationship

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Email Month

Oh you so want to know what The Mr said in return to my flirty first email of 'lets get married' don't you?

Well tonight I was sorting through the hundred pages looking for snippets to share and guess what?

I found it! His reply's are there, just in severely messed up order.

So for a refresher here's what I said:

From: This girl loves to Talk
Sent:Thursday 13 August 1998 9:27
To: The
Subject: hey babe

hey hey hey
How's things going? Well I thought I would try out your email address..... but I don't have anything to say.... except.....
Let's not go to convention... Let's get married instead....

xxThis girl loves to talk :) :)

From: The Mr
Sent: Thursday 13 August 1998 9:49
Subject: RE: hey babe

HA! You wish girl...... hang on, if marrying someone means that I don't have to plan the budget for convention and can get me off the committee and therefore remove all blame from myself if the convention is a flop.... I'll meet you at the altar... :-)

Now that you have sent me an email I can correctly add your name to my email address book.

Have you seen the pictures of you on Michaels wall? There is a really good close up one of you. I was thinking of pinching it for myself. Cause its a great picture of course!

Are you able to look at the YSA convention website? I helped build it and would appreciate your thoughts on it

The Mr.


From: This girl loves to Talk
Sent: Friday 21st August 1998 2:08
Subject: Hey good lookin'

My little sweetums, hows things?

I did finally get into the YSA home page, I must say I was quite impressed and in awe of your expertise and knowledge for it is a fantastic home page... be proud of your endless hours of work!!! How's your ego now? Feeling better? Well that's my job done for today, to make all living human beings feel good about themselves. And if The Mr feels happy, then I feel fulfilled.....
Catch ya round.....

This girl loves to talk

From: The Mr
Sent: Friday 21 August 1998 15:18
Subject: RE: hey good lookin'

Do what needs to be done today :)
You made my day.

Virtually yours

The Mr


From:This girl loves to talk
Sent: Thursday 3 September 1998 9:45
Subject: mmmmmmmm

Hey good lookin'
Hope your having a wonderful day at work...
Keep smiling :) :) :)
For I will be smiling just at the thought of you!!

This girl loves to talk

PS I had all my hair cut off, see if you can recognize me at the boat cruise! hee hee

From: The MR
Sent: Thursday 3 September 1998 10:21
Subject:RE: mmmmm

I'll love you no matter what you do to your hair. I mean hey whats hair ever done to me? :)
Are we all meeting somewhere beforehand then travelling to the boat?

Virtually yours

The MR


I think that's enough for this week. Can only have so much ridiculous flirty emails between people who just became friends.  I've got a really good one to share next week. Another pyschic moment for me. I totally predict something that came true! Oh and I think I'll have to start signing my emails to The MR with 'virtually yours' again. I love how he started saying that in his second email to me!!

So cute!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've been struggling with blogging for a little while now and it makes me so sad.

Because I don't want to stop!

Some of the reasons:

I'm finding it hard to find the time now N doesn't nap during the day
{eating lunch at my computer and blogging/reading stuff on the net was my guilty pleasure}

I feel bad when I ignore the kids to blog/surf the net
{I hate it when they pull my arms away from the keyboard and I say "I've just got to finish typing this..."}

I'm way too tired at night to blog or think coherently
{I'm definately a go to bed early gal, how can I keep up this cheery disposition otherwise}

Don't mention early kids bedtimes to me or I might cry!
{I honestly think things were easier when kids were smaller. Back then they used to all be fast asleep by 6:30/7pm and I would be free for hours to do things I WANT to do, I used to do stitchery, craft, watch tv, plan stuff. Now I have kids up till 9pm in my face not to mention the kid that reads till after 10pm. I follow soon after falling into my bed thus no time for me!}

My kids starting to play computer games more seriously
{half hour each which turns into a little more x 3 kids = No computer time for me!}

I don't feel that I am spending enough time with my kids or parenting them correctly
{so the last thing I should be doing is wasting precious time on the internet}

I went to a class about the pitfalls of the internet and a few things resonated with me
{when we think "I need more followers, I need more friends, I've just got to capture the perfect picture to go with that post" you have problems, When we start thinking in terms of what to put on the internet instead of just getting on with our lives, Even emotional infidelity was thrown around in terms of using the internet as a reliance for your emotional or social outlets instead of letting your spouse and family to be the ones to do that for you. I know that I think about this blog a little too much}

When I receive more comments on my post about Lemon lime and bitters cordial than I do for things I've written seriously about and poured my soul into I start to doubt my ability as a writer.
{And doubt the reasons for why I blog. Is it for feedback? Would I do it if no one was reading? I count you all and I know that I only have 30 - 100 visitors per day. Sometimes I think thats awesome and other times I think I'm wasting my time, I'm NOT THAT GOOD a blogger}

While I was at the Time out for Women I came upon a  person whose blog I read whom I don't know personally. I told myself that I was going to go up and say hi (we have shared comments/emails) but I just couldn't do it. It was almost like embarrassing. I don't know that person, They don't know me. Yet I know everything about them and their family and recognized them instantly. I thought 'I wonder if people think that way about me.' For the first time I felt a little silly for being part of the whole blogging world. Does everyone really need to know my business?
{I'm not scared or fearful of people knowing personal things about me, but it just all of a sudden felt so shameful??}

But don't worry...

I really don't think I will stop

its an addiction and its a free creative outlet {which totally appeals to the cheapskate in me!} 

and I'm super pleased that I have kept this blog up near perfectly for 3 years. I haven't kept a journal that well since I was 16.. ahem thats around 16 years ago now!!

I've mentioned to a few people about maybe quitting the blog and they all replied with a resounding NO! {thanks for the love}

I joked on facebook after a mention of quitting that I probably wouldn't quit, that I would just blog about quitting... how's that for irony!

Anyway no quitters here, just excuse my hit and miss posting.

I've lost my muse, my time and my sanity.

Hopefully it will be back soon.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Idea here. Might be a new birthday tradition?


Miss Tata had a wonderful birthday.

She had mini marshmallows for breakfast (her favourite)

She received more train track for our set and a doll (both of which she loved)

The four  missionaries serenaded her with "Happy Birthday" song

Her sisters all wore their hair in pigtails just like her (they came up with the idea??)

She did not have a nap (little girl has stopped napping most days now :S)

There was lots of sweets and cake at her birthday potluck family dinner

She ran around chasing her cousins all afternoon

Was tuckered out and in bed zonked by 6pm

Some details for you all.

My new favourite addictions

Strawberries with Dip. (the dip is just cream cheese and betty crocker icing whipped together)

Chocolate Pots - recipe from Rachael Ray (super easy and make minus the rum of course!)

Note: Use good quality chocolate and a little more than the recipe says. My first batch did not set and was like thick chocolate milk. Serve in mini shot glasses as this dessert is super rich!

Birthday Cake

Originally Miss G wanted this cake for her birthday.
So I made it for N instead! I think it would be fine to do it with nothing on top and just a ribbon around it. I put a ribbon around while the icing was setting to keep everything in place, and I think it looked good. Nice and simple. I was going to use plastic farm animals and the night before they could not be found. We ended up with horses from our extensive horse collection :)

Inspiration from the Womens Weekly Party Cakes Book.

Yet another balloon banner. With so many helpers in my house I can whip these things up pretty fast now! Next time I'm going to try just one or two colours for a matching theme. I think these might become a birthday tradition too. There is just something about them that make me smile!

And that is the end of the birthdays for the year for our nuclear family.

Birthdays are now over.

Hopefully this will give me plenty of time to start thinking about Christmas!

Or before I know it, The Mr's big 4-0 !!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Email Month

I blogged once about how  October was 'our' month
The one we got together and spent our first one on one time getting to know eachother.
Two weeks later in November we were engaged.

However, I remember our very first conversations were actually over email. In August.

This was back when email was a brand new thing and the screen was black with green boxy writing - I had to use the email at university - my family didn't even have internet! The Mr worked for one of the first internet companies in our City and he had an email address!! I knew hardly any other people who had an email address!! (OH the technology!!)

So one day at a function I said 'Give me your email address and I'll send you an email!!"
(oh the excitement of using said technology!)

I had forgotten just how awesome that correspondance was until I refound all 200 pages of them.

The Mr had the foresight to print out all our correspondance. Some of it is missing (mostly his replys - his work server had kept all of my emails, but I did not have the ones he sent me) so he was able to  print it out before all was lost. I'm so glad he did. This stuff is pure gold to me and makes me laugh and blush. I recently was unpacking old boxes and I found it.

It was just too hilarious not to share with you all.

If I thought October was our month...

August was the month I laid the trap.unknowingly.
It's just so obvious we were always meant to be. even when we didn't even know it.

So this month I shall share the most awesome emails between us. Oh we were a flirty duo!

And the very first email I sent The MR  (without knowing him very well!)

From: This girl loves to Talk
Sent:Thursday 13 August 1998 9:27
To: The
Subject: hey babe

hey hey hey
How's things going? Well I thought I would try out your email address..... but I don't have anything to say.... except.....
Let's not go to convention... Let's get married instead....

xxThis girl loves to talk :) :)

Ha! OH YES I DID! Obviously I am pyschic and can see the future! (we did go to that convention but we were engaged!!) How crazy was I? And what a first email to send someone. Unfortunately the emails with the replys we do not have!! I wonder what he said back in return.. If only I could remember!!

I'm sure it was something on the lines of 'sure thing!'

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Folder Renamed

It needs to be done.

When I was pregnant with Miss N, I had some digital ultrasound photos I put into a folder on the computer named "BABY". Then later I had some gorgeous pregnancy shots taken which I added to said folder.

Then the baby came along and newborn shots were put in the baby folder.

Then more and more photos.

Every time I add photo's I say to myself - I must really rename that folder.
(everyone else has a folder bearing their name, she deserves one too!)

On her first birthday I said I will definately rename that folder. She is no longer a BABY!

But I didn't and I still haven't.

Today while sitting here preparing one of these, for her upcoming birthday I thought

OKAY Babyhood is well and truly over.

You can do it.

And hours later I still havent.

Bye Bye little baby. I can do it.

But the problem is you're still my little baby.

I've got a few more days.

I can do it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Schooling in the Sabbath

So I facebook whined about how sometimes Sundays can be difficult for me.

Sometimes Sunday's can be lonely and frustrating
oh well there is always food to look forward too :)

And then with lot of comments about how my husband is gone 3out4 sundays the whole day well into the evening, we have no car so can't go out, the baby has a long nap so can't go for a walk, the other kids are crazy daredevils so I don't get to nap, I end up cleaning and cooking but I feel guilt over these not being appropriate sabbath activities, I can't sit down and study/do quiet things because this invites my kids to climb on me, touch me, steal my food, wrestle, jump on me from the couch, Oh how I want to be doing so many things that I just can't physically do!!

I felt bad that people might infer that these desperations are linked to my husband or my religion.
(we don't miss him that much ;) and it's important to me that he fulfills his responsibilities. Because it isnt about those two at all...

It's purely about me. (when isnt it?)

I also felt badly about complaining about one of my favourite commandments.

Keeping the sabbath day holy.

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:

It is an important commandment and one that is fairly enjoyable with lots of rewards so why should I have a problem? In actuality I LOVE keeping the sabbath day holy. Oh the blessed relief when you know you cannot school study (when I was a student), shop, sports or do frivolous things on a sunday. It truly is a day of rest for ones mind, body and bank account :) Several scriptures mention the blessings of the earth being yours, peace, rain in due season, fruit of the earth, to dwell in safety, become unspotted from the world, to rid of selfishness - There is alot riding on having respect for the sabbath for not only as an individual but as a community too.

It can be hard to reconcile ones beliefs on what it is to keep the sabbath day holy, with reality.

While my husband is out serving everyone else I feel the pull too.

I want to visit the sick, I want to bake food to take to others, I want to visit our great grandma's, I want to sit and debate a gospel doctrinal principle, I WANT to take a nap!, I want to mentally prepare for the coming week, I want to write in journals, I want to take a sunday afternoon drive and show my children the beauty of the  country we live in, I want to pay my respects to Lord for all he has given us, I want to do my calling more effectively and visit with each young woman, I want to do my visiting teaching....

I want I want I want...  you get the idea

We have never shopped on the sabbath, we don't watch tv, we try not to do too much housework (near impossible to not do ANY) we don't attend sporting events or play sport, we don't attend parties, we don't frequent any business or store  BUT

..sometimes it can feel very far from the Sabbath when one is home with little children. It can lose it's meaning and become a day, well... a day like any other....

I felt so frustrated and and don't get me frustrated, that just leads to embarrassing facebook rants.. and when a friend left a comment about how she deals with sunday afternoons it really helped.

I realised that right at this moment I cannot do the above things I want, but I can allow my husband to do them. My service is to let him go without complaining (to my defense I feel I don't complain that much and generally am happy to let my husband go - he's been gone several times a week for 10 years now, so you think we'd be cool by now :)

I cannot sit and have quiet to think and do family history, write in journals, or spend hours studying gospel doctrine. My calling is to serve my children.

I can serve my children and find appropriate activities to do with them.

How many seasons  in life do we really have an excuse to stay still, stay home, and just be with our little ones? This time, while it may feel a drudgery to bear is actually a gift.

I HAVE the opportunity placed in front of me to use Sunday afternoons at my leisure. To play, cuddle, read to, and look for some simple service opportunities with my children. No one is expecting me to do ANYTHING ELSE. This time will be over soon and MUCH more will be expected of me. I won't have the demands of four small children to hide behind. I will have no more excuses.

So why is it not enjoyable?

I obviously really need to learn to slow down, sit still and meditate. I really need to teach my children this. We do not need to play with the neighbours. We do not need the computer to entertain us. We do not need activity 24/7.

I must learn I do not need interaction with others to be OK (I am terribly lonely on Sundays and ring my mum and bother her because I have no one to talk to and no friends). I can be me. I can forget housework, I can forget the wants and pull of the world. This will fit in so well with my Simplicity goal for the year. Can a sunday get much more simple?

my new mantra. I must enjoy our little bubble.
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