Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stuff to do with the kidlets

Here are a few websites I have found that have great activities to do with kids
The Crafty Crow
dickblick art lessons

We are making these gorgeous Flower girls from Elsita this afternoon. Here is one I made to practise before I let the kids loose at it, nothing worse than a craft activity that goes crazy. It was quick and really easy to make
And I loved this drawing idea from Knitting Iris to draw scenes from favourite books. Many of these websites are using vintage books - the pictures are just gorgeous. Here is our attempt

have fun creating

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

100 POSTS!!

well actually 100 came and went.. and I missed it... this is actually 102 - but OH WELL close enough...

so are you sick of me yet? Or should I keep blogging?

Bring on the one year I say!

WOO HOOO......

Thoughtful Tuesday

Whoops... Monday flew by - must have been the hectic weekend. So instead of a memory Monday you get a thoughtful Tuesday.

How did you feel about school? Did you enjoy it more at some ages?

I liked school most of the time. Loved my grade 3 teachers Mr Drinkwater and Mrs Aide and my grade 6 teachers Mr Poole and Mrs (forgot the name). In grade 4 I had a mean teacher and I used to cry and tell my mum I didn't want to go to school. Now that I have kids who sometimes try to pull that one - it must have been hard for my mum to put up with that all year. I enjoyed highschool, though I probably could have finished it all up in two years if I had homeschooled, high school is a big time waster, but hey it's fun.

Did you go to college or have vocational training after high school?

I went to University and studied Public Health - Family and Consumer Studies. Pretty much I came out with no speciality - Whoops - Have found it hard to find a job ever since, and they have since ended the course - it doesn't even exist anymore - but I don't regret doing it. It set me up for my current job as Stay at home Mum and I am able to put a lot into practice here. In a few years when I need to look for a job - most places say that I need a nursing background or counselling background as well as the health degree if I want to work in community health which is my goal. I am sure something will pop up that will fit my 'credentials'! University was interesting but I am glad it is over and I hope to NEVER go back - I didn't enjoy it that much - plus I still owe the government for my current degree.

I think my pram is gonna break!

This was from last week - it was a bad morning- despite the smiles in this photo. Kalani had a twisted ankle, Anika was just plain GRUMPY! - and Gabrielle was more than happy to climb out of her seat numerous times. They swapped positions a number of times and I even carried a few of them on my back.

Why is it that the child you want to ride in the pram doesn't want to, and the children you don't want to ride in the pram do? That is the nature of everything parenting?

Monday, April 28, 2008


Click here for the full description of our weekend away.

Winner is.....

Just loved her comment about my big nose... maybe it is big in profile?? Maybe I need a nose job... hee heee heee. I will do one of xander for mothers day for you?

Sunday, April 27, 2008


"O that thou mightest be like this river,
continually running into the fountain of all righteousness"
1 Nephi 2:9

*I took this photo on friday - I do not condone paddling on the sabbath :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

ANZAC Tradition

ANZAC Day – 25 April – is probably Australia's most important national occasion. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers in those forces quickly became known as ANZACs, and the pride they soon took in that name endures to this day.

Australians recognise 25 April as an occasion of national commemoration. Commemorative services are held at dawn – the time of the original landing in Gallipoli– across the nation. Later in the day, ex-servicemen and women meet and join in marches through the major cities and many smaller centres. Commemorative ceremonies are held at war memorials around the country. It is a day when Australians reflect on the many different meanings of war.

And Since the holiday is falling on a Friday - many people will be heading off for a holiday like us - will report how it goes in Noosa and Gympie. And Happy Birthday William -shame you wont be getting a longweekend now you live in the US :(

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anzac Day School Ceremony

Kalani's class wreath - a flower from each child.

Hope you have an enjoyable ANZAC day. The girls school had their ceremony today. They had guest army visitors, a speech, laying of the wreaths, The national anthem sung by students, the last post played by army visitor, and one minute silence. It was very beautiful and the kids well behaved. There were 50 students from the school who died in WW1 and many injured, and killed from affects from the war - It was a beautiful way to remember those fallen.

Actually the speaker in charge (the school librarian) said as Anzac day is a comemoration and not a celebration clapping after the talks, choir etc was not appropriate - so what do I do? I instinctively gave a clap after a speech - WHOOPS!! lucky it was soft and I laughed at myself immediatly (I was the only one who clapped - 200 school children can listen - but can I??)
Anzac Badges - My proud girls.

I also made ANZAC biscuits for Kalani's class. They ate them after the ceremony. I luckily enough did not have to repeat the Valentine's Day Cookie Fiasco - Anika's class actually made Anzac biscuits in class the day before, so I only had to make for one class, and for our family, exchange student, the missionaries and to take on holidays with us - that is enough.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


After being inspired by these by NieNie I had to make my own. And here they are so far. I now have to get onto the hard bit of spending money on frames for them, finding frames I actually like at the cost I want to pay. No way I will pay like $20 a frame for something that was very cheap to produce (not including the (wo)man hours it took to make them.)

Thought they could also make a good mothers day present, something different. To make these I took photos of everyone in side profile, printed out the photo, cut around it and used this for the template. Then I used black paint to fill. Very easy - though make sure you have a fine brush for the edges, one mistake, and it won't look like your profile :)

If anyone is interested in having one of themselves (or other family member) made I will be giving one away - just tell me why you would like one. Winner drawn Monday as I will be away for the long weekend.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My favourite time of the day..

Phases.. there is always some kid in a phase, that just tuckers the parents out. Baby phase, no sleeping through the night phase, bedwetting phase, staying up late phase, bad dream phase and the list goes on and on.

Having just got my one year old sleeping through the night, the 5 year old that has been sleeping through happily (only since she was 4) has now decided to wake up once or twice a night instead. Tag teaming I call it.... kids are very good at that. Just as one child gets through a phase, another takes over from them with something new.

I try to refrain from telling people... oh you think it is bad now... JUST WAIT.... I have learnt that pretty much with each age your child goes through, just comes a new set of problems - the hard work of being a parent will never end...

and before you know it... they will be teenagers..... can't wait :(

Oh and they are asleep in my bed - when ken wasnt home like 4 nights a week, I take the middle child to bed (mine) first and sing to her (thanks to grandma who did that while we were in america 3 years ago - I am still singing!) The older and baby play in the loungeroom. I then take the baby put her in the cot in the girls room (they all share - but baby won't go to sleep if her sisters are in there.) Then lastly Kalani takes herself to bed and reads or draws, and when they are asleep I move them to their beds. Now Daddy is home more he wants them to go to their beds, but they are resisting his attempts :)What a work out!

Cookie Pie - OH MY!

I made this for dessert yesterday. So I am going to share the link with you all. Cookie Pie found at Bakerella It tasted so good, though I think I put too many chocolate chips and butter - so a bit gooey.

As it was pretty easy to make - it is just cookie dough in a pie shell - I thought I would share.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Love is ..... A Cookbook Holder!!

Since I have discovered my new love for cooking - BTW this is all related to that my husband now does the grocery shopping for me. Before I had to take the kids and/or walk and pile it all up on the pram - so I used to go shopping a few times a week. So to save me the hassel he now does it.

When I shopped, I would put things back if we were over budget, or I would think, Oh I can make that dish without that ingredient - needless to say our food was good, but now it is better and I dont think we have eaten the same dish twice (unless it was SOOOOO Good, that we HAD to) in 2 months. So why is this? My husband doesnt care and doesnt feel guilt! So if it is a little over budget it is OK... and now I am OK!

So I went to the west end markets with my mum, dad, sister and brother on Saturday. We browse, look at all the fruit and veg and most importantly eat breakfast there. YUM. I find a second hand stall and she is selling all this lovely metal work - and there it was A COOKBOOK STAND!! Now I had decided a few weeks ago that I HAD to have one. Except the ones I found were - ugly, too expensive, too big, too small etc etc. Well I loved this one and the best part - It was only $4!!

Memory Monday

What is your name? How did your name come about?

I love my name, well sometimes, it wasn't so fun growing up when children say "Bobbie is a boys name!" well actually the name is Bobbie-Jean I say!! And then with a name like that people ask are my parents American? NO - they aren't, actually we are like 5 generation Australian.

So the story is that as my father passed away when my mother was 4 months pregnant, they hadn't discussed many names. If I had been a boy - I would have ended up with his name in memory - but whoops I was a girl. So I ended up with one of the few names they had discussed - Bobbie - very trendy for the late 70's!! It was hyphenated and I was also given my fathers mothers name - Jean. So there you go - Bobbie-Jean. I must say I don't think I ever met anyone with the same name growing up, so I never got mixed up with anyone else!! Namesake Jean and the Bobbie-Jean

Then there is the last name debarcle!! If a person passes away - then they can't say if they wanted to be on the birth certificate - therefore as he died before I was born - it wasn't possible at that time to have his name on my birth certificate - therefore I couldn't have his last name - so I got my mothers maiden name. Then she got married to my stepdad and we were all sealed in the temple, and changed my last name by depol. Anyways - so I have been through 3 last names, now 4 with my married name - I rock don't I?

I Sewed something that wasnt a square!!

Ok so to date I only sew quilts, stitching, cushions, curtains - if it is a square its OK.... I had attempted to make myself a dress before and it was a disaster so I was scared off... but not anymore

I got the tutorial from HERE it was really easy to follow, good instructions from House on Hill Road

But I must admit, that even though they look cute, these tops are just a rectangle when sewn with elastic thread they shirr. So it looks like I am still stuck at squares and rectangles :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Mark 9:37
Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


We even mow the lawn in the nude here!! What's new - when do my kids ever wear clothes? Not often. Well I was dressed atleast - I am sure the neighbours are glad.

Oh and that is my leg mowing. When Ken and I were first married he worked and studied - while I was a free and easy university student with a pretty light schedule - so I used to mow the lawn - but then I had kids and it is pretty impossible to mow with babies, so consequently husband has been mowing for the last 7 years - until today that is!!

Anika and I mowed the lawn today - lucky for us our latest house has the smallest lawn ever!


Tomorrow is passover. We are having ours tonight - as tomorrow we get a new Japanese student to live with us, and I don't want him to think we are weird on his first dinner with us, if you don't have time, you could also do it for family home evening on monday night and recap the story of Moses and the Israelites. Or if you have the Disney Prince of Egypt movie you could watch that.

click HERE for a brief overview of the passover seder.


PS I have a bag of stewing bones - if anyone wants some for the seder plate - I dont recommend eating them ;) but feel free if you want to grab some.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mothers Day Ideas

Found one more idea - these magnets are just the cutest things ever and really easy - all you need glass stones, glue and whatever picture you want. I made these church ones using a deseret catalogue. Instructions HERE They are just so cute!

Mothers Day is fast coming up. I will add to these ideas. If you find any cheap cute ideas please pass onto us. Our Children are lucky enough to have 2 grandmothers and 2 great grandmothers - so I am always on the look out.

Handprints of children.

Cute flower pin cushions HERE by Pink Chalk Studio. They are adorable I am making some of these for myself and to give away - will show you what they look like when I make a few.

OP SHOP finds

Went down to lifeline last week in the hope to find some wooden chairs (our kitchen chairs are all broken - was hoping to find some old ones to paint up) and some cake stands my new fetish being inspired by NieNie - well we found neither but came out with all this for $15. The two pairs of shoes had never been worn - great!

Whoops this is why I shouldn't shop second hand, when you can't find what you want (like 80% of the time) you buy stuff you probably don't need! hee hee and I should mention don't ever take the kids - they can't resist old toys especially when mum caves in as they were only 50 cents.

I love second hand.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Hair Victories

Her hair is long enough for a pony tail - No more strangers asking if she is a boy!! YAY! Now I just gotta teach her to sit still enough to have it put in - I have only been successful twice in getting it up!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dinner Parties

I have been inspired by this blog NieNie to have more people over.

We were too busy the last 3 years to do so, I mean we had young adults dining with us a few times a week - so that was enough... but now it is time to get back to our friends and family.

We have had two lots of people over this week - and two play dates also. The girls have been making table settings and decorating - so it keeps them amused for a little while.

Anyway if you would like to come over - just say time and day and we will be here waiting! I love dinner parties!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Memory Monday

Did you have a childhood hideout?

We had a mango tree we used to climb and added some wood to it (not a tree house, but enough wood to help us stand)
But the best one was my dad's old combi van. It was painted in bright colours and parked in the back yard. It was our 'play house' We could sit up the front and 'drive' it or we could play in the spacious back. Had a few 'tea parties' in there. All our friends were jealous. It was the best hideout ever. Over the years of not being used it finally got all yuck and spiders in it etc, that it no longer exists now :( photo not our one, but just for visualisation

What games did you play in your house or neighbourhood?

We played cricket and basketball alot on our long driveway, hide and seek, tiggy and 42 Home. We had lots of times playing in the front yard with neighbourhood kids. I also remember this game we used to play for family home evening that involved all the canned food in the house. The cans were put in the middle of the room. Each child was given a corner of the loungeroom (lucky we only had 4 kids) and you have to run and collect cans and bring back to your corner. Once the ones in middle are gone, you can steal from others corners until you reached the designated number of cans to be the winner. Loved that game growing up.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I made these little bags for the girls to take to conference. I printed off a prophet match game and a few little treats for them. We also made our own threading game. I bought some shoe laces and we printed off some church type pictures, the 'new' first presidency, and photos of the girls. We then laminated and punched holes along the edges of the photos - and there you have it - your own threading game. They still got bored but their behaviour was improved.

Reading all my american friends blogs, I am jealous they could stay home and snuggle and eat yummy food and watch conference on TV! - we have to go to the chapel a week later and end up in the kids cry room where they misbehave even more because there are 20 other children in there. This time we each took turns going alone on the saturday sessions, then we each went to one sunday session with one chid - it was great! I thought the kids would like some one on one time, but they each missed the others! So maybe just a one off, but it was nice to listen, even if we only got to go to 2 sessions.

I wanted to share some insights, but I took too many notes, so too long to post here.

And the winner is.......

Jan and Alicia

So I now need your addresses! Jan also deserves it because I totally stole her blog layout! - Thanks for the inspiration! Alicia will be receiving a little something else in the mail - She wrote me a wonderful email and as a beautiful mum bringing up two kids on her own she deserves a treat!

thanks to all those who entered, there will be some more freebies coming up soon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

And they SHALL wear ribbons....

My little angels are also little messy angels. I say they inherited bad hair from my mum's side of the family as a running joke. Well after them looking like drowned rats half their life last week I went and shelled out some money on spools or ribbon in 3 different colours to match their clothes. All the other little girls at church look so cute each week.

Lucky I knew my girls and that I would need 10 metres of the stuff.

Exhibit A - Before

Exhibit B - End of the day

I have also discovered this website She does Hair perfect for mums with girls - it shows you about 20 different hairstyles you could try

Oh and did I miss the memo on how to curl your hair with a straightener? I tried this and it is so easy!! YAY! more curls coming my way.
Click here for curls

Have fun with your hair - and feel pity for the woman who has all daughters... wouldn't mind giving them the same haircut I give their dad - number 2 with the clippers ;)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't you wish you were here?

We are so lucky to have a fireplace in our house. Not many in Australia do. We love it, and don't use it anywhere near enough (too much cleanup for mum, small children jumping in it etc) But we have had it on twice this week - school holidays and all - ie staying up late)

Tonight we toasted marshmallows - YUM! The girls wore oven mits to toast theirs - the fire was too hot apparently!

Don't have a fireplace? Feel free to come and use ours. I will post in future blog, but I am going to be having more dinner parties, I have been inspired.. so tell me a date, time and we will be here waiting!

Why I love Blogging

I have been receiving some very nice comments. Beautiful flattery. Now as you all know I am not perfect ;) but thanks for the compliments. Now I will have to thank my new best friend - MY BLOG - for turning me into this wonderful person. When you have something to hold you accountable you look for better things in your life - to do more, be more, accomplish more, grow more, love more.

As my children are getting older and I am not as tired/stressed/hungry/lonely/housebound etc I am finding the old me. We have been very busy the last 3 and half years with my husband being a singles ward bishop. We had weddings/engagements/talent night / beach activity/ dances / and the list goes on to fill our time.

This blog is reconnecting me to the things I love. My family, Cooking (not cleaning after), Reading, Craft, the silly me - believe or not I used to try and be individual and creative in my clothes and hair department- Ok so not as much as my very funky sister but hey - she learnt from me ;)

So watch out world... this blog has created a monster!
- deep in thought with next blog ideas!

Book Nook

Do you have a book nook? We created one yesterday. "What are you doing mum?" "Making a book nook" - Crazy Laughter from them - My kids love this name. I had been inspired by other bloggers around the place. I read everynight to my kids but I don't think they randomly pick up books alot themselves - though I will say if we ever go out at night, and I just want to put them into bed without reading a few books - boy do they get cranky!! So hopefully I am instilling a love of reading in there. We have even moved up to books with no picutures - YAY!! And have read charlottes web, all Roal Dahl books, Fairy Series etc.

I used a doll house my husband made 5 years ago that was looking a little sad out on the varandah. Moving and filling it with books has made them excited about it again. It fitted perfect into my TINY house. So the book nook is rammed against the bookshelf and the organ, which is rammed against the couch, which is against the computer, which is touching the TV cabinet - and we wouldn't have it any other way ;)

Taking the time to create a cozy reading nook for your child will communicate to them that you believe reading is an important activity. Having their own quiet, comfortable place to enjoy a good book just may encourage your child to read more often! Consider these suggestions for setting up a cozy reading nook just for your little reader.

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