Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sizzlers Birthday Party

Miss 4 turned 5 this week.
When asked what she would like to do for her birthday she said she wanted to go to Sizzlers. Over the last week these are a few of the conversations that have happened.

"Sizzlers is a good restaurant"

Yes my kids actually think Sizzlers is a fancy restaurant. I suppose it is not like McDonalds or KFC, so they are kinda right

"You can get your own food....

and you can eat dessert whenever you want!"

This one was told to their Nanna (greatgrandmother) who is in hospital. I said ohhh don't be mean, nanna can't come with us. To which they answer

"It's OK, we will bring back a dessert or some lollies in a bag for you"

Well in the end they both got huge desserts and didn't even eat them... obviously the thought of it all was more enjoyable than actually eating anything... they just played with the present grandma bought her...

Atleast it kept them quiet while the adults ate.


Anonymous said...

Twas a fun night, shame i was sick. i could of eaten so much more!

Janell said...

ahh, sizzler. I don't even know where one is around here. Cheesebread .... ahhhhhh.

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