Friday, March 21, 2008

Have a Happy, Hoppy, Healthy, Easter.

Our Little Easter Bunny
Enjoy Easter and all it has to offer - Lots of chocolate, days off work, time with family and for some - reflecting on the Savior's sacrifice for us all.
I will be adding more as the weekend progresses - so check back for more after monday.

Since we don't really let our children believe in the Easter Bunny (and santa) I feel obliged to put alot more effort into the holidays. (We don't ban either the bunny or santa, but we just don't mention that they are the ones that bring presents - we want the credit!! They still talk about them etc. ) We have been doing easter activities for 2 weeks now, so I can subdue my guilt in not letting them be like 90% of the general population - I promise all my easter sidebar stuff will be gone by next week!! If you are sick of it all, sorry- I have almost had enough too -

Sometimes I think I should just go with all the other parents - The Easter Bunny drops the eggs off on Easter Sunday - ALOT easier!!

Hot Cross Buns made by us on Good Friday - YUM!

Eating our Fish and Chips Good Friday dinner at Raby Bay

Chocolate "Nests" and "Eggs" that we delivered to some friends. Trying to teach the kids that since the Saviour gave his life for us at this time, we need to do some service for others.

A "real" Easter Treat - baby chickens at Granparents house!

The Pinata in all its glory!

The Easter Egg Hunt is ON!

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Bobbi & Noe said...

The pinata is such a great idea! Really cute!

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