Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This and That

Just some random slightly funnies from our family.

On the weekend it was getting late, the kids grumpy, and us driving along so we stopped at a Hungry Jacks for some dinner. Gabrielle enjoys it all too much that she fills her pants - so I take her and Anika to the bathroom. So it was all pretty grose and this is me talking to Gabrielle while her legs up in the air

"Nice, Nice Gabrielle" (in my best Kath and Kim voice "NOICE")

To which Anika on the toilet next to us pipes up
"Nothing is nice about POO mum"

No I suppose there is not!

After being inspired by someone elses blog about what would you do without the internet, I wanted to say that I obviously use it too much as my young daughters mentioned once after they asked a question I couldn't answer...

"Why don't you just Google it mum?"

I never knew that I have ever said the word often enough for them to know it, though we do google subjects they ask about.

They often play a few of the games we have on the computer, but they dont use the internet. The other day Kalani is like
"How do you spell sorts?" this got my interest, so I walk over to her.

She has Google up and is typing "All sorts of Games" into the search engine. She was bored of her computer games and wanted to find some more. So I modified the search to "childrens online games" and found some for her.

Hmm so extra "policing" might have to start soon... for who knows what they will find on the internet!

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