Monday, March 31, 2008

We are PIGPEN :(

I like to believe that we keep a clean house.. but the pile of dirt I sweep up everyday seems to say that maybe we aren't! I am starting to think we are like the Peanuts character PigPen - the one that has dirt following him around.

I blame it on the 6 people that live here, I blame it on the kids that seem to leave so many crumbs wherever they go, I blame it on me because I am a crazy messy cook - the floor of the kitchen after I cook - which I like to do so often cook twice a day - is a mess.

Today we lost the nintendo DS stylis/stick (borrowed DS!! so we had to find it) so had to search for it - we knew it was in the loungeroom - but where - so Ken turns the couches upside down and the amount of crap that came out was amazing and I clean under the couch every few weeks, though I can't pick up the couch and shake it - so I can say that it has never been done before. Anyway I will spare you the details but we collected a pile of grossness.

Now today we also had a fix it man come to look at the fridge - leaking water and the washing machine - very noisy, and I was embarrassed at the state of the house - you know it isn't that bad, but of course they turn up at 4pm in the afternoon - the worse time of the day. So while I had a clean house during the day I now had school bags, clothes strewn everywhere, snacks, drinks, food, cooking dinner, rubbish etc... - now people you are all free to come and visit me with notice and not in the afternoon!!

So I was saying this to Ken about how is it possible that people could have immaculate houses when people drop by. On saturday we had some friends drop by un annouced and I was in my PJ's (which I stayed in all day until we went to the swimming carnival) house was a mess etc. So I was whining to Ken about why are we like this when he said we are like Pigpen with the dirt trailing behind.

Then he won extra husband points by saying "Our house is clean, You clean to the best of your abilities given the time you have and people that live here" OOOOOOHHHHHH!! What a sweetie - well he can stay! Stay right here with me in our pile of dirt!

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Janell said...

Love the visual of Pigpen walking around - we are so like this too!!! Ezrie is the worst - she is grotty defined. Love her - but she's a mess! (worse than both boys combined!)

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