Monday, March 10, 2008

Why this made me cry.

During the week Ken bought home his pile of books from his church office. They were dumped on the table forlornly for a few days when I snapped this photo -

So why would a pile of books make me sad?

Yesterday Ken was released as the Bishop of the River Terrace YSA ward. It was a hard time for us. We knew the 3 years were up, but secretly hoping we could keep going for atleast another year. We love the Young Adults and they have become a part of us. Not being there anymore with them would be heartbreaking. They just love their bishop so much and are so loyal.

I had to give a small talk to say goodbye. I had cried during the week and thought I would be fine. I was even smiling and chatting before church to many of them. 1:05pm came and I was awash in tears. I couldn't stop it was almost embarrassing. I will post the talk below, I made sure I wrote it down as incase I was sobbing and wouldnt make any sense. I tried to read slowly and stopped a few times and in the dead silence I accidently did a snortle/sob that went right into the microphone !!!!!!! How embarrassing!!!!

With all this crying going on - you would think that it was I that have served in the YSA ward. But it is you that have serve me.

I have a testimony, one that has grown over the last 3 years of being with you all.

It is that testimony and the willingness of my husband to serve you all that brings me here.

I was meant to be giving a talk to you all on Easter Sunday. I was grateful for the opportunity to tell you about the saviour and what he means to me and to all of us at this special time. I will have to use this opportunity now to tell you

I am grateful for my saviour, I know he lives. I know Joseph smith was a true prophet and that President Thomas S Monson is our current prophet who loves and cares for us all. I love the Book of Mormon and that it helps me to be a better person. I am so happy to be sealed to my family in the temple and to know that we will be together forever.

I want to thank you all for you love and service. You are all so wonderful that you have made so easy for our family to be here with you. Gabrielle is a YSA baby and I am thankful for all those that bought meals, cleaned my house, fixed the garden. Thankyou for your willingness to babysit, play with my children and love them. They will miss you a lot. They have been very spoilt.

Thank you for the example you all are. You are all serving so well in many different capacities that I am able to learn from you all. You have taught me more than I ever had done for you. I will always remember this time in our lives being here with the Brisbane YSA. Thank you

Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

The room was so full, I saw some of the Relief Society sisters with wet eyes, it made me so glad that I wasn't the only one crying. Some said they were embarrassed that they were crying over their bishop. There were lots of hugs after, so we knew that people do love us, as we them. We were invited over for dinner, and then late in the evening a group came to our house to visit us. They paid us many compliments - the best being "that you weren't just our bishop - you were our friend". We stayed up late chatting, possiblely the last time for such a thing.

Our hearts are full. We rejoice in the glorious gospel. We know that most probably we will never have the experience again to be a singles ward bishop. It was 3 of the best years we have ever had, and we look forward to serving in other callings, and being able to do something different.

We will always look back on this time with amazment and love -
The YSA are wonderful
A family photo taken on Kens last day as Bishop


Emcurnew said...

I cried when I read your blog. The YSA have been so blessed to have such an amazing family in the bishopric. I am sure that Bishop will be greatly and deeply missed. You are so wonderful Bobbie, so sincere and warm. Love you heaps.

Janell said...

so sorry it had to come to an end, so glad you had the opportunity - those are going to be some big shoes to fill

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie, I just loved your cartoon with the mega phone on the street. I pictured you yelling out to the world that your children were being feral, not wearing shoes in the rain and picking up maggots. Needless to say, I find your blog very honest and human. Although, knowing you in real life, I don't believe that you would be so honest if given a mega phone and the neighbours as your audience. Having said that, of course, I'm pretty sure that everybody in our street hears our stuff just like that.

So sorry to hear that you are struggling with the enormity of bishoplessness. I'm sure you are able to continue the guiding side of your personality in other ways. It's so easy to lose your own identity, having kids, being immersed in supporting a spousal responsibility and marriage in general can really make you forget who you are as an individual. So much of the last 6 years has been completely consumed with other people, that now you are left with just you. 2 kids at school, no YSA. You might feel that you have lost something, but I think you may have just forgotten how to just be YOU! I look foward to being able to see you a little more often.

I haven't replied to the Easter email because we are still decided on what we might do. Love Karyn.

Montserrat said...

My dad was branch president as I was growing up and I remember how much the members loved him. I can only imagine what it will be like when my Mr. FR is released as bishop. The youth already love him to pieces as he was serving with the young men before.

Thanks for leaving your kind comment on my blog. It gives me hope that I can be bishop's wife and love and enjoy it.

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