Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anzac Day School Ceremony

Kalani's class wreath - a flower from each child.

Hope you have an enjoyable ANZAC day. The girls school had their ceremony today. They had guest army visitors, a speech, laying of the wreaths, The national anthem sung by students, the last post played by army visitor, and one minute silence. It was very beautiful and the kids well behaved. There were 50 students from the school who died in WW1 and many injured, and killed from affects from the war - It was a beautiful way to remember those fallen.

Actually the speaker in charge (the school librarian) said as Anzac day is a comemoration and not a celebration clapping after the talks, choir etc was not appropriate - so what do I do? I instinctively gave a clap after a speech - WHOOPS!! lucky it was soft and I laughed at myself immediatly (I was the only one who clapped - 200 school children can listen - but can I??)
Anzac Badges - My proud girls.

I also made ANZAC biscuits for Kalani's class. They ate them after the ceremony. I luckily enough did not have to repeat the Valentine's Day Cookie Fiasco - Anika's class actually made Anzac biscuits in class the day before, so I only had to make for one class, and for our family, exchange student, the missionaries and to take on holidays with us - that is enough.

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Jan said...

Bobbie, that sounds beautiful and very respectable. I have never heard of Anzac Day before. Does it involve the war then? What charming little outfits and pins too. And the wreath was gorgeous. I bet those biscuits were delicious. I know ours were :).
Is Anzac only celebrated in Australia? I am just so curious.

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