Friday, April 11, 2008

Book Nook

Do you have a book nook? We created one yesterday. "What are you doing mum?" "Making a book nook" - Crazy Laughter from them - My kids love this name. I had been inspired by other bloggers around the place. I read everynight to my kids but I don't think they randomly pick up books alot themselves - though I will say if we ever go out at night, and I just want to put them into bed without reading a few books - boy do they get cranky!! So hopefully I am instilling a love of reading in there. We have even moved up to books with no picutures - YAY!! And have read charlottes web, all Roal Dahl books, Fairy Series etc.

I used a doll house my husband made 5 years ago that was looking a little sad out on the varandah. Moving and filling it with books has made them excited about it again. It fitted perfect into my TINY house. So the book nook is rammed against the bookshelf and the organ, which is rammed against the couch, which is against the computer, which is touching the TV cabinet - and we wouldn't have it any other way ;)

Taking the time to create a cozy reading nook for your child will communicate to them that you believe reading is an important activity. Having their own quiet, comfortable place to enjoy a good book just may encourage your child to read more often! Consider these suggestions for setting up a cozy reading nook just for your little reader.


Jan said...

Good for you mom. That is a really great idea. I think it will provide a place of fantasy and memories. Kids love spaces like that. And books to boot. I love the house that your hubby built. It is so cute. Have fun in your new space. Bye Bobbie

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie, Good idea to have a book nook, I loved all the different spaces that were created too. Like you, I read every night to Rocci and he has a book shelf in his room full of books. But, won't a dedicated book nook only encourage him to want me to read to him in the day time too??? I'd rather not thanks, hee hee. I have a wonderful x-friend who created a great reading space for her 4 children, and sadly, we lost her to a reading virus. Her kids kept asking her to read books all day, they visited the library weekly, and she read even when I visited. When she spoke she talked like a Dr Seuss book. I don't want to succumb to this, so I'd best not over do the book thing. Karyn

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