Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't you wish you were here?

We are so lucky to have a fireplace in our house. Not many in Australia do. We love it, and don't use it anywhere near enough (too much cleanup for mum, small children jumping in it etc) But we have had it on twice this week - school holidays and all - ie staying up late)

Tonight we toasted marshmallows - YUM! The girls wore oven mits to toast theirs - the fire was too hot apparently!

Don't have a fireplace? Feel free to come and use ours. I will post in future blog, but I am going to be having more dinner parties, I have been inspired.. so tell me a date, time and we will be here waiting!


Jan said...

Are you trying to make me jealous? Because it is working. I love that fireplace. So cozy. And the kids will never for get that memory right there. What a fun place to be.

chelle said...

What fun. Love the photos. Great Memories. Great Mum. M

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