Thursday, April 3, 2008

I cut my own hair - anyone want a hair cut? hee hee

The 'new' layers

I am currently doing the two worst things a woman could do to herself

Not Dyeing my hair and Growing it out!!

Man, I hate both of these stages of hair "issues"

I had a super cute styled bob under the chin thing last year - I loved it, but am too poor, lazy, no car etc for the reasons why I have not gone back to the hairdresser to keep it in that 'do'. ( I will add here that the haircut was free last time from an acquaintance but she is too busy with work to come to me, and I dont have a car to go to her - so I was lucky to even have had it for the few months I did.) So this all leads back to the haven't had a haircut in a year, and am not dyeing it at my husbands request (the things we do for men!)

The hair has grown a lot this year but it was starting to look terrible and dry and puffy.... blah!! So last night I got sick of it all and started to cut my hair - I didnt realise how long it was going to take and how much hair would go everywhere that I didn't take any precautions. So this is how husband found me - trying to defend myself against children who wanted to 'help' me by having a go at cutting, hair EVERYWHERE, hungry grumpy baby - so I was glad when he came home so he could take some photos - it is hard to cut your own hair and take a photo at the same time - I tried!

I am fairly happy with the results - I am not too sure what the back looks like - that was the difficult bit and I might even chop it some more!

This haircutting adventure reminded me of all the times my sister and I cut each other hair. I remember one time I was trying to give her a bob and one side was shorter than the other, so I fix up the other side, for that to be now shorter, so I got back to original side and cut some more etc etc you can see a theme going on here?? hee heee and the times we used to dye each others hair. We would do streaks using $5 peroxide - but what do you use if you don't have a cap - vegeatble plastic shopping bags of course, we poked holes in them and pulled the hair thru with a bobbypin - EASY...

I love our money saving hair escapades!!

What fun we had with the cut off hair!


Janell said...

Oh wow. !!!!!! Your layers look really good - very impressive!!!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

thanks...there are a few hacked patches, so i have to fluff it a bit to hide those, but other than that... pretty good.

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