Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mothers Day Ideas

Found one more idea - these magnets are just the cutest things ever and really easy - all you need glass stones, glue and whatever picture you want. I made these church ones using a deseret catalogue. Instructions HERE They are just so cute!

Mothers Day is fast coming up. I will add to these ideas. If you find any cheap cute ideas please pass onto us. Our Children are lucky enough to have 2 grandmothers and 2 great grandmothers - so I am always on the look out.

Handprints of children.

Cute flower pin cushions HERE by Pink Chalk Studio. They are adorable I am making some of these for myself and to give away - will show you what they look like when I make a few.


Janell said...

Great idea!!! Sorry I have none to share - must admit I was a bit preoccupied picking out the gift William would be buying for me this year for mom’s day =)!! Oh yeah – we need to get gifts for the grandmas – thanks for the reminder!!

Jan said...

Such a great idea Bobbie. I will have to think about some ideas. I haven't gotten past Easter still. That came so fast this year. Thanks for the heads up and the creative flow.

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