Saturday, April 19, 2008


We even mow the lawn in the nude here!! What's new - when do my kids ever wear clothes? Not often. Well I was dressed atleast - I am sure the neighbours are glad.

Oh and that is my leg mowing. When Ken and I were first married he worked and studied - while I was a free and easy university student with a pretty light schedule - so I used to mow the lawn - but then I had kids and it is pretty impossible to mow with babies, so consequently husband has been mowing for the last 7 years - until today that is!!

Anika and I mowed the lawn today - lucky for us our latest house has the smallest lawn ever!


Anonymous said...

Love the nude mowing. It was so hot here last month that I almost did some nude mowing myself. Lucky for the neighbours it has cooled off now. Robbie painted in the nude yesterday, because he didn't have any old clothes, and he wouldn't wear mine. Poor neglected child...Karyn

Jan said...

I heard that clothes are an option over there. Too funny. My mom and dad said a lady let them teach her the gospel in her bra and panties. It was a way new experience. Cute mowing picture and I love the unders.

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