Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Arvo's

The baby of the family ( my littlest bro) moved out of home last week. Mumma bird is still sad I think.. and a little happy ;)

Well today he invited our whole family over to his new pad and he made us lunch... He made the softest Scones I have ever tasted.. they were THAT GOOD!

Was great relaxing afternoon and good to know my teenage brother can look after himself!! and keep a clean house:)
Cheesecake made by my brother
Can you see the girls in the stream? This is view from Bro's balcony
Food made for me, Kids elsewhere occupied - Me = RELAXED!


Janell said...

Sounds Heavenly!!

Jan said...

What a view. That is awesome. And cheesecake and scones. I'd be over there all the time. I say that he is well on his way to taking care of himself. He is way ahead of what I was like. The kids look like they are having fun too. Nice place for sure. Relax and enjoy the brother taking care of you.. Yeah. It is hard when they leave though. Sad for awhile.

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