Monday, June 30, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

I have found another thing to participate in!! I love all the smart ideas from bloggy mumma's out there! This one is called Muffin Tin Monday see here at Sycamore Stirrings and here for last weeks entries so many good ideas for Muffin Tin Entries

Basically on a Monday you make lunch in a muffin tin take a photo and write a description and send your link to sycamore stirrings! Judging by my photos I'm am going to have to buy a new muffin tin if I want to keep entering - mine are old and rusty...

Cheerios, cheese cubes, Roast beef (dinner leftovers)
Flame grapes, Strawberry Sherbert, Diced bread roll

I will include the recipe for strawberry sherbet on foody friday - but it is basically a dessert made from cream, yoghurt and jelly(jello for you Americans) crystals. The kids love it and pretty much dipped everything in it.

This was very successful way to get kids to eat - I will try some things they don't like next time see if it works!! I did this on a sunday so it was muffin tin sunday for us, as the older two were playing up a bit after church and while their sister was at the hospital - this calmed everyone down.


Jan said...

I saw that idea the other day. I think it is great for kids to see their lunch in a different way. Love the variety of it.

Great job.

chelle said...

I like your muffin tin. I guess because I love the rustic look. Great idea. I think I will give it a try. m

katy said...

Super duper!! Thanks so much for playing along. It looks great!

Hope to see you next week -


' said...

I'm in search of new muffin tins too! Muffin tin Monday is so fun... but I only have the shallow ones. I'd love to be able to include more of each thing since the kids actually eat it when it's presented like this!

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