Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Toddler Tuesday - Art Group

After some minor technical difficulties ( I accidently deleted all my photos for the month!! - but wonderful IT husband found them again - what a hero!) I am ready to post about our second Toddler Art Group Session.

Using ideas from Secret Agent Josephine for leaf painting and from The Artful Parent for Salad Spinning Painting were were set to go. This time we had 6 children which is a nice size.

I was able to get a cheap Salad Spinner at Ikea as I was not sure what the paint would do to the spinner (nothing- the Paint washed out fine) as we only had one spinner the children had to take turns so while waiting they painted leaves and whatever they wanted on paper.
Squeezing out Paint
Spinning and Spinning
Finished Product
Some children had very short attention spans and one little girl was still going an hour later!! what a champ!! I was very impressed that the were all so interested in the salad spinner - I was worried they wouldn't be interested or get bored with it easily. I think this one was a success!!

And my little one ended the class the same way as last time - Stripping off naked and hopping into the esky full of warm water to wash our hands in!! - *note for next time - smaller container!!
What a cheeky monkey!!

What I had to clean at the end - What a pretty pattern


Jan said...

Way to spin. That is a really cool project girls and Mom and art group. I love the picture of the projects hanging up. That is so cute.

Stay warm..

chelle said...

I am guessing an esky is an ice chest. Fun to hear different languages. What a great day. Maybe you should go for a bigger container next time and let all the kids jump in! I want to try this one too. Thanks, M

Janell said...

Love the child in the esky!

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